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Perfect Me


  • silver metallic and lilac hair colors
  • extensions in short hair
  • short hair with layers
  • sleek hair with spikes
  • short hairstyle with extensions
  • red hair with orange highlights
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Perfection is part of the mission of BUNDY BUNDY and listening to the wishes of their customers. The new hairstyles collection mirrors both and is a breath of fresh air in hair!
When the hair is cut according to its natural shape and direction, it always falls into place. With a little help of styling products these wonderful creations can come to live also on your head. Go for the sassy this year and go short!
If you are ready to change your life, start with a new haircut and none are more expressive than this new line-up. Short layers cut with a refined technique allow much versatility when it comes to styling.
Lift the longer hair on top up, wear it down or comb it to the back. The options are limitless. The lower contour is short and reveals the ears while drawing an attractive line around the neck and the sides. The top hair comes in a playful range of lengths. ust as playful and fun as the colors.
video Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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