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Latest looks with 1980s inspiration
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The international trend - in the mood!
The masterminds of the international prêt-à-porter scene agreed for once. Their styling and make-up for the spring/summer season was dominated by the looks of the 80s.
The BUNDY BUNDY signature colors
Similar to the top labels in fashion, the BUNDY BUNDY-Team offers exciting new signature tones every season. For spring 2001 they decided on soft shades of cocoa, cayenne and gold.
The BUNDY BUNDY style: cut and care
When translating these words into action, BUNDY BUNDY is somewhat eclectic. Meaning, the world champions Hans & Georg merged several existing hairstyles in creating the latest looks for long hair - a surprisingly fresh manifestation! Exciting haircuts coupled with the proper haircare define the utmost BUNDY BUNDY-Innovation.
The BUNDY BUNDY style: the trend-cut for long hair
In Austria, in addition to their unsurpassed competence in hair coloring, with the spring look for 2001, the BUNDY BUNDY-stylists can validate their forerunner's role in haircare and haircutting. You won't find any hard lines in a BUNDY BUNDY cut. Every single strand is gently and flatteringly softened - the basis for a myriad of styling possibilities. At BUNDY BUNDY, having long hair and a good cut is not just wishful thinking.

Hair for Sharper Features

Hair that compliments sharper features and that softens angles on the face
This shaggy, layered medium long hairstyle is characterized by soft curves and gentle shaping that compliments sharper features and softens angles on the face. The hair frames the face in the lower portions while the elongated fringe gives a touch of asymmetry, perfect for balancing overpowering facial features and hiding perceived flaws.
The color is a deep, rich brown with subtle cocoa highlights. The color's depth is enhanced by the glossy finish and reflectivity.
Styling is basic: blow-drying with a round brush is used to arrange the hair into gentle swells and curves. A dab of smoothing serum or pomade is used post drying to add a little definition and extra shine to the hair, and to give the smooth, finished look.

Smooth Glossy Finish

Medium long hairstyle with a smooth and glossy finish
Here we see the same medium long haircut used in photo one, styled without volume for an edgier look. The side part in the hair is more cleanly delineated and the dominant side features tiered segments in the styling that overlap and add visual interest to the style. After the hair has been blown-out with a paddle brush, it was likely passed through a flat iron in order to give that smooth, sleek and glossy finish.
The use of a wax-based styling product can provide a malleable hold and allow for a long-lasting hairstyle which can be adjusted as desired throughout the day or evening. Note how the straightened tresses clearly display the textured ends of the hair.

80s Inspired Retro Hair

80s inspired retro hairstyle with slicked-back hair
Again, the base cut from photos one and two is used here in a third incarnation of style. Combining low-volume styling on the sides and nape sections with high-volume styling and shaping in the top and crown, the stylist creates a 80s inspired retro hairstyle imitating the new-wave looks popularized in that era.
The sides and nape sections are likely blown-out straight using a paddle brush, followed by possible flat-iron smoothing. The forward portions of the side sections are slicked back and tucked behind the ears. The forward portion of the top section is also smoothed out to follow the scalp and is tucked behind the ear on the left side of the face.
The rear portion of the top and the crown sections are then styled using round brush to provide lift and create a curvature forward to angle over the brow. A strong-hold styling product applied before drying/styling gives support and structure, while a light misting of hairspray offers hold to the finished hairstyle.

Crimped Hair

Crimped hair with the crown styled flat along the scalp
This sleek, funky hairstyle is created on a head of blonde hair, the color of burnished gold. It isn't possible to determine the exact length of the hair or the precise cut based on this photo, but I can presume that the hair is shorter since the majority of it is concealed behind the head.
What is apparent is that the sides, crown section, nape area, and the left half of the top section are styled to lie flat along the scalp and follow the contours of the head. The right half of the top section is then divided into segments which are either ironed smooth, or crimped into rippling strips. This creates a lot of visual interest, by using the hair itself as an accessory.

Freely Flowing Long Hair

Freely flowing long hair
Simply beautiful is a great way to describe this long hairstyle. A basic cut with texturing and a few layers to frame the face is styled to fall, smooth and silky, in a draping fashion. The style is incredible for showcasing the spicy, smoky pepper color of the hair and its myriad of subtle highlights.
The look is most aptly created with blow-drying and a flat brush to straighten the hair, followed by a flat-iron pressing for a smooth finish. Styling products should be kept lightweight and sparely used to maintain a freely flowing look.

Haircut for a Wider Face

Long haircut for a wider face
Here we revisit the basic long blunt haircut from photo five and revamp the look with some high-volume styling. Blow-dry styling with a round brush and a volumizing product will create a fuller, softer hairstyle that features gentle curves at the ends of the hair.
Unlike the previous styling, this look emphasizes the horizontal more, creating a wider appearance in the face.

Long Hair with Crimping

Long crimped hair for a night out
In an effort to add some additional interest and visual impact to the simple styling of the basic haircut, the stylists have combined asymmetrical elements with bold styling.
The left side section of the hair is divided into two sections horizontally and secured behind the ear. The remaining hair, as well as the hair below the securing points of the gathered segments, is alternately segmented and crimped into long rippling ribbons that at times overlap and interweave with smoothly ironed strips of hair.
The finished hairstyle is funky and wild, and perfect for a night out club-hopping.

Casual Long Hairstyle

Casual long hairstyle with soft and satiny hair
Here we see what would happen if you crossed the super-sleek styling - shown in photo five - with the high-volume version of photo six. This soft, casual hairstyle shows the perfect medium of styling elements. The hair is blown straight, maintaining emphasis on straightness and softness rather than volume.
All smoothing and anti-frizz treatments are applied prior to drying, and the use of after-styling products is done to minimize the weighing effects of using said products. A flat iron may be used on certain segments of the hair, but only to smooth the hair ends rather than reduce volume. The finished look is soft, satiny and very inviting.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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