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Akin Konizi @ HOB Salons

2005/2006 Hairstyles Collection

  • short curly hair
  • curly red hair
  • long hair
  • short hairstyle
  • short bob
  • texturized
  • short haircut
  • modern hairstyle
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Hob Salons has the ticket to success with curls that wrap around your finger and long smooth lines matched up with the shorter tresses. There is also the mystery of large lush waves that hug the frame of the head and we invite you to take a peek in the world of hairstyles created by HOB Salons.
Hair: Akin Konizi @ HOB Salons
Colour: Paul Kemble @ HOB Salons
Photography: Thomas Warwick
Make-up: Emma Miles
Styling: Robert Morrison
Products: Wella
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