Cebado Haircuts

This exciting Cebado collection offers everything you could ask for in a hairstyle collection. The looks are current, classy, and, most importantly, wearable.
The haircuts are carefully planned and well-executed, sharing the common trait of volume - whether from the natural bulk of the hair or the addition of waves and lift through styling.

Classic Man's Hairstyle

Classic man's haircut around the ears and low along the nape
This classic hairstyle features tapered sides to enhance the slim lines of the face. The perimeter is cut in the traditional manner for a man's haircut: around the ears and low along the nape of the neck, with clean, sharp corners.
The upper portions of the head - above the parietal ridge, and in the top and crown sections - are kept longer to allow for movement and fullness. The ends of these longer sections are textured using a razor for softness at the edges, particularly in the fringe area.
Styling the hair with a texturing product while blow-drying gives it a defined finish and glossy shine, making the hair appear plumper and fuller.

Festive Hair for Men

Party hairstyle for men
What initially appears to be a different hairstyle is actually based on the same classic man's haircut as in the previous photo. The only real difference is in the styling used.
Where the previous look aimed to display the smoothness and natural shape of the cut, this configuration of style highlights the cutting angles and gives a geometric twist to the hairstyle. It's a perfect style for transitioning from a more conservative to a more festive setting.
To achieve this look, use a styling gel or paste and blow-dry the hair with a narrow flat brush, directing the airflow upward to enhance the fullness and lift of the hair. A bit of pomade helps to add structure and stability to the spikier portions and keeps the look malleable so that you can 'touch it up' throughout the night.

Classic Bob Cut

Bob haircut with flip-out styling
As we've seen all over, the bob is back, but has it ever really been away? This is a great example of the kind of classic bob cuts we are seeing all over the place.
Executed on a head of rich golden brown hair with soft, dark-blonde highlights and rich, earthy lowlights, the straight styling showcases the color and texturing at the ends of the hair.
The fringe is cut with an almost jagged line, showing variation in the lengths of the small segments of the fringe area. The ends on the sides and back are cut into tips, enhanced by the subtle 'flip-out' styling. This subtle unevenness frames any face with stronger elements (such as larger features or angular shapes).

Layered Bob Haircut

Layered chin length bob haircut
The golden, toasted brown and finely textured hair lends itself ideally to this simple, softly layered bob cut.
Starting with a classic bob cut to chin length, box layers are added to taper the ends and ensure a gentle curve in the hair. The cut also features a long fringe that is easily styled to blend in with the sides of the hair and the shortest layers.
The styling of the bob cut involves a diffused blowout with scrunching using the fingers to maximize the hair's natural wave pattern. The result is a free-moving, loosely directed style that exudes a sultry and casual vibe.

Versatile Long Hair

Versatile long hairstyle with layers and large soft curls
This long-layered haircut is beautiful in every aspect. The color is a warm light brown with very soft highlights in a warm dark blonde. The haircut is a classic, long-layered look with the shortest layers reaching chin length or better.
TThe styling is where this look really excels, as the large soft curls create a tousled and ravished appearance that is at once sultry and innocent. It's a completely versatile hairstyle that is perfect for any setting except the most formal.
For best results, create the look using large rollers in a wet set with a strong-hold product. After combing out, a touch of pomade helps add definition to the curves and curls, as well as spot shine to specific areas.

Wings Look Hair

Seventies wings or fly-back hairstyle
The wings or fly-back look of the late seventies is making a big comeback. The lightly layered hairstyle, primarily consisting of layering around the fringe, face, and forward edges of the hair, while the rest is cut bluntly, is styled with a wonderful outward bend to create a flip on the ends that halo the face, giving the effect of unfolding wings along the sides of the head.
In this instance, the style also includes a back-angled side part, and the fringe is upturned to meet the wings on the dominant side. Apart from the bended wings, the hair is styled to lie smoothly and look sleek and silky.
It's worth noting for those old enough to remember the first time this look was popular that the wings are more subtle now, compared to the almost head-engulfing wings of the previous incarnation. Additionally, the layered portions of the hair are textured using either a razor or a finely executed point-cutting technique to give the ends of the hair a feathered appearance.

