P.A.M. Hair Style - Spotlight

Hair with vibrant colors
The creative team at P.A.M. Hair Style brings forth a cutting edge collection of bold, urban styles. Rich, vibrant colors and bold application techniques create a medium with which styles are literally carved into exciting and energetic looks.
This isn't your grandmother's hairstyle - in fact, this isn't a style collection for the faint of heart. These are styles designed for the women with the vibrancy and courage to be seen and admired for their spirit and strength.

Aubergine Hue Hair

Short haircut with a squared fringe and an aubergine purple hue
Somewhere between the neon glow of magenta and the blue-black of Concord grape lies this aubergine (purple) hue that gives an angular, asymmetric and gamine short haircut added interest and energy. The squared fringe and cleanly-defined perimeter feature a wedge-point on each side and a longer, squared nape area.
The sharp horizontal line of the fringe is interrupted by a razor-softened forelock accent falling across the brow line. Get this look with a straight, blow-out with smoothing product and a few passes with a flat iron to give a sleek finish.

Faux-Sideburn Effect

Pixie-cut with an elongated neck
Pixie cut with faux-sideburns
Pixie-cut with layers in the neck section
Soft, golden, medium-blonde tones mingle in thick strands creating a deep, dimensional visage in the silky, smooth styling. Building on the traditional pixie-cut, this style features an elongated interpretation of that classic look. The short layers in the nape and sides give way to longer lengths and contouring in the foreground.
The layered locks are textured with a razor for a softer, wispy look, particularly in the fringe where the hair forms a broad, rounded point before being swept in a wide curve across the brow. The faux-sideburn effect of the hair in front of the ears effectively frames the face and draws focus to the length of the face.
With such light volume and texture to the cut, styling must be gentle. A low-heat dryer for a near-dry blow-out (using protective products) is the start, followed by lightweight styling product to give the style definition and maintain the smooth look in the finished arrangement.

Asymmetric Side-Lock

Short hairstyle with an asymmetric side-lock and a smooth shiny finish
Here we have a short hairstyle, in a classic contoured silhouette made modern by the asymmetric side-lock. The comparatively simplistic cut is given vibrancy and life of its own through the use of color. An espresso base tone is spiced up with warm cinnamon highlights creating a smoldering effect in an otherwise ordinary style.
The perimeter, particularly in the fringe area, is textured with what appears to be a point-cutting technique to soften the edge without making the whole look too wispy. The style is blown out with a smoothing product and pressed to create a smooth, shiny finish.

Long Curved Forelock

Short hairstyle with a feathery nape
Fringe hair cut into a long curved forelock
This is another of the short gamine hairstyles becoming more and more popular today. It, too, is built off of a classic pixie-style cut but is made unique through finely shaped curves and edges that taper to tendril points at the various corners of the style. Even with the intensive texturing, the cutting lines of the perimeter are clean and sharp.
The upper sections of the nape and crown are layered into a feathery cap of hair that are swept forward to give interest and added texture to the look. The fringe is cut into a long, curved forelock with textured edges to create tendrils in side-swept styling.
The overall styling is blown-out in forward direction with smoothing and texturing product for a smooth, shiny finish. A dab of smoothing serum can be used on the fingers to add extra definition to the hair once the basic style is accomplished.

New and Edgy Pixie

New pixie cut with textured layers and point cut ends
At first glance, we see what appears to be yet another classic pixie-cut style. This assessment is essentially true, but there are updates that make the look edgy and new. The perimeter and the inner layers are steeply textured with point-cut ends for a chippy, pointy look and feel to the style. The styling is controlled chaos, denoting a wildness and free-wheeling attitude in the look.
Styling is blown-out straight with texturing product, and added pomade to give definition to the tendrils and add a glossy finish. This look is probably more mainstream than many seen these days, but is still edgy enough to turn heads at the market (or the nightclub).

Flamboyant Effect

Short hairstyle with a flamboyant curly crown
Warm browns and burnished blonde chunks make for a flamboyant effect in this curly crown of coppery color. The sides and back are contour-cut with over-directed layering and full-volume top section done up in a nest of casual waves. The styling piles on the volume in the top section with a blow-out of the sides and back with a diffused drying of the top to keep the curl intact.
Use a firm hold product to give the hair structure and keep the style strong. And don't forget a light misting of hairspray will you give the curls definition as well as help hold the look through the night. This is a short hairstyle suited for the catwalk and the dance club where all eyes will be on you.

Short Hair Redirected Forward

Short mocha brown hair redirected forward
If we jump back to photo three we'll find a replay of the hairstyle shown here, with a couple of alterations. First, the short style here is redirected into a forward splaying arrangement and creates a more-textured finish for added movement and visual interest.
The hair color is deeper, shifted to a mocha from the previous cinnamon shade. The redirection reveals the cleaner lines of the fringe interspersed with the linger, point-cut ends. The reworked style is still perhaps too strong for many mainstream settings, but is all-in-all a softer variant of the edgy styles seen here.
Hairstyles: P.A.M. Creative Team
Creative Team: Mandy & Pietro, Carla & Melanie, Anne & Daniela
Visagist: Christine Eleven
Photography: Thommy Mardo