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Dreamstate Collection by L'ANZA

  • brown hair with highlights
  • medium hairstyle with shades of blonde
  • blonde pixie
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There are dreams that you never have to wake up from. The hairstyles from this collection will take your dream state into your waking hours. One long, a medium long and a short cut reflect this place between the worlds and engulf you with sheer beauty. As the lengths grow shorter the colors become lighter going from a brunette long and wavy look to a platinum blonde crop.
The shapes are as soft as can be, flowing and flattering with much movement and simple design. Center and balanced they radiate purity and sophistication. Perfectly placed highlights add an out of this world shimmer.
Hair: Oscar & Wendy Bond and Matt Swinney for L'ANZA
Assistant: Heidi Schroeder
Make-up: Veronica Lane
Wardrobe Stylist: Chriselle Lim
Photography: Hama Sanders