Triple E by Moving Hair

1960s inspired haircuts
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Bernd Nicolaisen, Creative Director, Moving Hair: “The Moving Hair Art Team interprets the fashion looks seen on the catwalks with our new hairstyling – emotions. We provide a new expression to the three elements cut, volume-perm and coloration. We combine clear, lightly rounded elements of the cuts in the 1960s with playful and soft volume to the new romanticism.
Fine, shiny silhouettes meet voluminous and textured styles. Different lengths in one cut influence the new Hair statement by Moving Hair. Be it boyish short or with divaesque waves: The “Triple-E-Collection” provided a lot of attitude to its creations.”
The Trend: A 3-step cut is created individually for the face type. Clear lines executed with geometrical finesse meet undercut, partly very short sections. Long, feisty bangs frame the face. A touch of clarity and rounded lines are homage to Twiggy. As clear as these looks were designed, as feminine appear the twisted, long versions. Layered top hair brings a sassy play into the tips. Convex and concave lines direct the creative change of direction in the cut!
The color: “Diamond Lights” in three nuances. The sections are generous and broad. Slightly matte chocolate and brown tones are combined with iridescent pastel hues and bedazzle the look with a lot of shine. The contrast: “Ultra Lights” ranging from copper to violet, only partially colored in the tips of the hair, set accents and emphasize strongly textured styles.
The trend-combination: clear contours mix with voluminous, playful lengths of hair. Creative volume-waves, applied after cutting, give great hold and movement even to fine hair. Much lightness and volume in the styling – sculpted with Crystal Turn Gel Wax.

Short Tight Haircut

Women's hairstyle with a tight cut around the ears
A picture of elfin art inspires us with layers that merge together into a smooth and glossy tight cut around the ears and up the back.
A compound of various hues of bronze, reds and shades of brown are studded about the top leading the exposure of the sharp precision edges just a tad away from the model's hairline, while the darker brown along the sides incase the face.

Short Shag Cut

Shag hairstyle with flipped hair in the back
A display of talent reveals a shag cut that flatters the vision of the colorist. Animated tones of buffed beige along side of the warmer tones that bring life throughout this hairstyle find the short slices in the crown and continued webs of layers abstractly around the face and flipped in the back.

Short Spiked Hair

Fun short hairstyle with spiked hair
Nicks of chipped spiny chops of hair are portrayed in the crown, point in various spiked directions with slithered layers moving down and half way over the ears. The graduation of a longer movement covers the brows and laces upon the nape in the back of this funky fun haircut.

Angled Edges

Haircut with free hand chopping in the crown and up the back
Blunt angled edges are combined with free hand chopping in the crown and up the back. The longer asymmetrical line makes a statement on the other side that barely touches the shoulder, while the heavier bangs cover most of one eye. A coppery magenta color has been selectively positioned to present this hairstyle.

Bouncy Curls

Modern hairstyle with bouncy layers and curls
Capture the irresistible freedom of curls that are expressed in bouncy layers of twirls and whirls. The bangs are edged closely to the hairline as if a hair band; while a longer swatch is brought down to cover one brow. Coppery and eggplant sheens tribute this haircut into a trophy!

Flipped Out Hair

Short haircut with flipped out hair
Smooth threads of golden bronze and blonde hair are designed over from the side part in delicate positions of layers that are casually rounded and flipped out and also styled under around the collar line. Spritz styling lotion and work up with your hands along the sides and under with the brush in the nape.

Fetching Hairdo

Fetching hairdo with tweaked bangs that lie over the brows
Embrace the energy of this fetching hairstyle! Dark warm luscious red tones with fluttered layers of arched fans and choice shares of stout areas blend in around the profile of the model's face with tweaked bangs that lie just over the brows. Styling gel will help fixate this coiffure.

Trendy Haircut

Trendy haircut with two toned hair colors
Unconventional two toned colors of a dark reddish bronze that is buffeted over with a beige blonde on the top explores the arena with smooth linear lines along the nape and the face and is edged sharply around the bangs line. Experiment with something trendy, yet unusual and take this photo to your stylist today.

Saucy Hairstyle

Hair with lines that cross over one eye
With swooping lines that cross over one eye, this saucy hairstyle maxes out in layers with waves and curls addressed around the head and tips just below the shoulders. Colors of reddish gold and browns bring extraordinary results to this great haircut!

Wide Spiral Curls

Shoulder long hairstyle with wide and lazy spiral curls
Splendid pigments of warm umber radiate throughout the model's hairstyle of lissome layers. The top transcends into a seamless picture of velvet that is combed down from the crown and angles down along the temple.
The other areas are flicked up, while some have lazy wide spiral curls. This is the trend: an arched smoothness that sets the stage for the curls.

Hair Clipped Up Tight

Male hair clipped up tight and standing up in a ridge
Our heartbreaker is wearing his hair clipped up tight along the back and around the sides. The top of this male haircut is where it begins to get exciting. Graduating in length from the crown, the fullness is combed toward the face and then is carried back to stand up into a delicious ridge!

Punkish Haircut for Men

Punkish or gothic haircut for men
A touch of punkish/gothic rocks our scene with blue black expressive colors and spiked layers in the crown, length in the back and closely cropped around the ears. A party angle along the bang eclipses over one eye into one final defying arrow.
All photos ©Moving Hair – Switzerland
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