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Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur

Hairstyles Spring-Summer 2013

  • very short cute hairstyle
  • short haircut for busy women
  • flirtatious short bob
  • vintage water waves
  • short hairstyle with curls
  • straight short bob
  • two tone hair coloring
  • bob with highlights
  • fish bone braids
  • one sided hairstyle
  • fringe that flares out
  • braid with color effect
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Opulence and glamour are back to make it a hot and stylish summer. Feminine hairstyles dominate the landscape and they come in beautiful mellow blonde tones, strong brunettes and sizzling red tones as well as in combinations of hair contrasting colors in one style.
Movement is key. It sweeps the hair sideways, back or to the front and plays with the effect of nostalgic curls, retro manes and a new touch to familiar and beloved classics. The hair lengths come in the same variety as the colors and textures of these gorgeous creations.
Jack Holt has done it again and makes the world a bit more beautiful with every single hairstyle.
Hair: Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur
Photography: Anissa Si
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