Hairstyles by La Biosthetique

Choppy Short Hairstyle

Choppy short haircut for a high forehead
This choppy short layered crop gives plenty of sass with spiky flips in the back and a longer nape that hugs the turtleneck collar. Her heavy toned top is combed smoothly into a subtle curve over her forehead and mixes in with the hair on the sides. This is a simple self-help hairstyle that will hide a high forehead.

Short Fashionista Hairstyle

Short hair with layers for a fashionista
A demure hairstyle with short layers is combed "quietly" down from the top, with the sides revealing the angled line along the ears. A true fashionista, with the heavy toned top designed to curve over the eyebrows. An easy haircut takes the worry out of styling and with a single brush it becomes more versatile.

Fashionable Long Hair

Long hair with slithered edges
Slithered edges are fashionable with an angled design that is drawn smoothly over one side of the model's face.
The clarity of a dark mahogany and a light chestnut hair coloring become obvious with the silken finish that lies below her shoulders. A fan of light strands breezes over the face, revealing the angular structure.

Blow and Go Hairstyle

Blow and go style for long hair
An electric layered chop presents long straight thick lines of hair that break into a fringe on the ends. The top is pieced with stout lines that arrow into attractive pinnacles around her eyes. This hairstyle could be a real "blow and go" hairstyle with smoothing serum.

Curving Around the Neck

Hair that curves around the neck
This long lined shadowy hair fashion has a blunt cut on the ends and just enough undercut to curve around the neck.
The off centered part creates a lure of mystery that centers between the light and dark hair colors. The task of blow drying into the silky smooth lines can be assisted with a large round brush.

Blonde Waves

Layered blonde hairstyle with waves
A direct smooth centered part introduces the blonde's long layered hairstyle filled with ribboned waves that bounce around her head. Glamour goes over the top with big hair. Arranging vertical rollers all around your head will achieve this head turner.

Satiny Long Hair

Long brown hair with a satiny shine
Like that of cultured satin and toasting, the color of sherry wine draws our eyes to this long hairstyle. The top flows down from the crown, displaying the creation of angles that are blended along the face. These lush lines are produced with your blow dryer and flat iron.


Medium long hairstyle with bulkiness
Lengthy layers exhibit their idealism of roundness and flips in a sheaf of bulkiness that amasses around the neck. There is a low side part that brings the hair over to conform into the gaiety of the flips. Once you get to know this hairstyle, it becomes an easy fixer with rollers and spray.

Bangs over the Eyebrow

Carefree medium length hair style
A few carefree clipped lines of hair expose the singled lines of bands that cast about into its narrow strips. The bangs are netted over one eyebrow while the sides frame the face. A gentle body wave clipped into the long layers will be fitting for this hairstyle.

Messy Bangs

Long hairstyle with messy bangs
Narrow strips of reddish brown/blonde hair are textured toward the face and lying about the shoulders in light winsome lengths.
The messy bangs dip over the forehead and along the side of the face. An easy maintenance long hairstyle with a no worry set. Blow dry with gel and finish with smooth serum and spray.

Long Shag haircut

Long blonde shag
A glossy long blonde shag haircut is bulked all the way from the crown and below the eyes and halfway on the sides.
The layers are nestled upon her shoulders in idled coils, more round than curly, and make for an easy hairstyle for those on the run. Simply comb and curl where desired.

Short Individual Curls

Easy to style cut for short curly hair
The simplicity of short individual curls brings a combination of elfin mischief and of a confident allure. This is a body wave that is given the appearance of a natural light curl that tumbles about her head. An easy short hairstyle when you go for the body wave.

Blousing Bangs

Short hair with a blousing fringe and a cropped nape
An exquisite bouffant roll is seen coming from the crown and brought toward the front to blouse under while arching upon the forehead and resting just above the ears.
The nape is cropped close, leaving a small amount of fringe. A large round curling iron will assist in this short hairstyle.

Covering the Neckline

Sporty neck-length hairstyle
The drama of a light haircut cannot be overestimated especially when it covers the neckline and is thickly pieced in sections around the face, giving the appearance of bulk. The side part gives a rise to the bangs that are placed in a sporty resolve dipping over the side.
Gel and styling spray, with a flat iron and smoothing serum, will help bulk up this practical medium length hairstyle.

Up Style with Slick Sides

Updo with slick sides and rolls of curls
A true declaration of drama and fashion is offered with slick sides that go back in an array of a cluster of twists and small rolls of curls.
The top brings a hefty swoop-shaped like a large French twist. Given to detail and a lot of structure, this hairstyle would be hard to maintain.

Updo with Sleek Sides

Up-do with sleek sides
A true vamp comes in many colors and this blonde fantasy is notably sleek on the sides to develop the hair that has been construed in the back.
The top reveals the intricacy of each developing curl that has been created and strengthened through the small braid that is wrapped around the edges. This hairstyle is for a time when you need that something extra to stand out and be different.

Fashionable Semi-Bob

Brown semi-bob with a side part
A fashionable semi-bob haircut caresses the model's face and swings out from her face for our approval. The long influential side part dominates an eye and touches under the cheekbone. A simple blow dry or flat iron will develop this medium length hairstyle.

Bluntly Edged Hair

Easy medium length blunt hairstyle
Here is an example of a straight mass of hair that is bluntly edged to roll under around the back and the presentation of a long top covering one eye and curving under the jaw. The other side surprises us with a sash of angled longer hair.
This is an easy medium length hairstyle with many variants to work with, especially if your hair is naturally straight.

Curls and Waves

Medium hairstyle with curls and waves
This medium long layered hairstyle is a delightful display of curls and waves styled away from the face and sides. A customized permanent for your hair texture will easily bring this look and be effortless to style with a wide toothed comb.

Smooth Shag

Shag cut with the hair combed towards the face
A smooth shag is seen with slithered ends by a razor that develop those fine needle points of hair seen in the photo. Her hair comes over from the crown and the back and is all combed toward the face. This is an easy hairstyle as long as you are faithful with your hair trims.

Fun Short Haircut

Fun neckline length haircut
Glossy black hair has been deliberated into pointed layers directed from the crown and amassing over the face and sides. The back is sprayed in a wide array over the neckline. A fun haircut with an easy comb with a little styling gel.

Gentle Cut with Layers

Gentle long hair cut with layers
Sprays of copper layers of hair have been textured to spring up in irregular forms around the crown area with a smoother touch that closes over the eye and around the features of the face. The rest of the hair is designed into a gentle long cut that lies below the shoulders.

Free-form Bob

Brown free form bob with pouf
This dark chocolate brown hair has been clipped into a free-form bob that has been blown under to develop the pouf that we see on the one side. The other side comes toward the face in an attractive curl and a flip developed just behind.
The bangs are extra long with a section joining in with the rest of the hair that took over the eye.

Chestnut Wavy Hair

Long and wavy chestnut hair
The art of vibrant chestnut hair flows in an abundance of bulky thickness and gathers around the shoulders in a bountiful number of waves.
The bangs are in straight chops that are pieced thickly over part of the eyes. An easy deal if you have naturally wavy hair. If not, this hairstyle would need a body wave for staying power.
Hairstyles: La Biosthetique Paris
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