Cheek Level Bob

Easy to style cheek level bob haircut
This bob variant features a lightly textured fringe with a gentle curvature and box layering in the interior to raise the weight line of the style to cheek level. Additional texturing on the ends of the hair ensures a soft look. The color is deeply multi-dimensional, varying from deep golden brown to dark honeyed blonde.
The overall effect of the haircut is both casual and classy. The styling is simple but effective. The hair is blown mostly dry using a round brush and a light styling product, along with smoothing serum.
Once mostly dry, switch to a diffused dryer and lightly scrunch and direct the hair using the fingers. A tiny dab of pomade will help add definition and texture to the finished style.

Elongated Tapered Pixie Cut

Short gamine haircut with elongated tapering in the nape area
This sleek-and-chic gamine short haircut features a curved foreground to frame the face and elongated tapering in the nape area.
The perimeter lines are steeply curved, and the fringe is choppily textured. The interior layering of the pixie cut is smooth and follows the contours of the head. Razor texturing ensures a smooth, soft finish.
Styling is best accomplished by blow-drying with a light styling product and a flat brush. Additionally, smoothing serum and shine-enhancing sprays can be used to add to the glossy finish

Stacked Bob

Stacked bob with a gentle curve in the nape and lower crown
Here we have a stacked bob with soft layering to create a gentle curve in the nape and lower crown area. The foreground is cut with a long fringe and side-parted, with the dominant side giving an asymmetrical frame to the face. The ends of the hair are lightly textured, and the overall length is sufficient to lightly brush the jaw.
The hair is best styled by blow-drying with a large round brush and a soft-hold styling product. Volume can be added using hot rollers or a large-barreled iron in the desired areas. A light mist of hairspray helps control flyaway strands and adds definition.

Hair with a Softened Look

Short hair, heavily textured for a soft look
Created on a canvas of pale golden hair, this short hairstyle is based on a circle cut and heavily textured using a razor tool to give the hair a softened look.
The hair is best styled using large rollers on-base for maximum lift and a strong-hold styling product. Once set, the curls should be fluffed and back-combed to achieve the desired fullness, and a light misting of hairspray will provide hold and a touch of added definition.
Use your fingers to put the finishing touches on arranging the hair.

Mussed Men's Hair

Mussed men's haircut
Here we see a flaxen-haired young man with a variation of the classic Princeton or Collegiate haircut. The haircut is characterized by shorter, tapered back and sides, with the length increasing as one moves forward into the top section, with the longest portion of the hair resting in the fringe area.
While the lengths shown here are considerably greater than in the traditional version of the haircut, the proportions remain the same. The hair is textured using a point-cutting technique for a slightly feathered look.
Styling involves the use of a blow dryer and brush with a light styling product, followed by a dab of pomade to add definition with the fingertips. The best description is artfully mussed.

Airy Light Bob

Choppy bob with texturing on the ends of the hair
The tow-headed lady is sporting a bob with an angled fringe area and choppy texturing on the ends of the hair. The ends are textured using a razor tool for a choppy look at the sides and nape areas and a softer, smoother look in the fringe.
To style the hair, blow it mostly dry and finish with a round brush and diffuser attached. Use a light styling product to provide control without excess weight. Use a pick or pronged brush to lift the hair at the parting and to separate overly smoothed areas.
The finished neck-length hairstyle is meant to be airy and light with lots of movement.

