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Club scene hair
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“Cut in Re-Design” - the Moving Hair Art Team combines inspirations from the 1970s with the club scene of today. The looks are based on the rounded, graphical shapes, loosened up and accentuated with asymmetrical, young and feisty cut-accessories.
Clear, classical lines combined with partial structuring are shaping up the hair. High-gloss color combinations, full of contrast on a darker base color, let the hair have a touch of glamour – more than an illusion!”
The trend: short, rounded and feminine, tender but at the same time feisty. Shiny hair and clear cutting lines are sported with a little wink of asymmetry. The hype in style: back to front hair that is styled towards the face – even in adverse wind! This reminds of the sauvage style of the 70s; interpreted and lived out in the trend-rhythm of the now.
The alternative: show your face with short bangs in pure shape and a texture that is based on a strong cut – the new certainty in the look.
Men: relaxed style, rounded shape and sported longer. The bangs are kept gorgeous in a provocative, graphical, straight line.
Seductively sexy are the new Moving-Lights. From apricot over walnut all the way to ice-blonde. The color-combinations are receiving more contrasts. The “Moon” and “Sauvage Lights” color the hair in two steps, subtly adjusted to the natural hue of the customer.
The flat Re-Design Looks are the perfect canvas for the marbled Topchic-Colors. Whether blonde or brunette, the hair colors adapt to the shades of the individual complexion chic and unique and represent the motto: “Color with style – style with color!”

Smooth Lines

Smooth short hairstyle with a slanty cutting line
Electrifying smooth lines give a mirrored image of wearing a beret off to one side of the face that maximizes this coquette hair with strong multiple colors of reds and gold.
Firm lines are clipped in the back that edge around the face into the slanty cut we see. The other side has a delightful curl emphasizing the model's high cheek bones.

Plumb Line Haircut

Short hair cut with a plumb line
The plumb line has been set for a straight fixed edge around the glorious blonde buffs with a slight dip over one brow and a sharp angle on the side that moves toward the face. Totally asymmetrical and chic!

Sides Angled Down

Cosmopolitan hairstyle with the sides angled down
Sassy blends of gold, reds and browns express a winning touch with the back clipped up closely in the nape of the neck and sides that angle down from the smooth crown and curve the chin line.
The top progresses over from the part and is textured with flippy ends over the eye. Very cosmopolitan!

Angling around the Face

Hair that angles closely around the face
Darling hues of reds, blondes and browns glaze this coiffure as the starring attraction with a cut that begins at the top upper corner of the temple and glides easily down over one of the brows then angles closely around the face. The other side is fashioned into one large section also toward the face. Worthy of applause!

Cut High above the Brows

Hair cut high above the brows and following the collar line
With a dark brown background for the canvas, the artist has painted sunsets of bronzes, reds and gold in selective places that maximize the strength of the short hairstyle. Combed down from the crown, deliberate blunt edging is designed high above the brows and around the face that follows along the collar line.
A surprising wisp of length happens on the other side with ends that touch the shoulders. Totally unique!

Choppy Spiky Haircut

Choppy spiky hair clipped around the ears and up the backs
A plucky picture of choppy spiky points in the crown is presented as if stylish feathered plumes. Other moxie layers lie over one another in brunette and magenta colors that tip below the brows. The clip moves around the ears and up the back of this most exuberant pixie cut! Gel and spray should be used.

Bangs Clipped Way Up

Short hairstyle with the bangs clipped way up
A window of choppy crops brings unstructured high and low jags in the crown. Many ends flick out, while others stack in volume upon each other. The bangs are clipped way up around the hairline, giving tribute to the lovely frame of the model's face.
The sides fall in short smooth tuffs allowing the earlobes to be seen. The back is laced with a long fringe upon the neck. Spray will help to wing out the ends.

Hair with Different Lengths

Hairstyle with layers and different lengths
A descriptive blonde catalyst leads the way for someone who "wants it all." The hair is tweaked into layers in the back presenting the fluff of volume desired.
Moving upward the layers are nestled a bit longer, then shorter again with irregular texture for bangs and short clips that pouf about the face.
The utmost surprise is the large sections of hair that flow on both sides in one length. This proves, you can have it all!

Choppy Angles

Long hairstyle with choppy angles
The choppy angles along the sides and the layered flair amidst the model's head give the air of an exotic flower or a princess in a far away land. The crop heightens the glossy red, gold and browns in the photo.
The fan in the crown, the threads of gold in the bangs and sheen in the back along with the clippie red vines that circle the face bring a coveted flamboyance in our hearts.

Choppy Men's Hair

Man with choppy platinum blonde hair
This young man's look displays choppy high fashion platinum layers that angle around the face, lace around the sides and nape and a personality who isn't afraid to try something different. Spritz a moisturizing styling spray before you blow dry.

Collar Cuffing Haircut

Trendy men's hair in a collar cuffing cut with covered ears
A garden of layers is seen with the different chops that tilt out of the head and a collar cuffing cut along the nape. The ears are covered with the fine edging and curved up and around the face to behold the difference of the edging and the layers. Unique threads of gold finalize this hairstyle for trendy men.

Funky Men's Hairstyle

Funky men's hairstyle with the sides tweaked over the ears
Choppy with scrambled layers bring a funky fun men's style of irregular pockets of zaps in the crown and follows on down with hair clipped along the nape.
The sides are tweaked just over the ears, and the top is brought into a short edge. The purple haze of swatches brings this image into a triple sport of play.
All photos ©Moving Hair – Switzerland
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