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Mane Evolution by Winnie Loo

  • tussled hair
  • jaw skimming haircut
  • spiky jags hairstyle
  • flipy short hair
  • updo with tendrils
  • dark hair with waves
  • hairstyle with ringlets and coils
  • shoulderlength layers
  • windswept hair style
  • haircut with a clipped up back
  • asymmetrical long hair
  • hair curving around the neck
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Lighthearted choppy shades of retro colors and chunks are expressed with jazzy lines of coils. Flips and dips articulate Winnie's artistic hand of talent. Sensationally smooth and slick hairstyles tweaked in the fringe are next to tangled wisps of tussled hair continually impressing us with the genius at hand. Asymmetric lines are sculptured to perfection. These are short and long Asian hairstyles to die for!
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