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Doris Fuchs Art of Hair

Hairstyles Collection 2008

The team of Doris Fuchs Art of Hair, from the city of Trier, Germany, came up with an especially appealing hairstyles collection for this new season.
This Art of Hair is definitely wearable - everyday, everywhere and by every woman. The haircuts, both long and short, are designed to bring out the best of the hair and are fine tuned to match each individual personality.
  • kneaded hair style
  • fringed hair edges
  • cropped hair
  • Heidi Klum look
  • brush on hair coloring
  • strongly layered bob
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Flattering layers enhance the volume and add a lot of motion and texture into the hair. The sophisticated coloring techniques further this effect with strands, highlights and even extensions in a complimenting color.
The cuts appear natural as do the hair colors. Even the little splashes of color, like mauve and purple are inspired by the hues of nature.
With all the finesse it is surprising that all of these versatile looks are easy to maintain and to style.
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