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Back to the Future by BUNDY BUNDY

The international trend - in the mood!
The masterminds of the international prêt-à-porter scene agreed for once. Their styling and make-up for the spring/summer season was dominated by the looks of the 80s.
The BUNDY BUNDY signature colors
Similar to the top labels in fashion, the BUNDY BUNDY-Team offers exciting new signature tones every season. For spring 2001 they decided on soft shades of cocoa, cayenne and gold.
  • hairstyle to hide flaws
  • glossy shoulderlength hair
  • eighties look
  • crimped hair
  • long freely flowing hair
  • long blunt cut hair
  • long hair with crimping
  • soft and satiny hair
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The BUNDY BUNDY style - cut and care
When translating these words into action, BUNDY BUNDY is somewhat eclectic. Meaning, the world champions Hans & Georg merged several existing hairstyles in creating the latest looks for long hair - a surprisingly fresh manifestation! Exciting haircuts coupled with the proper haircare defines the utmost BUNDY BUNDY-Innovation.
The BUNDY BUNDY style: the trend-cut for long hair
In Austria, in addition to their unsurpassed competence in hair-coloring, with the spring look for 2001, the BUNDY BUNDY-stylists can validate their forerunner's role in haircare and -cutting. You won't find any hard lines in a BUNDY BUNDY cut. Every single strand is gently and flatteringly softened - the basis for a myriad of styling possibilities. At BUNDY BUNDY, having long hair and a good cut is not just wishful thinking.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team