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Big City Style

KLIPP Frisör

  • long hair with tapered lines
  • dip dye hair coloring
  • wide braid
  • ballroom ready updo
  • ombre hair coloring
  • updo with foam insert
  • urban hipster hairstyle
  • rockabilly updo
  • hair with greenish blue streaks
  • spiky short crop
  • blonde with purple hair
  • Japanese punk haircut
  • sporty hair for men
  • haircut for career men
  • bluish metallic hair
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With new techniques and vivacious esprit Austria's Klipp Frisör brings the fashion of the world's most exciting cities right to our heads! Their scouts visited the new trends from Paris, New York, Vienna, Berlin, London and much more to compose a fresh, modern and especially colorful collection of hairstyles that is so eclectic that every type and taste can find the right trend for themselves in it.
Short looks with undercuts, sensual long looks and sophisticated up styles are all in this international party of style. Check out the new ideas for hair colors! Dip dye and neon splashes are fun new ways to create stunning effects.
Hairstyles: KLIPP Frisôr