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Moving Hair - Switzerland

“Cut in Re-Design” - the Moving Hair Art Team combines inspirations from the 70s with the club scene of today. The new looks are based on the rounded, graphical shapes, loosened up and accentuated with asymmetrical, young and feisty cut-accessories.
Clear, classical lines combined with partial structuring are shaping up the hair. High-Gloss color combination, full of contrast on a darker base color, let the hair have a touch of glamour – more than an illusion!”
  • slanty hair cut
  • chic short haircut
  • haircut with angled sides
  • hair styled around the face
  • bangs cut high above the brows
  • hair with spiky points
  • bangs clipped short
  • hair snipped in different lengths
  • choppy long hair
  • man with platinum blonde hair
  • men's hairstyle with covered ears
  • funky hairdo for men
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The trend: short, rounded and feminine, tender but at the same time feisty. Shiny hair and clear cutting lines are sported with a little wink of asymmetry. The hype in style: back to front- hair that is styled towards the face – even in adverse wind! This reminds of the sauvage style of the 70s; interpreted and lived out in the trend-rhythm of the now.
The alternative: show your face with short fringes in pure shape and a texture that is based on a strong cut – the new certainty in the look.
Men: relaxed style, rounded shape and sported longer. The bangs are kept gorgeous in a provocative, graphical, straight line.
Seductively sexy are the new Moving-Lights. From Apricot over Walnut all the way to Ice-Blonde. The color-combinations are receiving more contrasts. The “Moon” and “Sauvage Lights” color the hair in two steps, subtly adjusted to the natural hue of the customer.
The flat Re-Design Looks are the perfect canvas for the marbled Topchic-Colors. Whether blonde or Brunette, the colors adapt to the shades of the individual complexion chic and unique and represent the motto: “Color with style – style with color!”
All photos ©Moving Hair – Switzerland