The Dandies by Sassoon Academy

Dandy haircuts
Every decade has its own version of the Dandy. Originally, towards the end of the 18th century, a Dandy was a fashionable male dressed in tailored suits and adorned with only the finest accessories. More than a century later the Dandy has become an entire genre of fashion.
The Dandy look oozes sophistication, urban style with emphasis on high quality and an expression that is eccentric enough to get attention, but then again infused with refined understatement.
Born through the vision of Vidal Sassoon it can be expected that the haircuts in this collection are nothing less than exquisite. Geometry, along with an essence of androgyny and creative uses of hair texture and colors are the ingredients for a line-up of fashion ecstasy that can only be created by Sassoon!

Flared Fringe

Long hair with a flared out fringe
Fringe with a jagged cutting line
Eccentric elegance captured in long hair. Platinum simplicity meets a unique interpretation of bangs. A jagged line runs across her forehead right in the middle between hairline and eyebrows. The sides of the bangs are flared out like little wings and the center section is slightly disheveled but smoothed out.
The lengths fall like a cascade of white light over her shoulders and are styled for cloud like volume with movement all around. A perfect balance of perfection and disruption.

Short and Long

Hair with masculine and feminine elements
Masculine and feminine elements are tuned to perfect harmony for this force of fashion. Short hair on top stands up in the very center to greet new creativity in hair. Sides, bangs and back are cropped a little shorter and smoother for a gentle flow before the shoulder long veil of hair around her neck steals all the attention.
Stacked lengths, opposing textures and a pure black color create a new kind of sizzle that goes so very well with shoulder pads and cat-eye make-up.

Dandy Bob

Sleek hair cut in a bob the Sassoon way
Simple lines are timeless and elegant. When it comes to the bob, the power is in subtle modifications and design elements, which are more indicated than elaborated. Her sleek black hair is cut in the signature Sassoon way, which attention to the natural growth pattern and direction of her hair, to create a hairstyle that will look this great even after washing it several times.
A short fringe curves in a point cut textured line and features a small triangle of light at one side. Graphic effects without any sugarcoating are accompanied by her masculine jacket and the avant garde make up.

Fire in the Dark

Short red hair with a triangular shape
A blast of fire breathes new energy into urban fashion. This sculptured do works best with kinky hair. The natural texture of it lends itself to high styles. All sides are short and the length increases to several inches on her crown with an additional centered high point.
From a dense core the hair rises in a triangular shape and see through, fine wisps of smoke. The shape would be nothing without the color and so a flaming red emerges out of a wide, dark base.

Sleek to the Point

Sleek short hair with a super short fringe
Do not fear the edge, but celebrate it. Clarity of definition in a polished, shellacked look reveals the zen in hair. Reduced to the max and then again accentuated and exaggerated in places where it matters, this short play on a classic page boy is set to cause a storm and blaze a trendy new trail.
While the fringe is super short and deliciously jagged, the sides are graphic, bold, sharp and don't even try to be dainty. They lead the eye along the lines of her face, below her cheekbones to the expertly painted lips.

Short and Dandy

short hair with flared out sides
She is ready for the races. Velvet jacket, ascot and gloves are in place and her hair is styled to a formidable look, which combines masculine and feminine elements.
Super short sides flare out around the upper perimeter and create a stage for the center bulge of long top hair that was teased for volume and then smoothed out again while directing it towards the back. A layer of gloss gives this look its outrageous shine and nostalgic feel.

All in One

flash of blue hair color
Sleek and laser sharp shapes alternate with undercut sections and a variety of lengths and textures add another amazing level of interest to this flamboyant look. The A-line defines the side from cheekbone to the ear with its steep angle and the thrilling flash of blue amid the graphite black hair color.
The undercut section in the back allows the sleek petal shape to stand out. This short hairstyle exudes a mellow, concentrated mood with a balanced center and a crazy creative exterior.

Boy Cut with Blue

short hair with free ears
Dandylicious with an androgynous haircut. Once again it is the undercut that almost steals the show, would there not be the exciting electric blue tint, alternating in wide strands in the graphite colored hair.
The shape of her haircut has a nostalgic flavor with its short, undercut sides, the long top hair and the rounded back. Ears are free and all of the hair is styled towards the back in dynamic velocity. The blue only appears in the long hair. Smoothing serum and / or gloss spray are your friends for this style.

Platinum with a Peak

short mens hairstyle
To some it comes naturally, others like the distinct shape of a widow's peak and help it along. A sharp triangular shape in the center of his forehead explores the littoral zone between this famous attribute of movie vampires and bangs.
The short sides do not distract from the edgy shape which goes well with the stern expression of his face.

Simplicity in Two Colors

hair with two colors
What could have turned out to be a rather unassuming hairstyle, morphs from bland to interesting with a subtle edge of color.
The short cut features Roman bangs, softened with slightly irregular texture. It does not take much to add some zest to this understated cut. The hair is treated with a smoothing serum to keep the hair from flying and to give it direction, hold and shine.

Tousled Tradition

fashion cut for men
Versatility is a key element in the new fashion cuts for men.
For the office he can wear his hair sleek and all clean cut and neat. But once the official appearance is over, all he needs is a handful of mousse, a glob of gel and skilled fingers to create this sexy mass of turbulent hair. Platinum and silver make it cosmic. Fasten your seat belt.
Hairstyles: Sassoon Academy
Hair: Mark Hayes & the International Creative Team
Color: Peter Dawson & the International Color Team
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Styling: Lucie Perrier
Photography: Colin Roy