Faith Hill's Pixie Cut

Faith Hill with her hair in a pixie
Photo by PR Photos
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Country superstar turned fabulous actress, Faith Hill, showed up at the world premiere of the blockbuster "Tomorrowland" in 2015. She was adorned in a monochromatic orange ensemble.
While some would argue that having her iconic husband Tim McGraw on her arm was the best addition, others would argue that her amazing pixie hairstyle is equally great. We have seen Faith successfully rock many different hairstyles over the years.
Women with blonde hair require a bit more color maintenance than their brunette counterparts. Blonde hair color can become dull or even take on an orange tone depending on the type of water you use to shampoo with, so we recommend using a shampoo specifically designed for your hair color.
Faith's face shape is long and angular, making it an excellent canvas for a pixie hairstyle to shine. If you have a long, oval, or heart-shaped face, a pixie cut could suit you well.
Faith Hill - Short hairstyle for a long and angular face
Photo by PR Photos
To style your pixie cut like Faith's, first, begin by applying a holding mousse. Next, blow dry the sides back, using your fingers to guide the hair behind the ears. Then, apply a root-boosting spray to the top section, using your fingers to gently lift the hair off the scalp for maximum volume on top.
Next, part the hair off-center. As you blow dry the top off the scalp, begin to bend the hair ever-so-slightly with the air. Finally, spritz on a powerful hairspray, and you're red carpet ready!
Faith Hill wearing an orange ensemble
Photo by PR Photos
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