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Modern hairstyles for every day wear
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The J.7 team offers to bring balance to our lives. Their artistic team aims to create harmony between all the hustle and bustle of our modern world. This balance comes in the amazing shapes of their latest collection. Hairstyles from short to long stand out with their strong lines, calm yet intense texture and colors that are deep and full but much more relaxed than in previous collections.
All of these looks bring back elements of the late 1980s and give them a casual, yet elegant contemporary update. This playful, creative collection features looks for every day and for every person who needs a calm zone in their lives, a special treat just for themselves, but who also expect trendy elegance with a new approach to casualness. A sweet bonus is the versatility that allows the hairstyles to be quickly modified from basic to a glam version.

Curves and Arrows

Short layered haircut that hugs the face
The round shape of the layered short haircut hugs and frames the face in harmonious curves. A refreshing contrast is created with the solid lines that shape the long, asymmetrical fringe and accentuated strands all over the crown.
The pointed arrows of hair start at a high point in the back and a little of to the side from where they swirl out in one dynamic direction. They stand out even more through the subtle play of hair color in nuances from nutmeg to gold.

Dynamic Day Hairstyle

Dynamic day style for short blonde hair
A slightly modified styling creates the wilder version of the previous look, which is a great and dynamic day hairstyle. Now the hair is tugged behind the ear on one side and the texture is increased, with the lines slightly deconstructed and more of a rebellious and so very chic tousle in the hair for an evening of casual glamour.

James Dean Look

James Dean hair style
The high, combed back quiff on top is accompanied and enhanced by the short sides, combining rockabilly style with the high volume and contrasts of the late 1980s hair fashion. Bright blonde and darker nuances play with light and shadow, all supporting the shape and dimension of this easy going but super stylish coif.

Curly Quiff

Men's hair with a quiff and curls
In its glam version the previous cut shows off the different lengths on top and on the sides. As if that was not surprising enough, the J.7 artistic dream also turned on the curls which magically change his quiff into a crown of romantic superhero expression. Lots of shine and motion guarantee attention.

Easy Long Hairstyle

Haircut with long layers for chestnut brown hair
Long layers are ever so flattering, especially when they shine in a luscious chestnut brown with just a kiss of gold and subtle highlights to illuminate the free spirited flow of hair. The refined cut boosts the volume in this over-shoulder length hairstyle which is easy to maintain and always stylish and full of casual chic.

Festive Long Hairstyle

Festive style for long hair with layers
With the long fringe pulled more into the face and the sides disheveled just a touch more and with finesse, the luxurious layered look from the picture before turns up the heat even more for a festive evening or a romantic getaway.

Rough Shag Cut

Long shag cut with bangs
Shag cut with rough texture for orange-copper hair
Rough texture with edgy waves meets finely balanced layering. The long fringe transitions into lascivious tendrils framing the face along its sides. A little lift on the crown and a mix of straight and wispy strands add even more spunk to this thrilling and wild do.
The hair color is among the brightest of this collection and shines brightly in an orange-copper with not too subtle sprinkles in gold.

Easy Short Haircut

Easy to care for short haircut
With the shine of sugar crystals, this short haircut sweetens up every day. Spiky movement sweeps the layered delight right across the crown with a fresh pop-punk flavor. The short bangs bring attention to the eyes and a youthful vibe to the look.
This easy to care for and easy to style pixie cut combines the best of the 1980s and today, resulting in a truly casual but exciting hairstyle.

Glamorous Short Hairstyle

Glamorous styling for a short blonde pixie cut
The previous pixie cut has many facets; this is just one of them. A change in direction of the hair from diagonal to upright brings upon a change of expression. This version is sophisticated and glamorous for the special times and getaways that keep the balance in our busy lives.
An easy transformation from feisty to elegant, which also shows off the different tones of blonde that were used to add more dimension to the look.

Short Gamine Cut

Short gamine cut for blonde women
The clear lines of this short and sleek gamine cut speak of high precision in cutting. Their sharp lines outline the finely layered, silken hair with artistic curves and mini sideburns. A very exquisite texture brings sizzle to this soft but expressive look.
The vanilla blonde enhances the warm and silky feel of it. Deep curved bangs add a little boyish charm to this short yet very feminine and appealing style.

Raked Over

Short hair with a pivot point and raking
A light change in styling of the short hair results in a great effect. With the pivot point of all the motion a little lower and farther back the direction of the movement changes for a more expressive effect.
The interesting texture from back to front can easily be repeated by adding a flexible hold product to the lightly damp hair and raking the hair in shape with the fingers or a wide toothed comb for a more intricate version.

Multicolor Short Hair

Multicolor short hair with eyelash-touching bangs
All you see is a long, eyelash touching fringe and hair colors in a surprising combination. Highlights are nothing new, but the unique hues and the mix of warm woodsy tones with cool ashen ones makes everyone look twice.
A spicy look with a minimalist shape. The hair was finely tuned to a round shape above the ears and ultrashort sides and neck.

Short Hair Spiced Up

Ravishing short hair with wispy ends
Again it is a simple change of direction that takes this versatile short cut from a daytime/office and going to the bistro look to a ravishing, funky and nouveau punk glam look. Wispy ends are styled to the front from the back and the fringe is styled to its full length.
All movement is enhanced by the dynamic play of cool and light together with the warm, rich hair colors.

Short Hair with a Rounded Shape

Short blonde hair with layering
Refined layering turns this fine short blonde hair into a sculpture of vanilla light and amazing texture. Shorter hair in the upper part of the head created the elegant rounded shape.
At the same time long and thin sections run diagonally down the front stretching the image and giving it trendy and fun motion. The sheer playfulness of the textures and lengths is a delight to all eyes.

Wild Style for Short Hair

Wild and festive style for short hair
From the calm waters of the previous look to this creation of whirling motion and stormy passion, it only takes a little bit of good styling product and the courage to use it to its full potential. The intricate layering and the inner life of the different lengths is now displayed with every hair supporting another for a harmonious, yet wild creation.

Easy Hairstyle for Men

Easy short haircut for modern men
Modern men like convenience but also versatility and easy to style chic. This short, layered hairstyle has it all and looks very hip with the overlapping lengths of the fringe that were each styled in a different direction to create the trendy effect. The rest of the hair is less sleek and falls freely with some gentle volume around the sides and the back.

Puffy Quiff for Men

Men's hairstyle with mousse styling and a quiff
Leave the comb alone and use your hands to knead spectacular volume and movement right into the hair. A little mousse helps to keep the shape and lift.
A high quiff full of waves and wispy tips is a fun contrast to the more distinct sides that are limited by a neat line and cling closely to the head.
Hair: J.7 artistic team
Make-up: Elena Herlet
Photography: Vlado Golub
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