The Best Age 2 by J.7

Hair for older men and women
There are many opinions about which time in your life your best age is. In fact, there is no clear answer and the author is convinced that the best age is the age you have now, whether you are in your 30s, 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s.
Each decade comes with its own magic and beauty. To enhance both, the magic and the beauty, J.7 artistic team blesses us once again with a collection of the most flattering and unique hairstyles.
Short or long has nothing to do with age, nor with gender, as it is proven in the following images. Go for the silver, add texture and be as expressive, as you want! Hair is about you and your personality and not about your age.
Find a style that works with your features and your lifestyle and feel the difference! The cuts and stylings on these images are timeless and ageless. Adjust them to your needs and enjoy rediscovering your own beauty!

Sparkles and Volume

Pixie hairstyle for older women wearing glasses
Short cut for older women with white hair
Her short cut is perfectly tailored to match the shape of her face and the bangs are short enough to not intervene with her glasses and her great eyebrows. Much texture gives the haircut a feathery, light feel and the volume on top makes it very chic and also lengthens her features a little. She has a slightly square face shape and all of the roundness and softness of the cut are very becoming.
A perfect color to match with the sparkly white of her hair is a metallic blue and she does so with her eyeshadow and her earrings. Details as little as these can make an amazing difference in the entire appearance. A great cut that looks good in all colors and for all ages from 20 to 100.

Mature and Sassy

Practical and wearable short haircut for older women
Sassy look with short hair for older women
Who says that once we cross a certain age limit, our hair has to be practical and boring? Well, practical and very wearable do apply to this sassy hairstyle, but it is far from boring. Great details like the distinct points touching her cheekbone, the diagonal direction of the very textured fringe and the soft volume on the crown make this short style exquisite.
The hair is styled from the back to the front with much movement on the surface. The entire ear is exposed, which brings even more focus to the striking earrings, which match the color of her hair.

Super Short

Very short haircut for older women
Modern short hairstyle for older women
Older and wiser and bolder. The more the better. Or, as it is the case here... less. Super short haircut with attitude in a blinding white flash. If your hair is more gray than powdery white, ask your stylist to help nature along a bit. You might as well go all the way.
The fringe is extremely short and runs in an eccentric curve full of texture from one cheekbone to the other with fine, pointy tips on either side. The hair is short enough to be lifted up and in this version she wears it just slightly ruffled, displaying its artistic cutting lines. A great look to go with high collars!

Face Framing Layers

Hairstyle to soften lines in the face of older women
Good long hairstyle for older women
These textured layers soften all features and even if you have some little lines in your face, they will get softened too. It is all about creating a visual diversion and softness around the face. With the tapered sides, the hair falls in a lovely motion just a bit over her shoulders. A key point is the diagonal fringe going down to cheek length.
The part is on the side and a little bump of volume was created on the crown, contributing another level of sophistication to the hairstyle. So does the color in its ingenious combination of a light blonde reaching from the crown and down the sides to her collarbones. The hair in the back and underneath is a luscious dark honey blonde, just enough contrast to stand out without being shocking.

Long Casual Waves for Him

Long hair style for older men
Modern look for older men with long hair
Just as there are no rules for the length of hair relating to age for women, there is none for men either. Stay true to yourself, to your lifestyle and your hair. If you are lucky enough to have such an abundance of hair and even with a natural curl, flaunt it and don't cut it.
His silky curls are already seasoned with some silver highlights on his natural brown base color, just as there are silvery patches lightning up his rugged stubbles. The key for this look to work is to keep it well groomed and shiny.
Hairstyles: J.7 artistic team
Make-up: J.7 artistic team
Photography: Vlado Golub