Satellite by Angels Hair Design

Classic hairstyles with a modern edge
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The Satellite Collection by Angels Hair Design brings together a wide range of looks, showcasing the full spectrum of styling options, from smooth, sleek and sharp, to full, flowing and feminine. The creative team at Angels demonstrates facility with a range of classic hairstyles with a modern edge.
The use of hair color is beautifully done with natural tone-on-tone color effects creating depth and richness in the color palette being used.
The styles present their own spin on classic looks and feature common basics in geometry. Half the haircuts feature clean, sharp lines - both curved and straight with hard angles - while the others are examples of soft-edged styling and voluminous looks. These are truly impressive hairdos that show an intense level of style and ability.

Bob with Sharp Lines

Classic bob with sharp lines and sleek glossy styling
This classic bob makes a bold statement with sharp lines and angles enhanced with sleek and smooth styling techniques. The off-center parting is cleanly defined and looks ultra-modern thanks to the glossy finish in the jet-black hair.
The end result is a sleek, chic ultra-modern look that is as appropriate to the runway as it is to the nightclubs or gala events.

Smooth Pixie Cut

Pixie cut with a smooth finish and styling for a satiny look
The pixie cut is another classic look that takes on new dimensions in elegance and style thanks to the ultra-smooth finish and cleanly defined lines of the cut and styling. The side parting separates the top section into uneven portions and combines them seamlessly with their respective sides.
The fringe connects to the perimeter lines in a continuous flow following a clear outline of the hairstyle. The hair is layered to contour to the skull's shape and the styling guarantees a satiny look in the sable coloring. This finish showcases the subtle threads of highlighting throughout the hairstyle.

Tightly Woven Knot

Up-style with a tightly woven knot
Smooth and structured, this up-style is crafted as a contrast in directions. The top and forward-crown sections are styled forward to maximize the impact of the hard-edged fringe and showcase the targeted color effects in the medium brown hair.
The side sections are not just pulled back, but are plastered to the scalp to form a tightly woven knot at the nape area of the scalp. The look is severe and dramatic, but imminently suited to an upscale event.

Sausage Curl Fringe

sausage curl fringe
Long-layers form the foundation of this fluffy, full-volume hairstyle. The layered hair is parted on the side, and the fringe area is wound into a sausage curl to merge and blend into the remaining hair.
The easiest and longest-lasting styling method would be a roller set to create masses of coiling and rolling waves. Comb out the curls with a large-tooth comb or wide-tined styling brush to create smoothness and softness.

Mini Waves

Long hair with mini waves created with a crimping iron
Spicy color and unconventional styling bring added dimension to a classic hairstyle. Starting with a long blunt cut with razor-textured ends, the look is energized by the addition of bold color in an ember red.
The hair is styled to create mini-waves all along the length. This could be the result of a finely patterned crimping iron, or the end product of a taken-down micro-braid style.
The excessive waving makes the hair fuller and softer, yet still keeps the general shape of the overall style. The ends are more diffuse as a result of the texturing, but the body of the hair appears thicker and more voluminous.

Pixie Cut with a Long Fringe

Short gamine look - Pixie cut
Here we see a revisiting of the pixie cut with a softer effect in play. Pale creamy blonde hair with milky highlights creates a soft glow, while the smooth layering shapes the silhouette in a slight exaggeration of the skull's contours.
The fringe is long and angles across the face in a slight curve, with razor-softened ends. The look is a gamine classic, but maintains an exotically feminine quality.

Platinum Hued

Platinum hued fine-textured hair with curls
The platinum hued fine-textured hair forms a crown of gossamer-light fleece to frame the face and keep the eyes dancing all around it.
The haircut and style are perfect for those with naturally curly hair of the most extreme wave, but could easily be created in other hair types using small tools and sufficient patience to wait the time needed to craft the look.
Finish the style using a smoothing serum and gently scrunching the hair to add definition and extra shine to the hair.


Pagebob or the crossing of a classic bob with the curls of a pageboy
What happens when you cross a classic bob with the curls of a pageboy? Well, I don't know what other people call it, but it looks great. This "pagebob" features smooth, wavy styling that accentuates the buttery highlights in the golden brown swirls.
This is a hairstyle that is all about the curves. From the curved line of the side parting, to the s-curl of the fringe that merges into the fluffy side curls. The look is clean and elegant, without being too fussy and will dress down nicely.
Hair: Tracey Devine @ Angels, Aberdeen
Styling: Renwick Blue
Make-up: Aleesa Hall for MAC
Photography: Andrew O'Toole
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