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Happy Hour by Top Model Coiffure

  • blue hair coloring
  • practical short haircut
  • short hairstyle with sideburs
  • flexible short hairstyle
  • tapered long bob
  • hair with a blue hue
  • blue hair color effect
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With these fun, colorful and charismatic hairstyles happy hour never ends. Hairstyles created to amaze are playful and innovative in their approach. They transform and transcend. They open new horizons of hair fashion with their daring combinations of cut and color, of vintage winks and modern design.
High quality cuts and exquisite stylings exude sexy elegance, a taste for the extraordinary and all of that even comes with the occasional burst of color. It is time again to be daring and expressive. Leave your shyness in the closet and step out into the sun with a new look that shows your true spirit and colors.
Hair: Top Model Coiffure
Photography: Anissa Si
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