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Ruth Goertz - Hair Design

  • brushed back short hairstyle
  • hairstyle with sleekness
  • hair brushed over the ears
  • clipped neckline
  • blousing out layers haircut
  • V in the nape
  • blousing hair
  • short hairstyle with blousing layers
  • swept short hair
  • red hair cut short
  • hair styled back
  • hair curving around the head
  • choppy spikes haircut
  • flirty jags hairstyle
  • short side part
  • stunning short hairstyle
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Fine elegant lines steal the scene with smooth textured coifs, spiky jags and tapered necklines. High fashion colors of platinum beige and coppery red will leave you mesmerized.
Hair: Ruth Goertz - Hair Design
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