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Hair for boyish looks for women
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At BUNDY BUNDY, art is not limited exclusively to hair. For many years, BUNDY BUNDY has been a patron of the arts and has been actively involved in cultural projects. This also includes the renowned Frida Kahlo exhibit in Bank Austria's Kunstforum in Vienna.
Frida Kahlo, one of the most significant exponents of Surrealism and New Realism, is the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team's new muse. She was the godmother of BUNDY BUNDY's newest creations for autumn and winter. The Mexican painter was a very strong woman and a charming feminist - and her style mirrored her personality. We all know the classic Frida look: precisely parted hair down the middle, her remarkable eyebrows and a proud, intense, and almost defiant gaze. She has depicted herself in numerous self-portraits.
Frida Kahlo self-portrait
The Kahlo-inspired haircuts are ideal for women who are uncompromisingly feminine. The role change between being tough and soft creates the need for haircuts that can be transformed easily and without a lot of fuss: from a strong and powerful woman to a sophisticated masculine-inspired look, from boyish chic to the garçon style - and back to where you started in no time.

Short Hair & Long Top Section

Short brown hair with highlights and a long top section
The short and graduated back transitions into a long, soft and voluminous top section. A stylish high point in the back of the crown serves as the apex of the luscious flow of hair in this charming short cut.
A few highlights on the warm chestnut base enhance the movement. The expression is coy, stylish and at the same time filled with a confident feistiness. The styling keeps things soft and flowy with all hair curving towards the front and framing the face.

Short Hair and Silk Blouse

Short haircut with short sides and a satin silk blouse
A precise haircut with short sides and back but gradually longer hair towards the top makes it possible to style the hair to this nothing but regal shape, befitting not only a great artist but women with a sense of the exquisite but also beauty that can be part of our every day.
Combed to the back and with a lot of lift in the crown the hair keeps its wet texture and shine through a good helping of gel. Perfect match with the smooth and shiny silk blouse and waistcoat!

Hairstyle with a Short Neck

Masculine haircut with a short neck for women
Deep bangs are swept to one side and reveal one eye while hiding the other. Mystery unfolds in this short hairstyle with masculine lines along the sides and the short neck, but it is also filled with feminine sensuality.
Stylish and elegant to the extreme this haircut is as timeless as a precious piece of art. Dark hues interact with caramel highlights to enhance the flow and the soft dimensions.

Faux Updo for Short Hair

Faux up-style created with gel
Refined from root to tip with a fine cut, a masterful coloring and statuesque styling, the basic short haircut with longer sections on top can easily be turned into a faux updo, created with a good dose of gel and a lot of imagination.
Contrary to the slicked-back sides, the top hair is ready for the fiesta and defies gravity in all directions. The resemblance to some of Frida Kahlo's up styles is obvious.

Dark Brown Bob

Sleek brown bob with a high pivot point
Sleek elegance of timeless beauty still convinces with its minimalist approach.
The dark brown bob has a high pivot point from where the hair is parted in a low and overlapped fashion. It flows toward, over and around the face as if painted with wide strokes and the hand of a master. A gentle curve from the side enhances the cheekbone, creating an aura of passion and power.
The super-sleek hair comes out best with a slot of shine. Serum does the trick, and a flexible gel keeps it all in place.

Tousled Hair

Tousled gel styling for a dark brown bob
Creative people don't look the same every day. This bohemian chic tousled hairdo comes easy with minimal effort.
A little mousse for the lift, a gentle blow dry and finalizing with a touch of gel that is massaged into the hair before it is all tossed to the left and the right until it falls into its proper place of the moment.
With a perfect bob cut as a base nothing can go wrong and it only takes a minute with moist fingers to freshen up the look or to restyle it completely.


Make-up for a monobrow look for women
Frida's famous monobrow or unibrow is the godmother to this intense make-up that combines one straight line across the brow with a gentle blending and transitioning of the color from dark to light.
The eyes are the focal point but the hair is the perfect frame, just like every painting comes out even stronger with the right frame.
Lifted at the roots and gently curved to a wispy outward swing, the volume and texture are the perfect companion for the rest of this extravagant look.

Woman with a Moustache

Painted on moustache for women
Even a painted on Daliesque moustache cannot hide the smoldering sensuality and passion of a beautiful woman. With masculine contrasts her femininity becomes even stronger and gives her power.
The short, sleek haircut is delightfully retro with its long side parted fringe and the shine made in pomade land. From the 1920s to Frida's Mexico and all the way to today, this look still turns heads and sizzles mightily with its androgynous magnetism.

Wet Looking Curls

Wet look styling with gel for curly hair
A simple part in the middle becomes a statement when it cuts through well defined curls that are treated with so much gel that they remain looking wet for many hours.
The simplicity of the haircut is offset by its wild texture and the slight A-line. A gentle layering on the sides distributes the volume evenly. With or without a painted on moustache, this look is wild and unforgettable.

Hypnotizing Short Haircut

Short feminine haircut with masculine sideburns
Take the energy of a bullfight, mix it with a serious Flamenco, throw in the style of Clark Gable and serve it with a strong Tequila.
This simple yet hypnotizing look has it all. Perfect for a woman of taste and attitude; this short artsy haircut tempts with its contrast and head spinning combination of masculine sideburns and feminine lusciousness.

Short Hair Rised Up High

Short hair rising high up with gel styling
The organic shape of the short graduated haircut rised high up in a mingled and twirled play of well-defined strands. Sides stay close to the head and are sleeked to the back, enhancing the effect.
From the temples on the top hair was drenched in high powered styling product which gives this extravagant look the stand and persistence as well as the shine of fresh oil paint.
An hommage to the monobrow was done well with the help of long lasting eyeshadow that meets in a straight line across the forehead.

Punk Hairstyle with a Quiff

Women's punk haircut with a quiff
The tempestuous, contagious energy of the famous painter is captured in this windswept quiff that follows no rules but always points forward.
No storm could break her and nothing will keep this look from capturing and putting a spell on all spectators. A few elements of punk, ever so softened, give it a modern edge and its revolutionary air.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY artistic team
Photos: Inge Prader
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