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Hair that can easily be transformed
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The BUNDY BUNDY look inspired by art
In the search of new inspirations, BUNDY BUNDY's artistic team continuously travels the trendsetting capitals of the world. One trip was to London. They were particularly impressed by the exposition about the "Femme fatale of the Art d├ęco", Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980) and the looks of the new Bohemian scene in London.
The BUNDY BUNDY artistic team didn't hesitate for one second when the BA-CA Kunstforum proposed a cooperation on the occasion of the Tamara de Lempicka exposition in September. Their goal was to build a bridge between craftsmanship, artistry, and unconditional belief in innovation. Another, not less important, bridge to be built was the one between trends and class. Please find the interpretations following the Lempicka paintings below.
BUNDY BUNDY's homage to Tamara de Lempicka
Always striving for perfection, the BUNDY BUNDY team went one step further for this photo shooting. Star designer Michel Mayer completed the project team consisting of the country's best photographer and the most distinguished makeup artists. Mayer's atelier was not only in charge of making replicas of Lempicka's dresses but also of designing avant-garde outfits to match the new look.
Another challenge for the BUNDY BUNDY team consisted in adapting the hairstyles shown in Lempicka's paintings so that they can easily be transformed into at least two other variations. They made it happen: from the new wave look to the couture look - but see for yourself.
The new trend feeling by BUNDY BUNDY
BUNDY BUNDY has always been committed to offering a triad of services. Each season, they work towards perfection in hair coloring techniques - their first element. This fall, luminous blond shades, mystic red shades and flattering maroon shades will tempt you to change your style.
BUNDY BUNDY is also on top of the class when it comes to hair cutting and styling. Picture this: A hairdresser who leaves your options open between a perfect page-boy cut, a trendy Iroquois cut or an asymmetrical style with highlights!

Feathery Look for Hair

Short vintage inspired hairstyle
With a blend of a razor-textured cut, and softly morphing hair color transitions, BUNDY BUNDY artists have created a closely capped hairstyle that is asymmetrical and avant-garde.
The short-cropped layered cut features steep texturing and is styled with a cleanly defined side part on the right.
The styling is a blend of smooth finger-waving and light blow-out to give the razor-cut ends a feathery, light look and feel.
The sweeping curves and scalp-hugging contours enhance the translation of the hair color from coffee black, through a cherry tone and mocha brown. It's a look for which the flappers of yesteryear would have swooned.

Sculpted Hairstyle

Sculpted hairstyle with the sides and nape smoothed into a cap
No trip into the world of the bohemian would be complete without an elaborately sculpted hairstyle.
The sides and nape section of the hair are carefully smoothed into a secure cap of hair, topped by carefully carved plumage of the same media. The top and crown sections are sliced and moulded into rigid ribbons of hair.
The alternating directions and widths create a dimension of shape and structure that makes the style a true work of skill and beauty.
Regardless of personal taste, the talent involved in creating this look is irrefutable.

Simple Contoured Haircut

Simple short haircut, contoured with a softly curving angled fringe
Minimalism is often the boldest statement a creative person can make. This simple contoured cut is asymmetrical and features a softly curving, angled fringe. It is textured to give the cut lines a lightened look.
The hair color is a gentle blend of rich dark coffee and warm auburn tones that graduate from one to the other beautifully.
The styling is a work of pure minimalist joy. The hair is blown-out with a flat brush with a smoothing and protective product and an emphasis on keeping the volume down. A light mist of hairspray and the touch of smoothing serum after styling will control fly-away strands and add a glossy sheen.

Saloon Girls Hair

Hair inspired by the saloon girls of the Wild West
Once again we visit the realm of "hair art", this time seemingly inspired by the saloon girls of the Wild West. The main body of the hair is directed into a smooth upturn along the scalp, and the loose lengths are sculpted into ornamentation.
There is the traditional topknot of curls that would have been a standard of the period style, and the traditional headpiece used for ornamentation is crafted using other portions of the hair. These lengths are colored into vibrant and eye-catching shades and carefully fashioned into decorative plumage.

Native American Inspired Hair

Updo inspired by the hairstyles of the Native American warriors of the Iroquois tribe
This work of "hair art" could be called "Beauty on the Warpath" for its resemblance to and influence from the looks of the Native American warriors of the Iroquois tribe and others.
The silhouette of the hairstyle is vertically emphasized, with carefully up-swept sides and increased volume and interest in the top section of the head. The hair is gathered into what looks to be a top-knot bun, while segments at the forward top are retained and crafted into curving ribbons to accentuate the style.
Additional segments from the top portion at the parietal ridge are isolated for bold accent coloring and carved into ornamentation and draped like the feathered ornaments used in tribal societies to denote status, influence and sometimes simply for fashionable reasons.

Twenties Inspired Hairstyle

Glossy hairstyle inspired by the bob styles of the roaring twenties
With what appears to be an inspiration from the bob styles of the roaring twenties, this short asymmetrical hairstyle - crafted in glossy ebony strands - features a contoured fringe and a sharp, clean cutting line on the dominant side, with contoured tapering on the passive side.
The styling is simplistic, with a blow-dry style to mostly dry status using a moderate-hold product. A natural-bristle brush is used to give the style a satiny finish. A light misting of hairspray helps to combat fly-away strands.

Forward Angled Line Hairstyle

Medium hairstyle with a forward angled line
This golden blonde hairstyle is created using a medium long layered haircut, known in earlier decades as a shag (and know other times by different names). The difference in this shag versus the traditional one is the forward angled line of the stationary guide. This creates a gently sloping angle to the layers that frames the face.
The hair is styled using the basic blow-out technique and will use a diffuser if needed to maintain the integrity of any natural wave in the hair, or will use a styling tool to add curl as desired. The lower layers of the hair are the focus of any curling, and the curls are crafted to maintain as much definition as possible without losing the softness and looseness characterized by the look.
A light application of smoothing serum adds definition to the hair, without redefining the curls.

Short Hairstyle with Volume

Short hairstyle with volume, created from a stacked bob
Here we have another golden blonde hairstyle that may have begun life as a classic stacked bob, but now features additional box layering and an angled side parting. Yet the most notable part of the styling is the volume.
The textured layers are styled with lift in the scalp area by blow-drying with a styling brush. The mostly dry hair is then wound loosely on rollers and allowed to finish drying under a hood dryer. The hair is then carefully styled to maintain some definition and feathering in the look. A light spray of hairspray and the style should last for hours.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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