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Triple E Collection

Moving Hair - Switzerland

Bernd Nicolaisen, Creative Director, Moving Hair:
“The Moving Hair Art Team interprets the fashion looks seen on the catwalks with our new hairstyling – emotions. We provide a new expression to the three elements cut, volume-perm and coloration. We combine clear, lightly rounded elements of the cuts in the 60s with playful and soft volume to the new romanticism.
Fine, shiny silhouettes meet voluminous and textured styles. Different lengths in one cut influence the new Hair statement by Moving Hair. Be it boyish short or with divaesque waves: The “Triple-E-Collection” provided a lot of attitude to its creations.”
  • tight short haircut
  • hair snipped in a short shag
  • spiked hairdo
  • short angled haircut
  • trendy curls hairstyle
  • flipped out hair styling
  • fetching haircut
  • hair color with two tones
  • hair covering one eye
  • hairstyle with curls and smoothness
  • male hair clipped tight
  • gothic look for men
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The Trend: A 3-step cut is created individually for the face type. Clear lines executed with geometrical finesse meet undercut, partly very short sections. Long, feisty bangs frame the face. A touch of clarity and rounded lines are homage to Twiggy. As clear as these looks were designed, as feminine appear the twisted, long versions. Layered top hair brings a sassy play into the tips. Convex and concave lines direct the creative change of direction in the cut!
The colour: “Diamond Lights” in three nuances. The sections are generous and broad. Slightly matte chocolate and brown tones are combined with iridescent pastel hues and bedazzle the look with a lot of shine. The contrast: “Ultra Lights” ranging from copper to violet, only partially colored in the tips of the hair, set accents and emphasize strongly textured styles.
The trend-combination: clear contours mix with voluminous, playful lengths of hair. Creative volume-waves, applied after cutting, give great hold and movement even to fine hair. Much lightness and volume in the styling – sculpted with Crystal Turn Gel Wax.
All photos ©Moving Hair – Switzerland