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Great Freedom

JeanLuc Paris

With the Great Freedom collection, JeanLuc Paris is depicting the creative freedom of finding a matching hairstyle for every single individual. All lengths and colors are permitted - as long as they precisely match the person's character.
  • short cut with longer top hair
  • Goth look
  • blue black hair
  • futuristic haircut
  • haircut for a tender neck
  • diagonal fringe
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JeanLuc Paris is following the tradition of the wild 80s. The “maître” is breaking down and breaking open the classical bob for the second decade of this millennium. He is working with different lengths, for example shorter hair in the front and longer hair in the back. The style is highlighted by softly structured hard contours.
As for the colors, the French stylist living in Berlin is working with striking all-round highlights, which are processed underneath and then shifted. The result: new fabulous effects with varied styles - that change with every breeze. Besides harmoniously matched color nuances, extreme hair color combinations are also no taboo.
Great freedom for individual, wild, bold and still very feminine hairstyles.
Hair: JeanLuc Paris
Photography: Mario Nägler
Styling: Madlen Schmid
Make-up Artist: Rymma Günther
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