Intercoiffure Austria 08

Bold hairstyles
If I chose one word to describe this collection of styles from Intercoiffure Austria, that word would be BOLD. The styles are bold in all elements: bold cuts, bold color, bold styling, and each creates a different look and feel for the model.
Some looks are the type you might see on an everyday woman, while others you aren't likely to see outside of a catwalk. However, they are all BOLD and beautiful.

Framing the Eyes and Cheekbones

Short haircut with a blocked off nape
Pixie with hair framing the eyes and cheekbones
It shimmers and shines with warmth and spice, glowing like burnished copper. This supershort contour haircut features a blocked-off nape with an angle to a point at the center back. The front features a fringe and a smooth curving line that frames the eyes and cheekbones. The whole is textured with a razor tool to soften and shape the ends.
The hair is styled for smoothness with a gentle blow-dry technique using a flat brush and the added application of a flat iron for sleekness and a glassy finish. The cut and styling are perfect for those with fine hair types.

Bob with Bedhead Styling

Easy choppy bob with bed-head styling
Short bob with choppy texture
Soft like a downy feather comforter with a silk cover. This pale blonde look is a box-layered bob with a choppy texture and bedhead styling. The layers are textured with a razor tool to create the choppy, roughed-up look.
The finished cut is blow-dried with a texturizing product like wax-based mousse and fingers to generate the shaken look. A dab of pomade on the fingers is used to add some definition. It's a great style for a woman with medium-textured hair, offering an easy, breezy style.

Choppy Pixie Hairstyle

Choppy pixie-style cut with a plum purple hair color
Purple hair coloring
This choppy, chunky, pixie-style cut is made all the more dramatic with a bold blast of plum purple. The base color of the hair was obviously lifted to a pale level before the color was applied, creating the brighter contrasting chips of fuchsia amid the plum tones.
The cut is created using a razor tool for an airy, edgy look. Blow-dry styling and a stiff-hold styling product are the keys to making this style really POP. It's a look best suited to medium-textured straight hair types.

Smooth Curves

Razor cut bob with curves that caress the face
Bob with accent hair colors
Smooth, silky curves are the hallmarks of this modified bob cut. The cut features a long bangs section, and the ends are razor-cut for smoothness and to create wispy layers to frame the face. Visual interest is added by the interspersed highlighting and accent colors you see: pale beige blonde streaks with a handful of coppery accents.
The hair is styled with blow-drying using a round brush and light-hold styling product. It is parted on the side with a slightly angled part and directed to create gentle curves to caress the face and offset the angles and sharp features of the model's face.

Sun-Bleached Blonde Hair

Sunbleached blonde hair cut in a swing style
Hair cut with a razor tool
With sun-bleached blonde coloring (indicated by the darker new-growth area) and a swing cut, this look is bold and playful. The hair is cut with an angled line toward the front using a razor tool for texturing and is styled for smoothness and freedom of movement.
The look is likely achieved through the use of a blow dryer and flat paddle brush with a light styling product and smoothing serum. An additional pass with a flat iron will give a glossy finish. This is a great look for a woman with medium or fine-textured straight hair.

Choppy Hair in the Crown

Elongated pixie-cut with a choppy crown
Stylish pixie for red hair
Careless hairstyle with an orange hair color
Here we see a pixie cut in a flaming orange blaze of color. The cut is executed with steep layering and creates elongated lines in the style. The layers are textured with a razor tool, creating longer, choppy locks in the crown and top sections.
The styling is a carefully cultivated blend of the bedhead look and wind-blown carelessness. The forward-directed locks give weight to the fringe area and focus attention on the face. Get this look by using a firm styling product and a blow dryer with a flat brush. A dab of pomade will help to smooth sections and give definition to the ends of the hair.

Partial Up-Style

Partial up-style with sausage curls
Updo with sausage curls
This partial up-style is executed in beautiful sable strands. The top, sides, and crown sections are carefully woven into a cap of silken strands. The remaining lengths of hair are allowed to fall along the nape of the neck in thick, ropey sausage curls.
The look is evocative of the Renaissance when ladies wore close-fitting caps and gathered their hair into nets. This style gives you all the romance and elegance of that look using only your own hair.

Full-Volume Up-Style

Full-volume up-style with a sleek bouffant egg shape
Sleek bouffant updo
This full-volume up-style is deceptively simple-looking and builds on a multi-layered French twist to create a bold, charming look. The hair is carefully smoothed and directed to the crown of the head to create a sleek bouffant egg. The top section of the hair is curled and backcombed to give maximum lift and fullness in the top portion of the style.
The smooth, ovoid shape of the up-style is accentuated by the nearly hidden under-curl at the crown and the artfully crafted chain of hair along the left side of the style. This is a lovely style and would be ideal for a fancy-dress gala or perhaps a baroque-style wedding.
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