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Luis Kraemer

Hairstyles Autumn Winter 07

Short and medium long cuts dominate the collection of captivating hairstyles made in France by the creative and skilled artists of Luis Kraemer.
  • textured bob
  • bob with outward bending ends
  • hairstyle that lengthens the neck
  • bob that tickles the chin line
  • chic wilde bob
  • curls and large waves
  • Brigitte Bardot style
  • hair gathered in the back
  • model with a pale skin and red hair
  • long red waves for hair
  • attractive pixie
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Texture transforms simple lines and different styling techniques can put a whole new spin or curl on one look. Versatility and wearability are the key players in this exquisite line-up of beautiful looks.
The name Kraemer stands for looks that appeal to women of all types and ages. Hair enhances the beauty and shows off the personality of each individual woman; styles are rooted in timeless elegance and embellished with modern techniques and accents.
Hairstyles: Luis Kraemer