Natural Beauty by Lisa Shepherd Salons

Smooth hairstyles
Rhapsody in the sheerest form of glamour cannot be mistaken in these photographs of smooth and polished coifs and gathered abundance of curls that flow around the models faces and others swirling sensually below the shoulders.

Bob with a Touch of Flapper

Smooth chin length bob haircut
Just a touch of flapper gives this smooth bob, incomparable results most pleasing to the eye. The nape has been brought up closely to the neck with the graduation of length just below the chin.
The side part allows for the top to be combed over harmonizing with the sides. Use a large round brush when you blow dry.

Round Curls

Sexy hairstyle for short curly hair
Beautiful round curls are encased in tones of blonde and light brown hair and capture an air of irresistibility around the globe. Layers of hair are curled off the nape, covering the ears and volumes of bounce on the top. Curl with a medium sized iron.

Windswept Appearance

Windswept look for long hair
Strands of erratic soft brunette curls are compounded and emphasized by the windswept appearance of a salt breeze and the enchantment of thick lush layers. Spritz thermo styling spray to assist with your round iron.

Sophisticated Short Hairstyle

Sporty and sophisticated short hairstyle
This chic and sophisticated pixie cut can be charmingly sporty or filled with drama as seen in the photo. Chopped hair has been shortened in the crown and nape, with longer lines that blend over the forehead and ears. Use gloss when dry.

Long Layered Curls

Long layered hair with curls
The fertile abundance of these long layered curls seduce even the most rigid of hearts. In one simple stretch we see, a wealth of brown hair that blankets over the shoulders and waves around the head. Use a medium curling iron.

Smoothly Clipped Nape

Short haircut with a smoothly clipped nape
Wright and Shepherd bring some flair into this short haircut with the nape smoothly clipped up to hug the neckline and cut around the ears leaving laces of fringe, dipped on the sides and over her brows. Use gloss for this polished appearance.

Long Layers

Long hairstyle with layers
Slices of warm browns, blondes and gold are sunstruck throughout these long layers. A special emphasis along the bangs has been lightened to a higher degree, as if the artist swiped his paint brush at the final end. Use your large vented round brush and spray with gloss.

Long Winding Hair

Long chestnut hair with spiral curls
This chestnut array of long winding hair is designed in layers that bring about the assorted spiral curls we see in the picture. The use of a medium sized spiral iron will help achieve this image.
Hair: Tim Scott Wright for Lisa Shepherd
Photos: Andrew O'Toole
Make-up: Kylie O'Toole
Styling: Rachel Bakewell
Products: Clynol
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