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"Tribu" Collection

Shampoo by Michel Dervyn

  • mop-top haircut
  • trendy shag with tousling
  • short haircut for older women
  • modern pudding-bowl cut
  • shag cut for blonde hair
  • shag and Purdey haircut
  • razor-cut shag
  • short look for older ladies
  • shag for men with curly hair
  • haircut for boys with curly hair
  • easy hairstyle for boys
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Michel Dervyn's "Tribu" collection of hairstyles features a versatile selection of shorter and mid-length styles that showcase a range of textures and styling effects/techniques. While the colors may seem limited in range, they do offer subtle examples of the variety available with the pale blonde color group.
From cool and neutral tones to sunny and golden hues, the colors are all well-suited to the cuts and hairstyles represented. These haircuts and styles all have a modern bend, following current trends toward smooth and sleek when straight, and tousled, organic waves when curly.
Hairstyles: Shampoo by Michel Dervyn
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