Vertiges by Haute Coiffure Française

Hairstyles with vitality
Bringing delicate vitality and gentle energy, flowing in harmony with gestures and movement, Vertiges is a voyage in a world of dreams, emotions and the imagination.
Haute Coiffure Française transports us to new heights with this hairstyle line, combining intellectuality, lightness of being and strong poetic harmony.

Bold Short Cut

Short haircut with the crown thinned with a razor
Short haircut with a layered crown
A bold full cut featuring a layered crown thinned with a razor and locks swept forward.
The highlights: the nape is contoured with gentle scissor cuts, while the fringe, with its fine geometric shape, is smoothed down using a rounded brush. After meticulous attention to creating texture with Playball by L'Oréal Professionnel, the hair is finger-dried.
A subtle duo of cool tones completes the look: light chestnut veils complement the light golden ashy chestnut (Luocolor by L'Oréal Professionnel).

Cascade of Curls

Cascade of curls
Long hair with natural ringlets
A dizzying cascade of curls, reminiscent of a Botticelli Madonna.
This cut is done entirely with scissors on dry hair and plays on differences in length to accentuate the fine texturing and volume. The sublime, natural ringlets are created using tongs to give a light, airy effect.
The hair comes to life with deep, flamboyant, yet ever so delicate auburn (Majirel by L'Oréal Professionnel).

Men's Haircut

Men's haircut inspired by the sixties
This is a deceptively understated cut inspired by the sixties.
All the creativity of this haircut is found in the layering technique, combined with thinning of the underlying hair to create differences in length.
The texture and lightness of this cut are complemented by the Playball range from L'Oréal Professionnel.
Hairstyles & Copyight: Haute Coiffure Française
Photography: Alain Bocquet
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