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New Bohemia by BUNDY BUNDY

The BUNDY BUNDY look inspired by art
In the search of new inspirations, BUNDY BUNDY's artistic team continuously travels the trendsetting capitals of the world. One trip was to London. They were particularly impressed by the exposition about the "Femme fatale of the Art d├ęco", Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980) and the looks of the new Bohemian scene in London.
The BUNDY BUNDY artistic team didn't hesitate for one second when the BA-CA Kunstforum proposed a cooperation on the occasion of the Tamara de Lempicka exposition in September. Their goal was to build a bridge between craftsmanship, artistry, and unconditional belief in innovation. Another, not less important, bridge to be built was the one between trends and class. Please find the interpretations following the Lempicka paintings below.
  • morphing hair color
  • hairstyle with ribbons of hair
  • contoured hairstyle
  • hairart
  • Iroquois inspired hairstyle
  • Twenties haircut
  • forward angled haircut
  • short volume haircut
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BUNDY BUNDY's homage to Tamara de Lempicka
Always striving for perfection, the BUNDY BUNDY team went one step further for this photo shooting. Star designer Michel Mayer completed the project team consisting of the country's best photographer and the most distinguished makeup artists. Mayer's atelier was not only in charge of making replicas of Lempicka's dresses but also of designing avant-garde outfits to match the new look.
Another challenge for the BUNDY BUNDY team consisted in adapting the hairstyles shown in Lempicka's paintings so that they can easily be transformed into at least two other variations. They made it happen: from the new wave look to the couture look - but see for yourself.
The new trend feeling by BUNDY BUNDY
BUNDY BUNDY has always been committed to offering a triad of services. Each season, they work towards perfection in coloring techniques - their first element. This fall, luminous blond shades, mystic red shades and flattering maroon shades will tempt you to change your style.
BUNDY BUNDY is also on top of the class when it comes to haircuts and styling. Picture this: A hairdresser who leaves your options open between a perfect page-boy cut, a trendy Iroquois cut or an asymmetrical style with highlights!
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team