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“Cut in Re-Design” - the Moving Hair Art Team blends inspirations from the 1970s with today's club scene. The looks are rooted in rounded, graphical shapes, loosened up and accentuated with asymmetrical, youthful, and spirited cut accessories.
Clear, classical lines combined with selective structuring define the hair. High-gloss color combinations, rich in contrast against a darker base, infuse the hair with a touch of glamour — more than mere illusion!
The trend: short, rounded, and feminine, tender yet simultaneously spirited. Shiny hair and crisp cutting lines are complemented by a subtle touch of asymmetry. The latest in style: hair styled from back to front, framing the face - even in gusty winds! This evokes the wild style of the 70s, reinterpreted and embraced in today's trend cycle.
The alternative: reveal your face with short bangs in a clean shape and a texture defined by a bold cut - a new statement of confidence in your appearance.
For men: a relaxed style with rounded shapes and longer lengths. The bangs are boldly maintained in a provocative, graphic, straight line.
Seductively sexy, the new Moving-Lights range from apricot to walnut to ice blonde. Color combinations now feature heightened contrasts. Techniques like the “Moon” and “Sauvage Lights” delicately enhance the hair's natural hue in two steps, tailored to each client's unique color profile.
The sleek Re-Design Looks serve as the ideal canvas for the marbled Topchic Colors. Whether blonde or brunette, these hair colors seamlessly blend with individual skin tones, exuding chic and uniqueness, embodying the motto: “Color with style – style with color!”

Smooth Lines

Smooth short hairstyle with a slanty cutting line
The hairstyle exudes elegance with its flawlessly smooth strands, evoking the image of a beret tilted to one side of the face. The playful charm of the hair is further enhanced by vibrant hues of reds and golds, adding depth and dimension.
Defined lines frame the back, seamlessly blending into the angled cut that defines the look. On the opposite side, a subtle curl adds a delightful touch, drawing attention to the model's high cheekbone.

Plumb Line Haircut

Short hair cut with a plumb line
A precise haircutting line creates a clean edge around the stunning blonde hair. There's a subtle dip over one brow and a sharp angle on the side that contours towards the face. This hairstyle is utterly asymmetrical and exudes chic sophistication!

Sides Angled Down

Cosmopolitan hairstyle with the sides angled down
Short hair adorned with sassy blends of gold, reds, and browns adds a winning touch to the hairstyle. The back is closely clipped up at the nape of the neck, while the sides gracefully angle down from the smooth crown, gently curving towards the chin.
At the top, the hair progresses seamlessly from the part and is textured with flippy ends that elegantly frame one eye. This short hair look is incredibly cosmopolitan!

Angling around the Face

Hair that angles closely around the face
Beautiful hues of reds, blondes, and browns elevate this hairstyle to its starring role. The cut starts at the upper corner of the temple and smoothly descends over one brow, then angles closely around the face. On the other side, the hair is gathered into one large section, styled in harmony with the face.

Cut High above the Brows

Hair cut high above the brows and following the collar line
Set against a rich, dark brown backdrop, the hair artist has strategically infused bronzes, reds, and golds in select areas, enhancing the impact of the short hairstyle. From the crown downwards, deliberate blunt edging with high above the brows bangs is executed, framing the face and extending down to the collar line, creating a striking silhouette.
Adding a surprising twist, extra length adorns one side, with ends gently grazing the shoulder. Truly unique!

Choppy Spiky Haircut

Choppy spiky hair clipped around the ears and up the backs
Presenting a stunning hairstyle featuring choppy, spiky points at the crown, reminiscent of feathered plumes. Moxie layers cascade over one another, showcasing a blend of brunette and magenta hues that gracefully extend below the brows. The haircut contours around the ears and ascends at the back, creating the epitome of an exuberant pixie cut! For best results, gel and spray are recommended to maintain the style's shape and hold.

Bangs Clipped Way Up

Short hairstyle with the bangs clipped way up
Choppy crops create a dynamic interplay of high and low strands at the crown, where many ends flick out while others stack in voluminous layers. The bangs are clipped high above the eyebrows, elegantly framing the model's face.
The sides feature short, smooth strands, offering a glimpse of the earlobes. At the back, the hair is lighter, with fringes delicately grazing the neck. A light spray will help to accentuate the winged-out ends of the hair.

Hair with Different Lengths

Hairstyle with layers and different lengths
A stunning blonde hair color sets the stage for those who want to make a statement. The hair is expertly layered at the back, adding fluff and volume.
As we move upwards, the layers vary in length, with some longer and others shorter, creating a playful texture for the bangs and shorter strands that delicately frame the face.
The most striking feature is the large sections of hair cascading on both sides in uniform length. This demonstrates that indeed, you can have it all!

Choppy Angles

Long hairstyle with choppy angles
The choppy angles along the sides, combined with the layered flair throughout the model's head, impart a striking resemblance to an exotic flower. This cut enhances the glossy red, gold, and brown hair colors.
The fan-shaped styling at the crown, complemented by golden highlights in the bangs and a lustrous sheen at the back, alongside the red hues framing the face, exude a coveted flamboyance.

Choppy Men's Hair

Man with choppy platinum blonde hair
This young man's haircut showcases choppy, high-fashion platinum layers that elegantly frame the face and cascade around the sides and nape. It exudes a sense of confidence and a willingness to embrace unique styles. To achieve this look, spritz a moisturizing styling spray onto the hair before blow-drying.

Collar-Cuffing Haircut

Trendy men's hair in a collar cuffing cut with covered ears
A men's haircut featuring numerous layers and various strands elegantly tilting out around the head, with collar-cuffing cuts along the nape. The ears are finely edged, and the hair gracefully curves up and around the face. Brown hair coloring with golden highlights adds the perfect finishing touch to this trendy hairstyle for men.

Funky Men's Hairstyle

Funky men's hairstyle with the sides tweaked over the ears
Choppy hair with scrambled layers creates a funky and fun men's style, featuring spikes at the crown and gradually tapering down with longer hair at the nape.
The sides are neatly tweaked just above the ears, while the bangs area is kept super short for added flair. Dark hair with purple shades perfectly complements this edgy men's cut.
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