More by Framesi

Practical hairstyles
There are some things that we just cannot get enough off. Among those are chocolate, vacations and great hairstyles. Now Framesi gives us "More", a new eclectic and very exciting set of looks with a big wow factor.
Short and long, all are cut to perfectly fit the features of the woman or man who wears them, soft textures and a controlled, but naturally looking fall of the hair are part of the recipe. But looking good is only one aspect of this fabulous group.
The hairstyles made by Framesi are not just attractive, but even have a practical side to them! The lightweight cuts are designed for ease of styling that comes with options on how to wear the hair one day and how the next.

Short Copper Layers

Flexible short hairstyle with layers
A layered short hairstyle with sculpted and precisely cut outlines, but much texture in the body is made to be played with. This is perhaps one of the most flexible looks out there and it can be worn with the hair simply down and combed into the face, or just change the direction and let the flow go towards the back.
A rocking retro look comes about quickly with a good product that allows the center hair to stand up and with just a swipe of the comb and the fringe can turn into a modern fashion statement.
Burgundy strands contrast the copper beautifully. They are used subtle and refined under the bangs and only peek out when you want them too.

Contrast of Lengths

Modern short haircut with contrasting lengths
This short haircut demonstrates beautifully how a contrast of lengths can invigorate your look day after day. A short section in the asymmetrical fringe is the eye catching element with its modern and extravagant expression.
The neck features a jagged texture and the long top hair is wavy and styled in the popular disheveled fashion. Highlights gleam in a soft, warm glow on the richness of the dark brown color of the hair. Style it wild or elegant, this look adapts quickly to all your desires.

Bob with Angles

Bob cut with steep angles and feathery texture
The art of the cut is especially visible in this bob style. Straight hair is cut with a steep angle in the back and a feathery texture in the long section in front. This bob wants to move and show off its dramatic design.
A few short strands add excitement to the diagonal fringe and the highlights of smoldering copper on a dark base bathe the entire hairstyle in a magical light. Wear it straight down or add movement by flipping up the ends, especially in the layered back.

Long Hair with Strong Side Fringe

Blonde light weight long hair with movement
A blonde masterpiece with a light weight, but full of volume and refreshing movement for a sophisticated and pampered look. The hair was layered just in the lower section and along the line of the side swept fringe.
The look features light blonde highlights that fall like a thin veil over the beige blonde base. With more movement these highlights integrate throughout to add dimension and sparkle, but they also make for a stunning effect when the hair is worn straighter, as you can see in the lower right image.

Curls for Him

Fashionable longer hairstyle for men with curls
If he is blessed with a great natural curl, the importance is to control the hair with a good cut that balances the volume and controls the weight of it. His fashionable hairdo is longer on top than in the back, but with a seamless transition of the length.
The result is a round and delightfully wavy, curly look that frames his face in a halo of a warm brown with ever so subtle highlights. A little product helps to accentuate individual strands.

Fringe Focus

Modern haircut with a lifted fringe for men
This hairstyle goes so well with fine tailored Italian suits and shows how haircuts for men can have a wonderful balance of traditional shape and modern elements.
The wow factor comes through the forward styling of the top hair, including the lifted fringe. A narrow splash of a copper color makes a nice contrast and eye-catcher in his dark brown tresses.
Hair: Framesi