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"Summer Breeze" by J.7 artistic team

  • Long hair with color transition
  • Long wild hair with curls
  • Long hair with two colors
  • Long hair with spiky styling
  • Short hair with highlights and lowlights
  • Short hairstyle with spikes
  • Blonde short haircut
  • Neat haircut for men
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You don't have to expose yourself to the elements, but you can still look as if you just came in after dancing in the warm breeze of the summer. This breeze can turn into a storm at times and so do the hairstyles in the latest collection by J.7 artistic team with their boundless creativity.
Long styles show the heaviest textures in the fashion world and that is not all since color contrasts turn up the heat a few notches more. Short looks are feisty, rebellious and just delightful with their uprising tips and asymmetrical styling. In short, this collection is really a sight to see and so much fun to wear, touching all senses and rescuing us from mediocrity.
Hair & Make-up: J.7 artistic team
Styling: Nicole Czapalla
Photography: Vlado Golub
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