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Ready to wear couture hair
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When the need is for the most cutting-edge looks in fashion, the world turns to the leading couture designers. These artisans craft unique and beautiful hairstyles using the most exquisite textures and colors in fabric.
Now, Farouk Systems introduces "Ode to Couture" a collection of hairstyles and looks inspired by the artistry and craftsmanship of the world's top fashion designers. Farouk's silk-based, ammonia-free products give hair the ultimate in couture treatment as the artists create couture-inspired designs for this fall collection.

Peau de Soie

The stylists at Farouk Systems know that peau de soie is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to designer fabrics. French for "skin of silk" the stylists have imitated the peau de soie look and feel by using the BIOSILK hair care line, creating a soft, natural beauty in the hair.
The Peau de Soie looks are soft, silky and romantic. The hair moves freely and shimmers with the inner radiance of silken threads. The colors are rich and inviting, whether they're soft neutral tones or bold, fiery hues.
Long Blunt Hairstyle
Long blunt blonde hairstyle
Long blonde hair with razored ends
Smooth and glossy long blonde hair
This long blunt hairstyle features texturized ends and silky-smooth styling to create a veil of soft, tawny tresses. With razor-texturized ends and a gently curved fringe (also razor-textured) the blonde hair is styled by first a gentle cleansing using BIOSILK'S Sunglitz Natural Shine Enhancement Shampoo and Sunglitz Natural SunSealer Daily Conditioner.
Apply a generous amount of Sunglitz Repair and Shine Silk serum to towel-dried hair and blow-dry the hair straight using a flat-paddle brush. Once dry, the hair can be passed through a flat iron to give a sleek, glossy finish. Apply a few drops of Repair and Shine Silk to the palms and lightly smooth over the surface of the finished hair to add a glassy shine and tame any vestiges of fly-away strands.
Shimmering Red-Blonde Hair
Long red-blonde hair with curls
Long, layered strands and a curved, side-swept fringe combine with a warm, shimmering red-blonde to create a sophisticated, yet sultry look. The hairstyle can be achieved with freshly washed hair using Sunglitz Natural Shine Enhancement Shampoo and Sunglitz Natural SunSealer Daily Conditioner. To towel-dried hair, apply a generous application of Biosilk Mousse and begin blow-dry styling the upper sections of the hair with a round brush.
Once the fringe and scalp areas of the hair are mostly dry, wrap the ends of the long layers around medium to large Velcro rollers and secure them at the sides of the head with off-base placement. Dry the hair fully, preferably under a hooded dryer on low heat. Allow the hair to cool and remove the rollers. Smooth the fringe and top of the head with a brush, but use the fingers to draw out the curls.
A pick or wide-tooth comb can be used to re-direct the shorter lengths to frame the face. The goal is to keep the curl as intact as possible, so avoid combing and brushing out the full length of the hair. A dab of Biosilk Mousse spread through the palms and fingers can be used to scrunch the hair and re-define some of the curl if it gets to diffuse.
Long Hair with Spiral Rolls
Long wavy hair with spiral rolls
Freshly colored long red hair
Bold is the watchword for the color in this long style. This long-layered cut is styled to capitalize on the natural wave of the hair. This wavy, defined hairstyle starts with freshly colored red hair, shampooed with Sunglitz Natural Shine Enhancement Shampoo and conditioned using Sunglitz Natural SunSealer Daily Conditioner to help smooth the cuticle and seal in the vibrant color.
Once the hair is towel-dried, apply a liberal amount of Sunglitz Repair and Shine Silk serum and Biosilk Mousse and blow-dry the hair using a large round brush. By directing the hair around the barrel of the brush held vertically you can create gentle spiral rolls.
Warm the wound hair with a diffused hair dryer and allow to cool (or use your dryer's cool shot feature) before unwinding. When the hair is dry and styled as desired, use a few drops more of Silk serum to define locks and separate the waves into tendrils.


The silhouette collection of looks again deals with the ideals of couture: shape and form. In these style-designs we see the variety of looks possible in hair design. Color and texture are secondary to the overall shape of the style and in fact are used to enhance the silhouette rather than serving as a focal element. Let's look closer:
Long Razor-Cut Hairstyle
Long razor-cut hair with a fishtail wedge in the back
This long, smooth and sleekly styled asymmetrical haircut is executed in a tawny blonde. The ends of the contour cut are razor-cut for softness and gentle curvature. The lines follow the curves of the face and body, from the rounded curve of the fringe, to the inverted curve along the sides and the fishtail wedge carved in the back to follow the lines of the shoulders.
The hair is styled simply: Use the CHI Wet to Dry Iron with CHI Straight Guard to create sleek, glassy lines. Use thin slices as you style the hair to ensure even drying. Finish the dry hair using CHI Shine Infusion Spray.
Wedge Silhouette & Curls
Short hairstyle with a full volume wedge silhouette and curls
Wedge shape hair with curls
Curls created with rollers
The classic bob cut is the foundation for this full-volume wedge silhouette. The interplay of pale, cool highlight color and dark neutral low-lighting emphasize the definition of the curls that make up the style. Wind clean and conditioned hair (using the Sunglitz shampoo and conditioner from BIOSILK) around medium-sized rollers using thin slices to maximize the curl, shift to smaller rollers as you work your way down to the bottom edges of the hair.
Use a generous amount of BIOSILK Mousse to give hold and soft styling. Dry the hair as desired, though preferably under a hooded dryer on low heat. Once the curls are set and cooled, remove the rollers and use a pick or your fingers to expand the curls and create the full wedge arrangement shown.
A finer-toothed comb can be used to smooth and direct the fringe area and break down roller marks at the scalp, but use the comb sparingly. A light misting of CHI Shine Infusion and a gentle scrunch with the fingertips is all that's needed to give a finishing touch of definition to the curl.
Purple Hair Color
Amethyst or purple color hair
Razor cut asymmetrical purple hair
This chic asymmetrical contour cut is executed with a razor to shape the curves to follow the contours of the face and create soft tendrils at the perimeter and ends. The haircut is enhanced by the use of rich amethyst color in subtle variegation.
The dark, jewel-tone color emphasizes the contours of the cut: the angle of the fringe and the notches at the left corner of the face, as well as the steep layers of the sides and the wisps that caress the neck and shoulders.
To style the hair, begin with the CHI Ionic Color Protector System to preserve the vibrancy of the jewel-like color. For styling, use CHI's new Glacier Ice Iron with 44 Iron Guard to protect the hair and keep the cut smooth and healthy.

