Shadow Line by Lassana

Hair with earthy tones
Cut and color are used to interact with strong lines and an amazing application of light and shadow. The hair colors are all rooted in brown, earthy tones, with distinct patterns of dark and light shades. These emphasize the design of the cut and especially the frontal sections of the curved fringes together with the cutting line.
Shape gets a new dimension and graphic expression. Individuality and unique character resonates through the entire collection, which consists of a looser, long cut and very structured short haircuts for women and men.
Once again make-up has become a close partner to the haircuts and also uses shadows to accentuate the features of the face with dark eye shadows and pale lips.

Extra Long A-Line

A-line cut for long hair with the back at mid-neck level
The combination of an exaggerated shape and the mellow color is very exciting. The classic A-line was taken to the max by cutting it into longer hair that has its shortest point at the mid-neck level and comes down in front at the collarbone.
Texture was added in a slicing technique and by cutting fine angled layers, a technique that softens the line and also adds an enormous amount of movement to the hair. During styling the ends were curved out to get this fun little twist in the tips.
Her hair color is a light brown, beige blonde combination, applied with the lightest color in the lower front. This effect reflects the most beautiful light onto her face.

Modern Short Hair Design

Modern short hair with a long sleek fringe
This play with textures, lines, light and shadow is pure expression in modern hair design. A long and very sleek fringe covers almost a quarter of her face and thrills with its angled and very sharp lines. It borders the rear with its strong layering.
The same line that already defines the fringe continues past the ear. On top of the crown a fun and fuzzy section lifts up in its feathery softness, adding another contrast to the look. The hair color was applied in a striking dance of light and shadow with a brilliant blonde flanked by hazelnut.

Elegant Bob

Timeless jaw long bob with a wide fringe
This bob gets all of its power from the extra wide fringe. A sharp corner connects it to the jaw long sides, which perfectly follow the curve of her face and accentuate her features in a most elegant and refined way. This hairstyle is stunning and timeless but comes with a strong modern energy which is based in the fine details of its design.
Her hair color does not need any kind of accents to be stunning and the timeless black is one of the best colors for the ultra classic timelessness of this cut. For this cut an intense eye make-up is just the right balance.

Graphic Lines with Colorplay

Short haircut with clipped sides and curved lines
As if she just jumped out of a cubist painting, her hair features straight and curved lines, all of great precision. The main part of the cut features a very short, softly clipped surface that is defined by the sharp line from her ear, over the temple to her forehead.
Then the longer section comes into play and shapes a curved fringe that flows down to the other side, barely touching her eyebrow on its edge. A blue-black hair color was applied just where the short part of the fringe connects to the longer part. It is an exciting contrast to the dark and warm mahogany tone.

Short Satiny Hair

Short hair styled for a shiny satiny surface
A wavy cutting line makes these bangs so extravagant and modern and the concept of curved lines continues all around in a clear contour. Styling is sleek with focus on creating a satiny surface with softness but most of all with a lot of shine.
Most of the hair is of an intensely deep black with a blueish reflection, these cool colors are intensified and set on fire with the use of a few red strands in the fringe. They are strongest on the cutting line and thin out until they fully dissolve in the dark.

High Tech Look

Space age hairdo for men
Sci-fi your hair! Show your appreciation of the final frontier by donning a space age do, cut with precision and a thrilling pairing of textures and color. The velvety clipped section in the back runs into a slick, shiny frontal part with a most distinct shape.
The short fringe was cut to an expressive wave and styled into the face. There is another alternative with less of a Star Trek feel, but still much geometry and persuasive texture.
Salon: Frizerstvo Lassana
Haircuts: Metod Tasič, Breda Omahen, Peter Borštnar
Coloring: Olga Antuničevič, Sandra Pogačnik, Dijana Šmitran
Make-up: Darja Vencelj
Styling: Goran Puljic
Photography: Mimi Antolovic