Pink's Short Hair with Spiking

Pink wearing her hair short with spiking
Photo by PR Photos
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Take a look at this fun flashback to 2003 when Pink attended the "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" Hollywood Premiere (June 18th, 2003). The rocker definitely played the part by spiking out her short hairstyle as much as she could.
You could say that Pink really tried to raise the roof! Strands were cut super short on the sides and around the neck for a more extreme pixie cut. The length on top was left about three to four inches long to create that amazing height!
A heavy duty hairspray was definitely put to the test for this look. Pink has an oval shaped face but her forehead is a good size ratio where she could get away with spiking the bangs up. Larger foreheads can be balanced by leaving some bangs forward and down.
Pink wearing her hair in an extreme pixie
Photo by PR Photos
Pink is known to have splashes of her signature rose shade somewhere in her hair, sometimes her entire head is a fuchsia color. In the look she rocked here, she opted for a midnight brown that borders on black. By keeping the hair color just above black it is striking without becoming overwhelming. The dark shade really makes her green eyes pop. Stunning!
Pink is certainly a trend-setter and not afraid to take risks. The pixie has been gaining popularity for years but she was rocking one way back in the day. We love her ability to change up her style and her courage to try fun and new hairstyles that inspire us. Rock on!
Pink with short hair and spiked bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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