Akin Konizi @ HOB Salons

Long and short hairstyles
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Hob Salons has the recipe for success, offering curls that wrap around your finger and hairstyles featuring long, smooth lines complemented by shorter tresses.
Discover the allure of large, lush waves that embrace the contours of the head. We invite you to delve into the world of hairstyles crafted by HOB Salons.

Short Blonde Spiral Curls

Short blonde hair with spiral curls
The innocence of short blonde spiral curls is apparent in this masterpiece. Each curl was meticulously placed into perfect alignment to create this beautiful hairstyle. A spiral curling iron is a must-have tool for working with this type of hairstyle.

Reddish Corkscrew Curls

Strawberry reddish blonde corkscrew curls
Take a walk on the wild side with this magnificent strawberry reddish-blonde hair and experience the exuberance of a new beginning. Life goals really do happen when you have a matrix of untamed coiled corkscrews and helices surrounding your head like a halo. Not for the faint of heart. A touch of gel might help tame the wildness.

Large Spiral Rod Waves

Long hairstyle with spiral rod waves
Like a symphony that brings peace to the soul, this smooth long hairstyle plunges into giant waves made with a spiral rod. A large portion of the hair has been swept over to create this hairstyle. Use your large spiral curling iron for this elegant yet sassy look.

Super Short Bob

Short bob hairstyle with the sides halfway over the ears
This super short bob achieves unparalleled straightness and perfect alignment with its smooth texture. The bangs fall midway between the brows and the top, creating a seamless harmony. The sides are gently swept over the ears and combed towards the face. Light gel and spray will help you achieve and maintain this hairstyle.

Just over the Ears Bob

Just over the ears bob hairstyle
A perfectly blended bob hairstyle, delicately cascading just over the ears, complements the warm brown tones in the hair in this photo. Every line is smooth and glossy, meticulously edged for a seamless, fluid style. Gel is recommended, along with light sprays of gloss as you smooth out this hairstyle.

Long Hair with Spikes

Textured long hair with spikes
Take notice of the intense texture in this hairstyle, particularly on the top and around the sides and back. Styled with drama, featuring spikes and small wisps around the forehead, it offers an uncommon yet striking look. The sudden presence of long hair adds an unexpected dimension. Applying bits of gel or styling lotion as you blow dry will enhance the effect.

Closely Clipped Back

Short hairstyle with the back clipped closely to the nape
A short hairstyle with distinct defining lines, featuring a straight side part. The top is smoothed, slightly longer, and blends with the heavier side, while the opposite side is tightly edged to a point. The back is clipped closely to the nape, completing the harmonious look. Using plenty of gel and gloss will enhance the definition of this short hairstyle.

Dual-Length Hairstyle

Blonde dual length hairstyle
This dual-length blonde hairstyle offers the versatility of two cuts. The frontal section is edged below the ears into a bob, with one side just slightly longer. The back extends to the shoulders with a consistent length. Use gel and smoothing serum as needed for styling.
Hair: Akin Konizi @ HOB Salons
Colour: Paul Kemble @ HOB Salons
Photography: Thomas Warwick
Makeup: Emma Miles
Styling: Robert Morrison
Products: Wella
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