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Hairtrends Autumn/Winter 2008/2009

Cuts with Personality
Short, expressive and excitingly feminine - these are the hairstyles for the autumn / winter season. Versatility is in focus. From classic to romantic and even progressive - the new cuts can be restyled to fit every mood and desire. The key for success of the uncomplicated looks: precise cuts, brilliant color and the exclusive salon series Londastyle.
With more than 20 styling products there is everything a stylist and clients could need, to reinvent a professional cut over and over again.
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Short and brilliant
Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Rihanna did it first: short haircuts with charisma are a must have for the upcoming season. Short necks, long top hair and volume at the back of the head are the key for a feminine silhouette. Variations with longer hair in the neck are in harmony with textured contours and a short fringe.
The new star among these hot new short styles: rounded bangs, narrow sides, short neck and an almost invisible increase in length on top - a hairstyle that exudes pure femininity. Londastyle Styling Mousse guarantees a strong hold. Londastyle Gloss Spray is indispensible for intense luminosity and expressive shine.
Women who do not want to let go of their long hair can find their solution with a progressive version of the bob. Extra long, feathery side sections create the feminine lightness. A compact neck area brings natural volume into the style. Graphic contours and a full and edgy fringe create exciting accents.
The new looks are brought to perfection with brilliant haircolor. The best way to bring out all of the features of a precise cut. The motto is: the more striking the cut is the more coy the color should be. Sherry, Espresso, Cinnamon and Cardamom perfectly set the scene for the strong new cuts. These expressive hues are reinforced by Natural Breeze.
Inspired by nature and her elements, Londa Professional has composed a refreshing play of colors with flattering blonde tones and also nuances in copper and gold. Instead of betting on heavy contrasts natural accents are the focus from now on. Londacare Farbglanz Shampoo and nourishing spray guarantee the longevity of the color.
Masculine Classics
Short, distinctive and masculine - that is the new trend for men. Flat, compact backs emphasize the male shape of the head. Longer sections on top allow for flexible variations in styling. The theme for the fringe is either distinctive and short or full and long.
Londastyle Blue Gum and Flexible Spray guarantee easy styling and versatile looks. When it comes to haircolor the trend is for matte and cool nuances. Subtle highlights and refinements of the natural tone confirm this natural style.
Photos: Londa Professional