Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur - SS13

Female hairstyles for long and short hair
Opulence and glamour are back to make it a hot and stylish summer. Feminine hairstyles dominate the landscape and they come in beautiful mellow blonde tones, strong brunettes and sizzling red tones as well as in combinations of hair contrasting colors in one style.
Movement is key. It sweeps the hair sideways, back or to the front and plays with the effect of nostalgic curls, retro manes and a new touch to familiar and beloved classics. The hair lengths come in the same variety as the colors and textures of these gorgeous creations.
Jack Holt has done it again and makes the world a bit more beautiful with every single hairstyle.

Cute Very Short Hairstyle

Short pixie haircut with layers
The sexiest hairstyles of the season are not the long flowing manes, but the real spice is in the very short hair. This super cute example is all the proof you need. Cut with layers that can be styled in all directions for always new and always exciting effects.
The texture is slightly choppy in the tips that frame the face, giving her a modern and unique edge. What cannot be beat is the platinum hair color in combination with this pixie. Seduction comes in very short hair this year. You better call your stylist now!

Short Haircut for Busy Women

Flattering short haircut for busy women
The long top hair has just the right length to be used for very interesting styling variation, which makes this short haircut so high in demand. Busy and adventurous lives need haircuts that go along with it and can be adapted to individual moods and situations.
For this flattering look the hair was given a light lift and was gently curved to the back. A highlight is the elegant swing of the fringe. The texture is soft and the short neck keeps her cool even in the hottest deserts.

Layered Short Bob

Layered short blonde bob with volume
The same layered bob from the picture before is now styled to amaze and perhaps even to seduce. After a long day in the sun we like to glam it up a bit and the forward falling loose strands with their adorable curls in the tips are just the perfect companion to her golden sequined dress.
Made to turn heads, the light volume and explosive styling are just what the doctor ordered.

Vintage Water Waves

Short blonde hair with vintage water waves
Short retro hairstyle with water waves
These waves still make us swoon even decades after they first caused a stir and major fashion movement. A short bob with a smoothly tapered neck was transformed to a weapon of mass seduction.
The ammunition sits in each perfect curve of these beautiful waves. Precious in every turn they do need some practice in order to come out this way. The most stunning part is the wavy line that surrounds the face with retro sophistication and elegance in the purest sense of the word.

Asymmetrical Curls

Short hairstyle with curls that reveals a part of the ear
As soft as cotton candy and as classy as a pearl necklace, this short hairstyle is just stunning. The hair was parted high on the side and styled with high diagonal bangs. The smaller side reveals a part of the ear, just enough to make her jewelry shine.
The very fine texture of the curls is achieved by gently separating them with the hands and perhaps the long part of a styling comb. Long layers and razor cut texture make sure the hair flows in this heavenly, lightweight way. A few drops of shine spray or serum make it sparkle!

Straight Bob with Contrast

Straight short bob with hair color contrasts
This hairstyle is a class of its own. Unusual and refreshingly eccentric in its artistic design it fascinates and inspires. Colors and textures were used in a juxtaposition each one enhancing the other and opposites bring attention and much vibrant energy to this delicious look.
Extreme platinum white hair flows from one point in the back of the crown around the head like a flower bud that is about to open. The opening then reveals the hazelnut colored inner life, peeking out with texture galore and a vivacious outward flip. Check out the double texture in the bangs! Long sleek lines sit atop shorter and choppy tresses. Fabulous!

Volume in Blonde and Brown

Bob with volume and two tone hair coloring
You don't have to make any more of those tough decisions about which color to put in your hair. Torn between blonde and brunette? Get them both. The effect is fantastic. A long, very flowy bob with bangs flipped flamboyantly to the side comes in a delightful two tone coloring.
The silky blonde top hair is radiant as can be and its almost iridescent nature is supported and enhanced by the contrast to the dark underneath. Curls and waves dance as if there was no tomorrow. Feminine, fun and sexy.

Very Long Bob with Highlights

Long bob bob with volume and highlights
The stylish and slightly undone texture of the hair makes this very long bob absolutely irresistible. Styled for volume and movement it will not cease to enchant every one in her path, be it in a toga or in a business suit. The bangs have a nice length to play with and here styled with a nice upward swing that transitions into the curved and dynamic sides.
The movement is very visible with the mix of subtle and bold highlights that are framing and illuminating her face. If things get to warm underneath all of this thick hair, she can easily tie it to a ponytail or create wonderful updos with it.

Wild Style with Hairpieces

Long blonde hair with fish bone braids
You guessed right, the amazing fish bone braids that frame her face are not made out of her own hair. Her base is a long and layered haircut with much volume and a wild texture that turn her into a modern amazon.
The full bangs are long and are part of a large section on the crown that was lifted on the roots to create lightness and even more volume. The lioness is born! Add the two beautiful braids and the exciting mane turns into a truly dramatic statement of passion and independence. Unconventionally beautiful and breathtaking.

One Sided Hairdo

Style with long hair draped to one side
Show your shoulders! Long hair is draped all to one side for a sexy and glamorous asymmetrical effect. It was taken back in a rather strict fashion and pinned in the neck to keep the movement. The curls can be styled in with a hot iron, but it would be best if there already is a base of natural waves to work with.
Mousse in hand and much scrunching bring out the brilliant texture. A high curve in the fringe just adds the cherry to the shake. A look made for modern divas.

Fancy Fringe

Long hairstyle with layers and a fringe that flares out
Long layers never cease to please and flatter. Not only do they create much movement in the hair, they also make it lighter, which is very welcome with long hair in the summer. The wide and beautifully styled fringe flares out to the sides like the spread wings of a beautiful bird. At the same time the sides are full of motion and sexy texture.
Her main color is a coppery, very spicy and radiant medium brown, which comes out in its full splendor through the dark sections that are colored into the hair on the inside and in the lower areas. A fiery fairy tale made of hair.

Blue Color Effect

Long brown hair braided with a blue color accent
Long braided hair
Blue looks best on a dark background. This also applies to this thick electric blue strand of hair that was worked into the long braid on the side. Asymmetrical and eye catching with a large amount of modern vibe infused into a charming old time peasant style.
The hair was brushed over the head to one side and a nice little curve was worked into the roots at the hairline over her forehead. If you do not want to color your own hair, extensions are always a good idea. They are available in all lengths and all the colors of the rainbow.
Hair: Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur
Photography: Anissa Si