Luis Kraemer - AW07

Captivating hairstyles that are wearable
Short and medium long cuts dominate the collection of captivating hairstyles made in France by the creative and skilled artists of Luis Kraemer.
Texture transforms simple lines and different styling techniques can put a whole new spin or curl on one look. Versatility and wearability are the key players in this exquisite line-up of beautiful looks.
The name Kraemer stands for looks that appeal to women of all types and ages. Hair enhances the beauty and shows off the personality of each individual woman; styles are rooted in timeless elegance and embellished with modern techniques and accents.

Textured Bob

Side parted bob cut with textured ends
The rebellious child of a same length bob comes with a lot of motion and wild charm. The ends were textured between the chin line to about cheekbone height. This gives the look its exciting volume and wispy, springy dynamic.
Parted on the side lets the fringe fall diagonally across the face. The deep raven hue is mysterious and artsy at the same time.

Precious in Brown

Brown bob hairstyle with outward bending ends
What a difference a color makes! A similar cut like the textured bob of the first photo comes across with a totally different character when the color is not as bold but of a warm, earthy, brown tone.
The ends are strongly textured and styled to bend outward, giving much volume to the lower sections of this adorable hairstyle.

Gradated Neck

Short hairstyle with a gradated back that lengthens the neck
The steep angle of the gradated back lengthens the neck to a swanlike silhouette. A long fringe and lots of texturing along the sides are a great way to fluff up fine hair and to create motion and lightness around the head. Bathed in a natural chestnut tone the hair radiates an inviting and spicy shine.


Angled blonde bob that tickles the chin line
Bob in perfection. This A-line cut is the epitome of the classy bob looks that have enhanced the beauty of millions of women over the last decades and that never will be out of style. This version stands out with its warm and sensual blonde color, enhanced with subtle highlights and soft lowlights.
The styling is all about roundness as a beautiful counterbalance to the sharp and pointy tips that tickle the chin line. Bangs are on the light side with texture and just as iconic as the rest of the cut.

Sassy Bob

Blonde bob with texture and tousled volume
Alluring bob hairstyle with a wild shape
The more adventurous version of the classic bob cut comes along with a lot of styled texture and tousled volume. Sexy and chic is the language of this play on a classic and it is indeed alluring.
The warm vanilla blonde almost makes you want to take a bite! Treated with a handful of styling mousse, kneaded and tousled the hair will hold its wild shape all through the day and perhaps even the night.

Sleepless in Paris

Long French hairstyle with curls and waves
Romantic curls and large waves got a French makeover that gives them an adorable bohemian appearance. Like a great dish it is the simplicity and just a few strong key ingredients that tease the senses the most.
The hair was parted in the middle and cut in a blunt line beneath the shoulders. Just a few, gentle and long layers help distribute the volume and the weight of the wavy and well defined, slightly tousled mane.

Bardot Style

Long curly hair in a 60s Brigitte Bardot style
Besides her famous pout it was the hair that contributed immensely to the fame of sexy 60s icon Brigitte Bardot. A long, curly mane that is just messy enough to make you think of ruffled pillows and not of a lack of brushing is as sensual as warm honey on a freshly baked brioche.
And of course the color of choice is blonde. A sandy blonde with golden tones and subtle highlights lets the sun shine even when there are clouds.

Bundled Volume

Bohemian updo with hair gathered in the back
If you cannot decide whether to wear your hair up or down, try a mix of both. The Bardot style of the previous picture was modified to a Bohemian chic glamour look with just a few simple tricks.
The hair was gathered in the back and fastened very low on the neck. The sides were pulled out slightly to shape them to large and voluminous curves. Very sexy are the loose strands and the gently mussed front section.

Lava Flow

Model with pale skin and long red hair
Pale skin and red hair have been a beauty ideal for ages. Still today no one can escape the magic spell of this combination. For this enchanting Rapunzel look thick hair was cut in very long layers, starting below the chin. This way the hair can fall in a natural flow of large wavy motion.
Opposed to the free and open cascading of this incredible mane the bangs are controlled and straight, bringing much attention to the glistening blue eyes of our model.

Fire Goddess

Long red hair with waves and bangs
The look in the last photo was already breathtaking. Add some waves and it will render everyone speechless. This transformation might require some time due to the thickness of the hair, but it easy and so very worth it.
Large, irregular waves are pressed into the long red hair with a good curling iron. The ends are untouched or straightened which heightens the artistic effect of the look. Now the color effects of the fire red streaks amid the coppery flow have a chance to really glow.

Textured Pixie

Attractive pixie cut for black hair
Black as can be and chopped with perfection to a super short style. If you want to make a statement, this is the way to go. The texture and the color of this ridiculously attractive pixie is in a stark contrast to her soft skin.
This short hairstyle is the trademark of an independent woman who is opinionated and radical, but also playful and passionate.
Hairstyles: Luis Kraemer