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Patrick Kalle for Farouk Systems Europe

  • short neck haircut
  • short silver hair
  • flexible short hair
  • copper and gold hair coloring
  • short crop
  • ruby red hair
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For the latest in cut and color check out what Patrick Kalle created for Farouk Systems Europe. He combines sassy modern short haircuts with the colors of precious metals and gems. The cuts are based on traditional masculine shapes with short sides and necks, but much longer top hair.
This can the be styled to your heart's content in many different ways. Go smooth, spiky or wavy - all with one cut. The icing on the cake is of course the extraordinary color of each look. Copper with sprinkles of gold, a mysterious silver and a passionate ruby make up the palette of this enchanting collection.
Hairstyles: Patrick Kalle for Farouk Systems Europe
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