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Inspiration Natur

KLIPP Frisör

  • black hair with red streaks
  • changing hair color pattern
  • radiant pixie
  • honey blonde curls
  • magenta hair coloring
  • contemporary water waves
  • airy long hair
  • Audrey Hepburn updo
  • platinum blonde man
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Nature has inspired art since the beginning of brush and paint. Austria's Klipp Frisör brings nature's palette and beautiful organic shapes to hair to enhance the natural beauty of each person. The cheerful colors are bright and intense as you can find them in a botanical garden and on the wings of a butterfly.
Butterfly effect is also the name of a new coloring technique used in this collection. Shimmering hues with numerous facets and reflection. Contrasts are high on the hit list and they appear in texture, lengths of hair and color as well.
The fragile beauty of flowers is combined with powerful forces of nature and brought to life with amazing skill and artistic vision. So, what are you? Ebb and flow, a tropical flower or an avalanche?
Hairstyles: KLIPP Frisör