Sore Temptation by Marco Arena for Redkan

Stylish short haircuts for women
Sore Temptation-a seduction of the strong kind, pays homage to the power woman who brings everyone under her spell just with her personality and her dazzling appearance.
Today stylish short haircuts are more en vogue than ever: Marco Arena contributes to this trend with cool colors and asymmetrical shapes.

Choppy Short Haircut

Choppy short haircut for blonde hair
Short haircut with wild choppy layers that are offset by a gentle and smooth underlying section that is cropped close to the head and teases to be explored more closely. The face framing fringes come in a variety of fun textures and a soft yet intense play of color.
A mossy green and a fresh berry tone were infused amidst the platinum splendor to radiate hypnotic energy.

Supersoft and Feathery

Short cropped hair with longer sub layers
For this look the virtuoso composed a meeting of longer sub layers and short, cropped and finely textured hair on the crown. Reminiscent of down feathers in their innocent softness but then cut with a determined edginess this hair turns into a weapon of subtle persuasion.
The platinum blonde metal coolness was softened slightly by a whiff of pink in and around the bangs.

Two Toned Angles

Short haircut that follows the lines of the face
This short haircut is a masterpiece of sculpted lines that only a true artist could have created. The lines of the hair pick up, repeat and follow the lines of her face and pronounce her beauty without overpowering it and yet still expressing their own determined character.
Rounded flowing lines are broken up by triangular points, asymmetrical poetry and a play of colors that combines a raven black with a metallic bronze tone.

Perfect Imperfection

Short blonde haircut with chopped in tips
Playing with textures and lines can lead to amazing cuts like this adorable short look. However under the sweet surface lies a strong plan and highly creative energy. Tips were partially chopped in blunt strands or finely textured, especially around the face.
An almost undistinguishable hint of pink in the front section adds to the softness and the play of contrasts of cool and warm colors, soft and jagged lines.

Rays of Light

Short hair with different tones of platinum blonde
The reflections and texture of this short haircut are truly electrifying.
Different tones of platinum from white flash to a more silvery hue emphasize the ethereal appeal of the multi-texture cut that was styled to dynamic movement of needle straight small strands.

Wings of Temptation

Choppy short hairdo for blonde hair
While the long billowy sections of the hairstyle catch the eye, it is the short and rounded elements that make it wander around the face, to the ears and down the nape. Eye candy in one of its most refined forms.
Coolness and a savagely beautiful appeal that is not without edges. But a little confusion just adds to its intensity, doesn't it?
Hairstyles: Marco Arena for Redken
Photography: Marina Sturm