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Colormetric Collection

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be taken to a place of unmatched beauty. The world of Trevor Sorbie is full with hypnotic hair colors and contrasts that seem to be out of an extravagant and even surreal dream. Extreme juxtapositions in the hues and cuts redefine what we are accustomed to.
  • Haircut with two colors
  • Hairstyle with rolled sides
  • Hair with color contrasts
  • Black and bonde hair color combination
  • Hair color applied in circles
  • Mini Mohawk
  • Angled bob cut
  • Beach look for men
  • Blonde over black hair coloring
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Trevor Sorbie's style challenges our perception and appeals to our senses in a new way. The haircuts are balanced and geometrical with great proportions and avantgarde lines. Textures can range from ultra sleek to frothy rivulets in one style but are mostly on the satiny, straight side. Feeling flamboyant? This is the way to go.
Hair: Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team at Trevor Sorbie International
Make-up: Mario Comparetto
Products: Trevor Sorbie Professional
Clothes styling: Xenia Bous
Photos: Stephan Ziehan