Prêt à Porter

One of the most eagerly anticipated of the collections from any design house is the one that is meant to be "Prêt à Porter" or "Ready to Wear". These are the styles meant to become the trends of the season and the looks that women clamour to get for themselves.
These are the boldest statements and the ones generally meant for the runways and catwalks of the major cities. The Farouk Group's "Prêt à Porter" collection embodies this ideal. The looks are bold and appealing to the trendsetters and those who long to stand apart from the crowd.
Hair Color Panels
Short haircut with undercutting and hair color panels
Here we see a gamine short, layered haircut with asymmetrical elements in both the cut and color. With panels of hair color for a peek-a-boo effect and gradient shading to emphasize the contours of the head, the cut features an angled fringe, undercutting for free movement in the upper layers and smooth, contouring layers.
The hair style is best achieved using a vented brush and CHI's Turbo Dryer with Ceramic and Ionic technology for smooth, healthy results. Use CHI Volume Booster Spray at the roots to give fullness and lift to fine hair types during styling, and maintain the hair at home using the CHI Nourish Intense Collection.
The Nourish Line is perfect for hair that is subjected to multiple levels of color service or multiple chemical services to maintain the desired style.
Mop-Top Hairstyle
Mop-top hairstyle for beige blonde hair
This layered haircut features over-direction of the hair during the cutting to create longer outside layers while the inner layers toward the top and crown are shorter. This allows for maximum movement and energy in the style without a lot of unwanted bulk in the interior areas.
The cut is based on the circle cut with some notch cutting for texture, creating a versatile mop-top hairstyle. The pale beige blonde color is the perfect background for the energetic styling. Use CHI Volume Booster to maximize the volume in combination with BIOSILK Mousse to create this carefully sculpted fan of wavy hair.
Hair Color Effects
Short hair with special fuchsia and grape color effects
Be prepared to dazzle everyone you meet with this exciting asymmetrical haircut. Incorporating bold colors and custom hair color application techniques, the style uses hard cutting lines to create a clearly defined outline for the color effects. With blends of grape and fuchsia against a beige blonde canvas, the hair color is the focal identity of the look shown.
To get this style, the hair is likely styled from towel-dry status using the CHI Wet-to-Dry Iron with CHI Straight Guard for the sleek, sharp finish. To keep the vibrancy and definition of the color, use CHI's Infra Shampoo and Ionic Color Lock Treatment. These great products from Farouk Systems will help to seal in vibrant colors and prevent color bleed from these non-traditional color procedures.

Fashion House

Designers never fail to bear in mind the masculine energy needed in any couture collection. Farouk Group's stylists are no exception. Here they bring us a dramatic, masculine look that will appeal to fashion conscious young men all over.
Young Men's Hairstyle
Young men's hair with sable and targeted blue coloring
This darkly handsome young man boasts a head full of thick sable hair which is cut into a short shaggy layered cut with deeply-angled razor thinning to remove the bulk and enable versatile styling for varied settings.
The hairstyle features targeted color in a vivid peacock-turquoise blue at the crown and upper nape giving a back-lit halo effect to the overall look. The burst of color enhances the rich brown color of the eyes.
The style is best achieved using a blow-dryer and a brush with a generous application of BIOSILK Mousse. Dry the hair to a mostly dry state and use extra dabs of mousse to create the texture and spikes as shown. Use CHI's Ionic Color Lock Treatment to keep the color looking brilliant.


Boudoir couture concerns itself with the art of being woman. It's a reflection of the softer side of being female: femininity, sensuality and seduction. These are the looks a woman turns to when she wants to feel like the goddess of beauty and love.
attractive up style
This soft, sensual up-style, crafted in golden-blonde hair features a side part in the foreground and a softly swept fringe to frame the face. The sides of the head, the crown and the back are gathered where the nape and crown meet, forming a romantic fall of curls that cling to the curves of the skull like ivy.
To create the look, start by rolling damp hair, treated with BIOSILK Mousse in a full roller set using medium to small sized rollers using at least three sizes rollers interspersed to give a natural look. Once the curls are dry, remove the rollers and gently carefully pick out the curls to fluff them and build volume. Gather all the hair but for a couple of inches around the perimeter at the lower crown and twist it into a loose bun.
Secure the hair with pins, combs and clips as needed and free tendrils to camouflage the tools used. Smooth the remaining hair back section by section to the gather at the crown and pin it into place leaving the ends free to curl and build the mass shown. Generous applications of hairspray will help to ensure a smooth finish and a beautifully coiffed look.
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