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Satellite Collection

The Satellite Collection by Angels Hair Design brings together a wide range of looks, showcasing the full spectrum of styling options, from smooth, sleek and sharp, to full, flowing and feminine. The creative team at Angels demonstrates facility with a range of classic hairstyles with a modern edge.
The use of color is beautifully done with natural tone-on-tone color effects creating depth and richness in the color palette being used.
  • bob with sharp lines
  • smooth pixie hairstyle
  • upstyle with tight knot
  • sausage curl fringe
  • ember hair color
  • short gamine look
  • curly platinum hair
  • pagebob
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The styles all present their own spin on classic looks and feature common basics in geometry. Half the haircuts feature clean, sharp lines - both curved and straight with hard angles - while the others are examples of soft-edged styling and voluminous looks. These are truly impressive hairdos that show an intense level of style and ability.
Hair: Tracey Devine @ Angels, Aberdeen
Styling: Renwick Blue
Make-up: Aleesa Hall for MAC
Photography: Andrew O'Toole