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Peaches Goes to Prom

Barrie Stephen Hair

Pretty prom meets Peaches Geldof. Think beautifully feminine clothes with a dose of attitude. Girls want it all, a "butter wouldn't melt' appearance with a slight naughty streak.
  • blonde bob
  • blonde cop
  • hair mussed up
  • mirror-like sheen hair
  • hairband look upstyle
  • look with plaits
  • short hair pulled forwards
  • short mussed up hair
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This is exactly what Barrie Stephen has captured with his latest divine hairstyles collection. Luminous skin and floaty fabrics highlight the natural beauty of the pictures. But look closer, rock chick beehives, mussed up texture and devil may care glances suggest that all is not as it seems ...
Hair: Barrie Stephen, Barrie Stephen Hair, Leicester
Photographer: John Rawson
Make-up: Liz Rochford
Clothes: Bernard Connolly