Classy Men's Hairstyle

Hairstyle for men, with a clean finish and smooth lines
"The collegiate cut grows up." That's the phrase that characterizes the style we see in this blonde man.
Overall, the length is increased compared to a typical Collegiate haircut, but it still follows the traditional pattern of increasing length toward the forward sections of the hair. The result is a style with smooth lines and an oval silhouette.
This hairstyle is best created with a blow dryer and brush, using styling gel and structuring paste. This gives a classy, sexy style with a clean, defined finish.

Semi Up-Style

Semi up-style with curls
This long-haired style features a maximum volume look with its large, soft curls. The hair is arranged in a semi up-style, with the top and sides loosely gathered at the crown, while the balance of the hair falls in a gentle cascade down the back. Subtle highlights accentuate the curls, threading golden glints throughout the style.
The easiest way to achieve this look is by using a roller set with a free-form arrangement of the rollers in varying sizes. This creates a randomized wave pattern and allows for a more natural look.
After gently combing out the curls, a light misting of hairspray and gentle scrunching can add definition to the curls.

Up-Style for a Small Forehead

Up-style hairstyle for a small forehead
Let's revisit the semi up-style shown on the previous page, but with a twist - a twist of the hair that was left to fall down the back in the previous photo.
This simple change in hairstyle element completely alters the silhouette of the hair. The absence of the fall of hair shifts the focus vertically and enhances the slimness of the face and features.
This is an ideal look for those with a small forehead and/or a prominent lower face, providing balance.

Short Style for Curly Hair

Short hairstyle suited to naturally curly hair
Boldly dramatic, yet classic and edgy, this layered, short curly hairstyle evokes images of romantic literary figures and anti-establishment folk singers of the sixties.
All of this is achieved while styling and caring for the hair using state-of-the-art, modern hair styling techniques and products. The haircut is a classic circle cut, and the look is best suited to naturally curly hair.
Blow-dry the curls with a diffused dryer, using smoothing serum and a spray laminator to enhance the shine of the hair.

Camouflaged Forehead

Short pixie hairstyle to camouflage a woman's forehead
This multi-tonal blonde hair is contour-cut into a longish pixie cut style. The fine hair is razor-cut for a soft, smooth finish.
Styled for smoothness, the hairstyle is best achieved using a blow-out technique with a texturing product, followed by a finishing step with a flat iron. A dab of smoothing serum spread over the fingers can be passed down the exterior of the hair to create a polished finish.
The result is a short haircut that is youthful, sassy, and perfect for women who need to camouflage their forehead or distract focus from other prominent features.

Expanded Fringe that Sweeps

Bob hairstyle with an expanded fringe
Hairstyles with turtlenecks
Here we see a bob cut, modernized through the use of an expanded fringe and box layering. The layers are textured and styled to enhance the feathered effect. The hair is parted in a deep-set, curved line, and the fringe sweeps in a gentle curve.
Blown out for a full-volume style without hard-edged lines, the resulting look is soft and seductive, yet seemingly simple and carefree.
The broadened line at the base of the hairstyle is the perfect counterbalance to a narrow chin.

Men's Cut for Curly Hair

Men's haircut for those with very curly hair
The angular men's hairstyle focuses on the geometric balance of the features. With naturally wavy hair, the cut creates a wedge-shaped silhouette.
This is an ideal hairstyle for those with very wavy to curly hair to manage bulk and achieve an aesthetically pleasing style.
Blow-drying with a diffuser is perfect for naturally curly hair types, paired with styling products and a scrunching technique.

Long Hair with Swirls and Spirals

Long hairstyle with sweeping swirls and spirals
Lovely, long-layered, leonine locks spill softly in sweeping swirls and spirals. The hairstyle is glorious, and the curls are carefully crafted and smoothly formed. Obviously, this is a style for women with long hair, and the layering should be randomized for an organic effect.
I recommend creating this look using a roller set to create longer-lasting curls. After combing out, you can use a smoothing serum on your fingers to separate and smooth the curls into larger swaths. A large-barrel iron can be used to spot curl where needed and adjust the arrangement of the curls as desired.
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