Great Freedom by JeanLuc Paris

Hair cuts and colors combinations
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With the Great Freedom collection, JeanLuc Paris is depicting the creative freedom of finding a matching hairstyle for every single individual. All lengths and colors are permitted - as long as they precisely match the person's character.
JeanLuc Paris is following the tradition of the wild 80s. The master is breaking down and breaking open the classical bob for the second decade of this millennium. He is working with different lengths, for example shorter hair in the front and longer hair in the back. The style is highlighted by softly structured hard contours.
As for the colors, the French stylist living in Berlin is working with striking all-around highlights, which are processed underneath and then shifted. The result: new fabulous effects with varied styles that change with every breeze. Besides harmoniously matched color nuances, extreme hair color combinations are also no taboo.


Bold short cut with longer top hair
This bold short haircut distinguishes itself with its thin highlights that are distributed throughout the layered and graduated cut.
A silvery shimmer and a warm chestnut hue interspersed into the black hair color accentuate the movement of the style.
The longer top hair is combed from the back to the front, and an intriguing twist was placed in the middle, providing even more eye-catching structure.

Goth Rose

Goth look with black and purple hair coloring
The fascinating art of the hair coloring with its black and purple shades, all layered and mixed so that a new pattern emerges with every move, is only surpassed by the intricate cut and the inventive styling.
Layers are shorter on top and increase in length towards the shoulders. The texture intensifies as well as the hair becomes longer and thinner in the lower sections.
All hair is styled toward the face, thus creating a rough but flowy and sexy pattern on the crown and a mischievous, mysterious frame around the face.

Shaggy Chic

Shaggy cut for blue black hair
An almost supernatural shimmer radiates from the bluish-black shag style. It comes from the intricate web of fine highlights throughout.
Balanced layers lengthen towards the shoulders so that the shorter tresses on top are the perfect medium to be shaped into many different styles.
The sides of the hair can be brought to the front or, like here, tugged behind the ear for a totally different expression.

Bob Deconstructed

Futuristic bob haircut
The art of deconstruction and reinventing a hairstyle is to keep as much of the original as necessary to just recognize it. Here it is the side that features a remnant of a straight bob cutting line and not just once, but in two versions, one longer the other shorter.
The rest of the futuristic look is styled with flow and expressive freedom in mind. From the superlong, semi-face covering fringe and the forwards pulled, shorter top layers to the vanilla, caramel, walnut carousel of colors.

Swan in Platinum

Haircut to accentuate a tender neck
A tender neck is accentuated by the long, sleek neckline of the elegant and modern shapes that make this haircut as unique as it is.
The soul of its classic ancestor is still tangible, but a grand evolution has taken place adding new texture, longer and shorter lengths, experiments in structure and flow - especially on the crown - all to the silvery white, platinum hair color that could just be the new black!

Chopped Vanilla

Blonde collarbone length hair with a diagonal fringe
The artistic cutting line running down from the crown to the collarbone is interrupted by some choppy corners and wild texture. The feathery fine lengths are a great contrast to the denser and heavy flowing sections.
A diagonal fringe is not only elegant; it is also very feminine, especially when the hair glows in a vanilla and platinum mix.
Hair: JeanLuc Paris
Photography: Mario Nägler
Styling: Madlen Schmid
Make-up Artist: Rymma Günther
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