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For ten years, Essential Looks has captured the trends and moods of our times and translated the fashion of the catwalks into exciting, wearable trends for hairstylists and customers. Each season, the team gathers inspiration for the new seasonal collection from Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, Milan, and New York. Essential Looks is an international language for fashion-oriented hairstyles, providing hair salons worldwide with the latest trends.
The Essential Looks Team for Spring/Summer '08 was led by Tyler Johnston, Session Stylist and Global Editorial Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional: 'The Spirit Collection is a fascinating tool for stylists to keep up with the pulse of the times and to advance their knowledge about trends and techniques: from undercutting to amazing dressings - this collection has everything a stylist needs for the Spring/Summer '08 season, and it even comes with matching background info from the fashion world.'
Steve Hogan, Creative Director from Essential Looks, is thrilled and summarizes the advantages of the new looks: 'I am happy about the Spirit Collection. This Collection is full of wearable and beautiful shapes and colors that can be easily adapted at the salon.'
The Spirit Collection categorizes the trends for Spring/Summer '08 into four looks:

School's Out

Top model Agyness Deyn perfectly embodies this trend and was one of the sources of inspiration for the 'School's Out' style. You can see conservative and preppy influences matched with a punky attitude. This stylistic mix makes 'School's Out' an energetic, lively, and very wearable trend that works for every age.
Bobs and bangs are anything but classical this Spring/Summer. The shapes surprise with hidden lengths and disrupted contours that combine casual flair with sensuality. Dark, warm, and cool colors are mixed to result in new and exciting combinations. Blondes are embellished with silver-gray sections.
Brown tones are emphasized with chocolate and caramel-colored nuances. Bangs add a youthful touch to the looks or can be styled seductively. Graphical bobs receive heavy and compact bangs that reach all the way to the eyelashes. Layered shapes are supported with asymmetrical bangs that can be worn to either side.
Concave Shape Hair
Concave shape hairstyle with a long front and shorter back
Razor cut hair with a longer front
Layers and razor-cut texture give this hairstyle its concave shape (long front and shorter back) and all of the thrilling choppy, pointed tips all around. The edgy pattern allows thin points to reach into the face and around the neck with a sophisticated but also rebellious attitude. Her hair color is a warm brown with a hint of red.
The star of it all is the extra-long strand that juts out in front and exceeds all the others in inches and in sharpness. Use a flat iron to accentuate the sleek shape and a smoothing serum for shine and a controlled surface.
Modern Layered Bob
Modern bob with a long layered fringe and feathery sides
Hairstyle with a layered fringe
It is once again the texture that makes this layered bob so modern and appealing. It softens the edges and adds to the volume. A long fringe throws an intriguing shadow over the face and, since it is layered as well, it becomes the dominant element of this medium-length hairstyle with its thick and high volume.
Feathery sides frame her face with their playful texture. There is softness in and around this look, yet it has a distinct outline. The beige, sandy blonde is more vibrant with these platinum highlights. Tousle the hair with fingers and use a styling lotion for accents.
Angled Bob
Long bob with a steep angle and sweeping lines
Long concave bob with a longer front
This A-line bob, or angled bob, takes it to the extreme. The shape is exaggerated in such a thrilling way with its long, sweeping lines and the steep angle from about shoulder length back to the very long front. This shape alone gives the hair such a contagious dynamic.
The drama builds up even more with the volume, which is created by blow-drying the hair over a vented, round styling brush with attention to giving a little lift to the roots on top. Finish with shine spray.
Long Hair with Texture
Long hair with clear lines and a neat silhouette
Modern long hairstyle for brown hair
What a great mix of naughty and nice! A high, just-off-center part sets the direction for the hair to fall down her sides. The top section is all about clear lines and a neat silhouette. It's below the ear where this hairstyle picks up its momentum and shows all of its texture, movement, and gently disheveled styling.
A warm brown touched with a golden mist is the perfect hair color for her skin tone. See, you can have it all!
Mid-Ear Length Hairstyle
Short mid-ear length hairstyle with thick layers
Short blonde hair style
Sassy short hairstyles like this were made famous by supermodel Agyness Deyn and are still gaining more and more fans. With the longer top hair and short sides, the styling options are endless, and you can even play with undercuts, if you dare.
This specific cut seen here has thick layers and just a little texture in the tips. The fringe falls deep over the eyes with a diagonal movement. The hair is cut at about mid-ear length. Spice it up with platinum blonde and use some gloss spray to brighten things up even more.


