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Camille Albane

Painting, Sculpture, ... Hairdressing.
For the "Camille ALBANE Woman", beauty is a hobby she loves and which lets her transform into ... herself. She reinvents herself every day, every season, and gently, seductively, fulfils her dreams of color and length.
Her hair is a canvas on which she combines matter and light and her hairstyle a sculpture of sensual volumes. She imagines naturally-pigmented colors which recall the dreamy tones of a painting ... Feline highlights, bronze and copper locks, arty colors, chestnut brown and charcoal ...
  • bob with forward swept hair
  • short hair with bangs touching the eyebrows
  • short hair styled just above the eyes
  • easy to style short hair
  • round cut for hair with highlights
  • seductive backswept hair
  • Monica Vitti look
  • executive woman hairstyle
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Her choice of make-up and hairstyles knows only one limit: her imagination. She doesn't shy away from plum purple nails and preens herself with her purple feather powder puff. She'll happily use artificial means to gain a real result, like when she applies hair extensions.
She discovers all this magic in the Camille ALBANE beauty parlours: true artists' workshops where every woman is unique, like a painting appearing before her very eyes.
Camille ALBANE, Hairdresser, Colorist, Make-up artist ...
Hairstyles: Camille ALBANE by Jean-Luc Amarin
Photography: Nathalie Demontes