VOG Coiffure - AW 13-14

Flattering and wearable hairstyles
VOG Coiffure makes it a season full of surprises. Discovering this sensational collection of very unique hairstyles causes the same kind of excitement as does the unwrapping of one's favorite gift under the Christmas Tree. These new looks are not only extravagant, sexy and edgy, they are also very flattering, wearable and have a soft, dressy and chic vibe.
VOG combines textures, lengths and movement to work with the features, shape and personality of each client. The hair colors are as soft as the contours of the hairstyles and are made to reflect the hues of the season and to perfectly match the skin tones. Bangs are big once again and they come from short to over the eyes long. Texture and volume in the right places are joined by some very refined cuts and innovative design.
If you are still wondering "to Bob or not to Bob", check out these alternatives!

Heavy Waves

Long blonde bob with heavy waves
Winter is the time for waves and not only on the North Shore of Hawaii, but right in your hair. Celebrate the festive season with a special hairdo and some curly action is the best way to spruce up the demure lines of a long bob. This one comes with a deep set side part, gently blurred by overlapping individual sections of hair to the left and the right.
The long fringe seems to hover weightlessly, throwing a mysterious shadow right over her eyes. At the bottom is where it all happens and a large curling iron was used to perform the transformation, or you can also call it the magic. Her hair color is a medium blonde with a matte sheen and an elegant understatement it is high and low lights.

Extra Length in the Neck

Short hairstyle with extra length in the neck
The extra length in the neck completes the slightly diagonal line that was already put into the long and textured fringe. The same direction of movement continues in the back and that gives this short hairstyle the appearance of high fashion design and just that little extra that makes heads turn.
The layered hair is styled flat to the head but the ends jump up in wispy rebellion. All of the movement is visually enhanced with the reddish glow of the broad highlights.

Wispy Short Cut

Low maintenance short haircut with graduation in the neck
Short hairstyle with a long and thick fringe
The cutest cut of them all features a round shape from front to back and focuses especially on the neck with a wonderful graduation and feathery texture. The hair lies snug around her neck but then quickly changes direction and turns wispy.
The long fringe is thick and its curve continues in the longer top hair, which falls down each side. This is also visually enhanced by a kiss of blonde highlights.
These effects almost look natural as they only sit on the very top layer of the hair. A great look for all who want a modern cut, that is very low in maintenance and looks good every single day without much effort.

Rockabilly Baby

Short hairstyle with waves and volume
Fluff it up and lift that cool coat collar while you are at it. The large quiff makes our toes wiggle with the remembered rhythm of classic Elvis Presley songs. This short hairstyle comes with a lot of attention, so be aware of this before you start teasing your hair and shape it back in a lofty, wonderful wave of flamboyant volume.
The hair is layered throughout and can handle a range of different stylings. It has a lot of length on the very top to play with, the sides and the back are neat and short. Just a hint of highlights in the very front illuminates the dark brown in a very subtle way.

Brown Pixie with Short Bangs

Pixie with matching hair color and color of eyes
A shallow inward curve moves around the face and the neck for a very flattering frame. It is amazing what an effect it can have when the hair color corresponds so well with the color of the eyes.
Here everything is in perfect harmony and proportion, even the shape of her eyebrows is in balance with the curve of the textured, short fringe. The top has a good length to ruffle and disorganize a bit for a softer and more sensual look.

Shades of Blonde

Layered blonde bob with a short neck section
Short hairstyle with swiftly swung bangs
The simplicity of the short cut is the perfect balance for the intricate play of color that happens on its surface. Several shades of blonde alternate and create a feast of light and sparkle, just ideal for the season with its many festive events.
A short neck defines this layered bob, but the real eye candy is the long and swiftly swung bangs that originate high on the crown and fall in one generous motion diagonally across her forehead. And there is the motion within the motion of the fringe. Be ready to sweep them off their feet!

Feisty, Edgy and Short

Feisty hairstyle for short blonde hair
The baby blonde hair color might soften the impact of the cut a little, but the curls, points and textured tips still have all of their power to fascinate. Point cut for sharp expression around the edges, but softly curled on the crown is what gives this look its special flavor and surprise element.
The short and sassy hairstyle combines strong opposites as if they were made for each other, and perhaps they are!
Hairstyles: VOG Coiffure
Artistic Director: Bruno Weppe
Make-Up: Christina Lutz
Styling: Laure Orset Prelet
Photography: Vincent Alvarez