Farouk Systems Europe - SS12

Fashionable hairstyles
Bodacious abundance, wild volume with high end design. This is the new line by Farouk Systems Europe. Go short or long and show your sophisticated and fashionably daring side. The hairstyles in this collection take classic looks and push them to new creative heights by exaggerating individual elements.
Curls are bigger and stronger, textures are bold and the movement together with the volume are just stunning. These styles will not be overlooked. The colors are soft and almost muted, keeping things grounded and allowing the shapes to play the main role. Each cut is shown in two to three different styles which reveal the amazing potential it has.

Large Waves in Long Hair

Long hair with waves that turn into curls
You will bask in all of the admiration that you will get for a luscious hairstyle like this. Super long waves that turn into well defined curls in the tips always attract the limelight. The perfect shape and rhythm in each little movement of her long, medium blonde hair, is unsurpassed in its classy and sensual exuberance.
For a touch of elegant simplicity the hair was parted in the center and falls with balanced weight to both sides. A slight progression from darker roots to more golden and lighter tips is accompanied by the glimmer of subtle highlights throughout.

Teased Quiff with Ponytail

Semi updo with a long ponytail and a quiff
Rockabilly goes Rococo with a long ponytail and an extravagant quiff. It is the texture of this outrageous creation on top of her head that makes it especially unique. Much teasing was done to fluff up the hair and to render its surface this enchanting.
A few loose strands fall out to the side and the long tail is wavy. A bit of Gothic style make-up and extravagant shoulder pads make it look like fresh from a high fashion catwalk.

Highlights and Movement in Layers

Modern shoulder long hairstyle with highlights
A shoulder long look has beautiful curves and a flattering hair color with highlights. The long fringe was lifted up at its side starting point and swings to the side with so much momentum that it renders us breathless. This modern hairstyle exudes timeless elegance, but with a very fresh approach.
Just where the hair reaches the shoulders the tips are all beautifully curled. The layers are not obvious in this image as they just flow with the styling and smoothly blend into the balanced shape. An alternative styling can be seen in the next photo, where the layers really come to life.

80s Feathered Fringe and Curls

80s shoulder long big hair style with curls
Big hair is back and not only Charlie's Angels are happy about it. We welcome all looks that turn hair into a celebration of form and volume, with a hint or two of drama and vivaciousness.
The wavy shoulder long hairstyle now emphasizes the layers by feathering them out in and around the full fringe and around the top perimeter. The lower section is more demure and curls up nicely to frame the face.

High Volume with a Twist

Hairstyle with pumped up curls
Believe it or not, but this is still the same cut that you saw on the previous two pictures. Now the curls are pumped up to the max and the reason why there are so many layers becomes obvious. Volume and balance of form.
The grandeur of the curls is only rivaled by the soft and silky shining hair color and the charming addition of some asymmetry by poofing up a section on one side a bit more than on the other.

Flexible Round Cut

Short and flexible round haircut
Layers play a large role in this short round haircut, even though they might not be too visible in this version of it. The hair is smoothed out all around with emphasis on a curved fringe that originates out of a high part. The satiny shine of her dark brown hair becomes even more lustrous with the hazel highlights that just brighten up her entire appearance.
Styling focuses on smoothness with a soft inward roll all around. This is best done with a blow dryer and a medium size round styling brush. A bit of smoothing serum or a gloss spray add the final touch.

Round Cut with New Styling

Short haircut with new styling
A different direction of the hair and the short round look from before turns into an entirely different hairstyle that does not even look like the same cut. This look is all about happy vibes and wispy tips. The hair was shaped to swing upward in the ends, into the face and way to the side around the fringe.
A perfect look for occasions where casual chic with finesse is in demand. But this is not all that the adorable round cut has to give. Check out the next one!

Teased to the Max

Short layered hair teased all over
Another step in the styling evolution of a simple, short, layered and round cut. Now the hair is teased all over and at the same time lifted up. The back combing technique gives the hair enough hold to withstand gravity and it also adds much texture and character to the look.
Extravagant volume for a special night! Two more suggestions for amazing styling variations can be found below. Who would have thought!

Short Cut with a Long Fringe

Fun short blonde haircut with a long finge
Contrasts are exciting, especially when they involve a strong difference in lengths of hair in one style. This darling shorty features layered and very short hair from the back around the sides and longer hair in front starting in the back of the crown. This is what makes this hairstyle so much fun.
The styling variations are close to endless as you can pull the long top hair into the face, as seen here, or play with different textures or directions of styling. For another great idea, check out the next look, which is based on the very same cut!

Wild Fringe with Colors

Short blonde hair with black strands
This fringe has the most character of all. Of course it is the turbulent movement that makes it stand out, but there is also the hair color which includes a superb combination of wide streaks in platinum and light blonde together with very fine accent strands in black. Subtle, but still powerful.
The short hair in the back does not take away any attention from the breathtaking structure and wild commotion in front. Combine with a simple and demure blouse and the contrast is mind blowing!
Hairstyles: Farouk Systems Europe