Inspiration Natur by KLIPP Frisör

Hair styles and colors inspired by nature
Nature has inspired art since the beginning of brush and paint. Austria's KLIPP Frisör brings nature's palette and beautiful organic shapes to hair to enhance the natural beauty of each person. The cheerful colors are bright and intense as you can find them in a botanical garden and on the wings of a butterfly.
Butterfly effect is also the name of a new coloring technique used in this collection. Shimmering hues with numerous facets and reflection. Contrasts are high on the hit list and they appear in texture, lengths of hair and color as well.

Cherry Red Harmony

Smooth bob for black hair with red streaks
Beautiful bob with streaks
The bob never lets us down. Classic and chic at every age and in every season there is no limit to how often it can be reinvented and made all new again. This beautiful and very flattering bob softens the face with its layers and the fine texture in the tips.
The main body of hair is a smooth and smoky black which creates the perfect background so that the cherry red streaks can be the star of this look. They were applied in a variety of hues from purple, magenta to a juicy cherry red all across the fringe with a slight asymmetry in the thickness of the effect on the sides.

Ocean Dreams

Short mushroom cut hair with a changing color pattern
Hair with special color effects
Hair with different colors and glasses
This is art in motion. A simple mushroom cut features a blend of amazing ocean colors from a deep teal to moonlight reflections purple. The pattern of the hair color appears differently each time the styling is changed.
Switch the location of the part or just comb the hair into a new direction and a new color effect will emerge. This style has many facets and can be worn either classic chic or extravagant. Boredom in hair is over for good!

Iridescent Short Cut

Pixie cut created with a hair slicing technique
Pixie with slicing for a soft texture
Feisty styling for a pixie
A cute short pixie comes with some feisty finesse. The slicing technique creates wonderful soft yet distinct texture and controls the weight of the hair so that it can stand or fall just as you please.
At first sight the color is a soft hazelnut brown, but when the light hits it in certain angles, the true beauty of the color unfolds with its iridescent effects that bring so much radiance to the hair. There is no limit to the styling options, which make this short haircut so much fun.

Honey Blonde with Retro Shape

Retro inspired hairstyle with honey blonde curls
An avalanche of boundless honey blonde curls frames her face in a the beautiful asymmetry of this retro inspired style. The hair is parted on the side and with a brief flatter section along the part the billowy sides stand out even more.
The hair is layered to come out in this flattering trapeze shape that makes faces slim and cheekbones stand out. Expressive, feminine and sexy with a delightful overload of old world glamour.

Magenta Blossom

Hair with magenta and warm red coloring
Hair with alternating colors
The color and shape of this intriguing creation are inspired by the breathtaking amaryllis flower. The color is definitely the star here and will assure you to not be overlooked in any surrounding. Daring and extravagant in every aspect, the soft flowing style is made to impress.
The bob was cut with asymmetry in its lines, styled back along the sides and the bangs raise straight up to complete the exquisite petal shape. Cool magenta and a warmer red alternate for a deep and luminous effect.

Long Hair with Vintage Waves

Long brown hair with highlights and water waves
Enjoy the ebb and flow of this retro inspired glam look. Luxury and style are expressed with a few very defined and well placed water waves in the center of the length. The top is sleek and the lower third as well until it rolls into a beautiful large curve.
The hair boasts beautiful golden highlights in pencil thick strands which add a breathtaking dimension to this look. The color and the exact line of the fringe make this style very contemporary.

Go Feathers

Below the shoulders hairstyle for active women
Feather it out to a sleek plume of hair with playful and vivacious texture! The long hair is as soft as a butterfly's wings and it moves with every tiny breeze and movement. This cut looks best on all hair that is below the shoulder length.
Layered throughout it keeps the style fresh and airy for active women with a passion for life and fashion. The color is a deep and rich brown with amazing shimmering shine. A little gloss spray goes a long way.

Audrey Hepburn Updo

Retro updo for an Audrey Hepburn look
Make it Breakfast at Tiffany's or dinner with a date and look the part. This retro look for posh ladies brings back an era of glamour and little black dresses. Pure elegance is infused into every strand of the "banana roll meets soft chignon with a twist" upstyle.
The hair is shaped in a very organic, fluid motion, like the bud of a flower just before it begins to bloom. The movement is dramatically enhanced by the golden brown highlights on the dark base color. A short fringe with soft texture adds a youthful touch to the classic look.

Icy Spikes for Him

Close to the scalp platinum blonde hair for men
A classic cut with a modern styling. He keeps things cool with the short, spiky look and an even cooler platinum blonde color. The cut gives him enough length on top to raise the hair to crystal like peaks while the sides are clipped velvety short close to the scalp.
The contrast of texture and the many styling variations make this masculine hairstyle so appealing.
Hairstyles: KLIPP Frisör