Ligne Graphique by Carpy

New short haircuts that leave the ears bare
Carpy's new haircuts come short, neat and with a pinch of the outrageous. Sculpted short cuts feature interesting versions of bangs, clear lines and undercuts for more excitement. They are fresh and elegant in a very modern interpretation. Men and women have their ears and necks free with cool textures and artistic shapes on top.
These hairstyles celebrate the face and do not hide it. They are treated as precious accessories, which underline the personality and lifestyle of the ladies and gents who wear them. Sophisticated in an abbreviated length. Luxury in hair does not require long locks, as it is proven once again.

Fringe Focused Pixie

Brunette pixie with a thick fringe
All you see from the front is the luscious fringe. It is thick, wide and covers her eyebrows. No partition is visible because the hair is combed forward from the very back. Sides and neck are out of the way and short.
Wash and go is one option since the longer top hair allows much room to play with. Here the top hair is styled sleek and into the face where it ends in a soft line just above the eyelashes. Her hair color is a rich, cool brown with a lilac kiss in its brilliant shine.

Top Cut

Short hairstyle with clipped back and sides for black hair
The long top sits like the icing on a cake and is made for a variety of fun styling versions. This look illustrates that sassy short haircuts can also be realized in kinky hair. The sides and the back are clipped as short as possible and left to their natural texture, while the long top is pulled straighter and its structure highlighted with accents in a soft walnut color on the black base color.
Here it is styled into a dynamic wave that benefits from the precise layering of the cut. A great look to showcase your designer shades or fine jewelry. Nothing obstructs the face and attention is guaranteed.

Clipped and Undercut

Short women's hairstyle with clipper cut sides
Some of the coolest things that you can do with your hair are in this short and sexy do. Undercut, a high fringe and a great color are the key elements for this ravishing, modern hairstyle that combines sophisticated style with rebellious features. Haute coiffure at its best.
The sides are entirely clipper cut down to a bare minimum and the same happened in the back of her head. The top however springs up with a progression in length from the rear to the front, where it culminates in a high, wavy and so very stylish quiff. Auburn and copper add dimension and light.

Smart and Stylish for Men

Traditional haircut for men who wear glasses
The glasses may give him a nerdy touch, but the hair speaks of a man of refined taste and class. Cultivated from root to tip, his do will always leave the best first impression. A traditional haircut for men with the clean cut sides and slightly longer hair on the crown.
This can be styled to the left of right or even straight up when the occasion calls for a more extravagant expression of the hairstyle.

Modern Haircut with Lift

Practical and low maintenance male haircut
This cut has all that men love about short hair. It is practical, low maintenance of the wash and go type, keeps the ears cool and makes women want to run their fingers through it. Instead of sticking with the traditional styling the hair was combed to the front where it then moves up in a whimsy curl just above his forehead.
The lighter tips in his ash blonde hair pronounce the movement. Very modern, metropolitan and unique enough for the creative types.
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