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Ode to Couture

When the need is for the most cutting-edge looks in fashion, the world turns to the leading couture designers. These artisans craft unique and beautiful hairstyles using the most exquisite textures and colors in fabric. Now, Farouk Systems introduces "Ode to Couture" a collection of hairstyles and looks inspired by the artistry and craftsmanship of the world's top fashion designers.
Farouk's silk-based, ammonia-free products give hair the ultimate in couture treatment as the artists create couture-inspired designs for this fall collection.
Peau de Soie
The stylists at Farouk Systems know that peau de soie is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to designer fabrics. French for "skin of silk" the stylists have imitated the peau de soie look and feel by using the BIOSILK hair care line, creating a soft, natural beauty in the hair. The Peau de Soie looks are soft, silky and romantic. The hair moves freely and shimmers with the inner radiance of silken threads. The colors are rich and inviting, whether they're soft neutral tones or bold, fiery hues.
  • silky smooth hair
  • sultry hairstyle
  • spiral rolls
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The silhouette collection of looks again deals with the ideals of couture: shape and form. In these style-designs we see the variety of looks possible in hair design. Color and texture are secondary to the overall shape of the style and in fact are used to enhance the silhouette rather than serving as a focal element. Let's look closer:
  • sleekly styled hair
  • curly wedge hairstyle
  • amethyst color hair
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Prêt à Porter
One of the most eagerly anticipated of the collections from any design house is the one that is meant to be "Prêt à Porter" or "Ready to Wear". These are the styles meant to become the trends of the season and the looks that women clamour to get for themselves. These are the boldest statements and the ones generally meant for the runways and catwalks of the major cities. The Farouk Group's "Prêt à Porter" collection embodies this ideal. The looks are bold and appealing to the trendsetters and those who long to stand apart from the crowd.
  • short layered hair cut
  • mop-top cut
  • vibrant hair colors
  • attractive up style
  • masculine look
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Fashion House
Designers never fail to bear in mind the masculine energy needed in any couture collection. Farouk Group's stylists are no exception. Here they bring us a dramatic, masculine look that will appeal to fashion conscious young men all over.
Boudoir couture concerns itself with the art of being woman. It's a reflection of the softer side of being female: femininity, sensuality and seduction. These are the looks a woman turns to when she wants to feel like the goddess of beauty and love.
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