A clear trend in the new season: East meets West! Asian-inspired interpretations and influences received many bravos and recognition at the Fashion Weeks. The mix of discipline and artistic freedom sets new accents. This trend picks up the typical Asian, classical cuts and mixes them with colors and patterns that generate much attention. East is a trend for people who like to be in the limelight and who have a well-developed sense of individual style.
The hair structures mirror the contrasts of this trend: tight-clinging bobs with graphical contours create a sculptural three-dimensional shape that is then loosened up by different internal lengths. This way, the strict look allows enough room for many styling variations. Long hair is set in soft waves and generous curls. Brown tones dominate the trend and are put into an exciting focus through cool and warm nuances that are rich in contrast.
Ear Length Asian Hair
Ear-length Asian hairstyle with a short cropped neck and highlights
Black Asian hair with highlights
Short hairstyle for straight Asian hair
Short and choppy, everything is in motion. Her black hair was cut at ear length with the fringe just a little shorter than the sides. Her neck is cropped extra short. This is a great hairstyle for straight and thick Asian hair, as it is all about the sleek, shiny lines.
Simplicity of the cut is paired with finesse in the texture and color. A stunning effect was created with a few brown and golden highlights that sit on top of the long fringe. Styling emphasizes texture and a forward direction.
Asian Hair with Curls
Long Asian hair with curls and layers
Long Asian hairstyle with movement
Layered Asian hair with bounce and volume
The key is in the layers. They were cut so fine and in such a number that her long hair seems to be in perpetual movement. The large curls seem weightless and go along with every little breeze around her and with her every step. Bounce and volume galore in a color to dream of.
Her dark Asian hair is gently lightened up with tones of golden brown, ever so subtle as they come. A handful of mousse helps to generate volume, and a medium-sized to large curling iron puts in these amazing curls.
Spiky Manga Style
Asian Manga style hair with punky elements and a short neck
These needles won't hurt. But they do raise heartbeats. Layers over layers are styled upward from the super-short neck to the longer top hair. Modeling paste or a texturing gel with a long-lasting hold factor was worked into her black Asian hair, which was then able to defy gravity in this punky, fun short hairstyle.
The top is moving towards the face where the choppy and super-edgy bangs accentuate her eyes. Brown accents in the black hair and small sideburns add to the modern and urban feel.
Asian Hair with Streaks
Dark and thick Asian hair with reddish brown streaks
Dark Asian hair with reddish streaks
Short Asian hairstyle for thick hair
What we don't see is often much more exciting. We can only guess what is lurking underneath the textured layers that were styled into her face with determination. All hair moves from the back to the front in direct and also in curved lines. Along the sides and on the lower crown, individual strands stand up and are flared out to break up any danger of monotony.
She has dark and thick Asian hair, which received artsy streaks of reddish-brown that become part of the long fringe and already begin in the back of the crown. Make sure to leave at least a small opening in front for a very mysterious and postmodern appearance.
Bob with a Short Neck
Fashion bob hairstyle with an asymmetrical shape and a short neck
Stylish bob haircut with a short neck
Inspired by classic looks, this stylish bob gains fashion momentum with its asymmetrical shape. Talk about aerodynamic in hair design! One of the sleek sides ends just under the chin, while the other exceeds this length by a couple of inches.
The neck is short, and the shape is that of a stylish A-line, with a steep angle forward. Jet black and shiny, her hair looks like a precious gem. Use gloss and a smoothing product to settle the hair.
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Photos: Schwarzkopf Professional