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Farouk Systems Europe

Hairstyles Spring-Summer 2012

  • long hair with waves and curls
  • long ponytail
  • modern shoulder long hairstyle
  • 80s big hair style
  • pumped up curls
  • short round haircut
  • short casual chic hairstyle
  • teased hair
  • short cut
  • blonde hair with black streaks
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Bodacious abundance, wild volume with high end design. This is the new line by Farouk Systems Europe. Go short or long and show your sensual, sophisticated and fashionably daring side. The hairstyles in this collection take classic looks and push them to new creative heights by exaggerating individual elements.
Curls are bigger and stronger, textures are bold and the movement together with the volume are just stunning. These styles will not be overlooked. The colors are soft and almost muted, keeping things grounded and allowing the shapes to play the main role. Each cut is shown in two to three different styles which reveal the amazing potential it has.
Hairstyles: Farouk Systems Europe
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