"Tribu" by Shampoo by Michel Dervyn

Modern hairstyles for blonde hair
Michel Dervyn's "Tribu" collection of hairstyles features a versatile selection of shorter and mid-length styles that showcase a range of textures and styling effects/techniques. While the colors may seem limited in range, they do offer subtle examples of the variety available with the pale blonde color group.
From cool and neutral tones to sunny and golden hues, the colors are all well-suited to the cuts and hairstyles represented. These haircuts and styles all have a modern bend, following current trends toward smooth and sleek when straight, and tousled, organic waves when curly.

Short Mop-Top Style

Mop-top haircut with layers for blonde hair
Hairstyle for a narrow face
Soft hairstyles for blonde hair
Our first selection offers a short, mop-top style with the majority of its bulk kept to the area along the parietal ridge. The lower layers taper quickly to just below the ears and the overall effect is an ovoid silhouette that is perfect for the narrow face and for bringing the focus to the eyes.
The soft, tawny blonde color is threaded through with a subtle mix of lighter and darker locks. The tousled styling helps to enhance the natural wave of the hair and showcases the subtle highlights and lowlights to maximum effect.

Modern Tousled Shag

Trendy blonde shag haircut with tousling
Hairstyle with choppy layers
Side view of a shag haircut
This style, a modern interpretation of the classic shag cut, features thinly-sliced, choppy layers and creates a soft, sexy-yet-edgy look. The pale blonde tones have a more golden hue than the previous blonde, but still share the subtle highlight/lowlight interplay.
The styling is once again tousled, but with more definition in the strands to create the edgier effect. After a blow-out styling use a bit of product on the fingers to add in some definition and sharpen the ends of the locks.

Pixie for Older Ladies

Short pixie haircut for older women
Pixiecut for older women
Who says that playful and sexy is the purview of the young? This edgy, playful look is both flattering and adds a "joie de vive" to the overall effect. The close-cropped, pixie-inspired cut is styled for volume and whimsy, and is textured heavily to create a wispy feel.
The blonde here is a cooler, ash blonde with some neutral highlights to add some extra depth. The choppy, almost-asymmetrical cut is good for thin hair types and allows for the most volume possible in this look.

Purdey Inspired Haircut

Modern pudding-bowl cut or purdey for blonde hair
Blonde pudding-bowl haircut
As if there were any question that there's truly nothing NEW under the sun, here we see another inspired look. This time the inspiration seems to be the late-sixties "Purdey" cut. It's a version of the pudding-bowl cut with an elongated neckline and sideburns.
The modernizing elements of this short hairstyle give us a smooth, clean silhouette thanks to some subtle razor-texturing, but we still have that weight line along the tops of the ears. The silky-smooth styling accentuates the fine-grain threading of the color's high- and low-lights.

Blonde Shag

Razored shag cut for blonde hair
Smooth shag hairstyle
This revised "shag" haircut differs from the earlier shag in that its styling is soft and smooth. The razor-cut layers fall to a diffuse, organic perimeter that elongates the face and neck. The platinum blonde color is given a touch of depth by the addition of neutral lowlights, creating a light, creamy look in the color blending.
The hair is blown-out with an emphasis on maintaining a low volume style, keeping the hair smooth and contoured to follow the features.

Styling Variation

Styling variations for blonde short and medium length hair
Here we revisit the Purdey inspired haircut and smooth shag and see the addition of subtle styling variation. The shag is shown with a slight increase in volume from the styling to create a subtly wider silhouette, while maintaining the soft curved lines of the style. This is ideal for the angular, square or rectangular face shapes.
The Purdey inspired look is seen also with added volume, generating a slight ballooning effect to counter the sharper, angular features. It also features an added touch of product to give some definition to the strands and emphasize the slender highlight/lowlight pattern.

Razor-Cut Layering

Blonde razor-cut shag with layers
Hair with tousled styling - Shag
Again we see the shag cut, restyled to create an edgy, high-impact look. The tousled styling and defined locks emphasize the texture of the razor-cut layering and add points of light to the otherwise-creamy color blending.
The style is best created with a blow-out using a firm-hold product and the fingers. Once dry, the hair is then plied with pomade and the hair dryer is switched to low heat and the tendrils are redirected as desired.

Flattering Short Haircut

Vital short haircut for older women
Flattering short hairstyle for older women
To showcase a different look for the close-cropped cut for older women, we see this revised style that offers a somewhat more sedate styling option, while remaining both vital and flattering. The fine-textured hair and choppy layering is displayed to good effect by this casual style.
The hair is blown-out with a soft-hold product and given added definition by the use of a smoothing serum or pomade lightly dabbed on the fingers and raked through the hair. The downward direction of the fringe gives a masking effect to a forehead that seems high otherwise, without creating a curtain of hair.

Men's Shag Hairstyle

Shag for men with long curly hair
Not to be left out, the Tribu collection has a classic men's shag style that is perfect for men with curly hair. The cut features a weight line that follows around the top and crown sections with even layering below, as well as long sideburn hair. The layers are textured using a notching technique to emphasize the individual tendrils of the curls.
Styling includes drying with a diffused dryer and styling mousse, followed by a spray-and-scrunch technique using alcohol-free spray-gel to define the curls. The color is a darker blonde with soft highlights and added brightening at the tips of the hair on the sides and fringe areas.

Cut for Boys with Curls

Haircut for little boys with curly hair
This boy's cut is a circle cut that gives our little mop-top a casual-looking style for his otherwise unruly curls. The uniform layers are textured with a notching technique and styled to maximize the natural look of the curls.
The hair color is a sun-bleached blonde effect with the slightly darker blonde shade apparent at the scalp and the soft lightening as you move toward the ends of the hair.
The hair is best styled using a diffused dryer with the fingers to lightly scrunch the curls and keep them from being too frizzed.

Easy Hair Style for Boys

Easy hairstyle for little boys
This look is a restyling of the previous haircut, taking the circle-cut curls and using the blow-out technique with a round brush to reshape the curls into soft arcs that make for a soft, easy style.
Most-likely a soft-hold product, such as mousse, was used to provide light-weight style hold and ensure the longevity of the style. The difference is the creation of a maturing look; one that is perfect for the young man who wants to be more grown up.
Hairstyles: Shampoo by Michel Dervyn