Hair Fashion 1

Hairstyles Created by Cebado

Fashion for short and long hair
Cebado explores aspects of beauty in long and short hairstyles with colors covering the entire range from blonde to red. This set is the essential collection of hairstyles for every woman, every taste and personality.
It brings together all of the current trends and with one glance you can find your new favorite look. Curly, straight, sassy or classy - it is all here.
The biggest trend is to find a look that suits your lifestyle, matches your features and expresses your true self. Show your feminine side, be sporty or unconventional! Have fun with your hair!

Color Transition

Center parted long hair with color transition
This simple cut makes a big splash with the ingenious transition of color. A darker blonde runs from the roots to about mid-length at chin level and from there it seamlessly moves into a golden blonde, sun kissed tone. The effect is natural, but with an intriguing intensity.
This amazing long look blends not only colors but also a very high luxury feel with a natural and effortless look. The hair was parted in the center, which contributes to its charming simplicity. The lengths only have a few strategic layers and some texturing in the tips to give the hair some shape.

Unique Festive Look

Festive look with a curly ponytail for long hair
You don't have to put all of your long hair up to enjoy a most festive look. Half of it is enough when draped in such a stylish way. The sides were combed straight and then pulled up, combined to a high ponytail with the entire front section taken back across the crown to cover any partition and the base of the curly, frolicking tail.
With the help of a curling iron a cascade of long locks came to life. The combination of a darker blonde in the roots and underneath with a lighter, sunny day color in the lengths looks very natural and like a sun bleached memory of a long and exotic vacation.

Casual Elegance in Layers

No fuss and easy to maintain bob hairstyle
A bob in layers is one of the most easy to maintain hairstyles out there. No fuss, but a great cut and a refreshing, bright and beautiful color and you are ready to take on the world. This beautiful hairdo is parted diagonally on the side and features a long sweeping fringe together with a few flipped out tips on one side, a more rounded shape on the other.
Her hair color is a hazelnut brown with a golden tint that reflects a warm and bright light.

Soft and Wispy Short Cut

Short blonde haircut with longer strands that accentuate the neck
The edge is still there, but not the sharp lines that often characterize modern short hair cuts. This long pixie inspired look sets its bets on a soft, flowing and glowing appearance. Attractive to the core, the fine layers gleam in a light strawberry blonde that seems to shine from the inside.
Long texturized strands accentuate her tender neck and the face is framed with a long, sweeping side fringe and playful texture on the side. Sporty or elegant, you can wear it both ways. It all depends on how you style is and the possibilities are endless!

Whip it Up!

Short hair with narrow sides styled up
The sky is the limit. Narrow sides set the stage for the outrageously beautiful creation on her crown.
Two partitions were drawn to separate the wide section on top from the sides and with the help of a curling iron, styling products and a grand vision the longer hair on the crown was turned into a tender, gravity defying construction of fume like waves and large curls. With the blonde color the effect is very luminous and even transparent.

Platinum Ultra Short Cut

Short platinum blonde haircut with soft lines
Short blonde hairstyle with a sassy fringe
Flattering fashion hairstyles
So bright it is blinding and almost too beautiful to be real. This ethereal color of a pure white platinum blonde elevates the textured short haircut to a divine level. Made in fashion heaven the sassy fringe and all of the soft and sexy lines of this cut can transform not only your appearance but will effect the way you walk, carry yourself and feel about yourself as well.
Be daring and go all the way with an extreme short length and an extreme color. Despite its postmodern appeal, this pixie is very flattering and works wonderful with many face types and it looks spectacular on women of all ages!

Spiked Up

Fashionable short style with spiked up hair
Short hairstyle with an undercut section
Not feeling too smooth today? Then show the world your feisty and fashionable self by lifting your hair up and shaping it to pointy, wispy spikes. Due to the length of the hair the effect is very soft and flowing. From a central point in the back of the crown the hair was directed in a roundabout way into all directions with a special focus on shaping the front high and full of texture.
This is a great cut to combine with a clipped, undercut section, which you here see on the side and moving around into the neck. Funky, punky, short, elegant - this is the new sexy.

Purple Streaks

Short blonde hair with jagged edges and purple streaks
Even without the spiked styling, this short haircut leaves a lasting impression. Gentle but jagged texture around all edges gives the soft look a very special spice and make for a nice contrast with the smooth color and smooth lines.
Add some purple streaks into the mix and voila, a new look and a new vibe! The platinum blonde hair color is an excellent canvas to be creative with. Use bold colors or try a streak of a natural hue. The effect is always striking.

Short and Mellow Curls

Brown chin length bob with curls and texture
Deconstructed curls and much texture transport this chin long bob hairstyle to the "vavavoom" zone. The beautiful volume, bouncy structure and the accentuated tips are elegant and edgy at the same time. A new look at sophistication in design resulted in this refined creation.
The fringe is super short and just consists of some very textured, long fringy strands, opening up her face. With a warm brown honey and walnut color her skin tone becomes especially radiant. The natural brown hue softens the appearance tremendously and brings a soothing earthiness with it.

Playful Layers

Sporty chin length hairstyle with layers and a side part
Sleek and slender with charisma. Who could resist the magnetism of this adorable hairstyle? Chin length and based on a bob the classy appeal is a give, but with the layers and the styling with a swing, this look is breathtakingly flattering, chic, sporty and just irresistible.
If you like long fringes, go for a side part this season. There is nothing more sassy and elegant than that. The curved fall and all of the motion of the hair give this look also a very sporty and vivacious dynamic.

Very Short Bob

Very short bob with points that curl in
Bobs don't come too much shorter than this. Accentuate your cheekbones with the pretty points that curl in from the side and adorn yourself with the irresistible flair of retro inspired hairstyles. This look is based on the famous 1920s cut, but has the volume of the 1960s and the finesse of the 21st century. So don't miss out!
All lines are smooth and round from the slightly lifted roots to the finish of the lower perimeter. The fringe is textured and styled loose to give the hair a lighter appearance which is also elevated by the application of medium brown highlights on the very dark brown base color.

Short with a lot of Shine

Classic short women's haircut with a longer back and shine
A classic short haircut that got a shiny make-over will demonstrate your daring sense for fashion. The theme is round but one straight line from the eyes to the ears brings balance and also excitement to the geometry. The fringe is playfully disarranged and touches her lashes. A great feature is the longer back which brings more attention to her swan like neck.
What stands out the most, however, is the amazing shine of the hair. The base color is a dark brown in the cooler range of the color and, as all darker colors, it becomes incredibly striking with much shine. Use a lacquer or a shine serum to help nature along.

Soft Updo

Classic soft updo with curled hair
Another classic, but this one takes a very festive route. Classic in and out, the soft updo is feminine, romantic and stunning in its elaborate design. It is actually not that hard to recreate. After brushing the hair very well, it is taken up and pinned to the crown strand by strand, making sure that the appearance is soft and loose instead of strict.
The ends are curled with a curling iron, even when you have a natural wave already in the hair. The iron helps to give it such a stylish and distinct shape. While this red is of course especially radiant and striking, other hair colors will look just as beautiful.

Festive Upstyle with a Curl

Not hard to style festive updo with faux bangs
Updo with a billowing wavy structure
It is time again to style up and to go festive. Be it for a prom, a visit to the opera or a celebration of the Holidays, upstyles are in. As complicated as some of them may look, they are not that hard to style if you have a feeling for it, or even better, a helping hand.
The long hair was brushed to shiny softness and then wide strands were moved up, teased from underneath and arranged in a billowing, wavy structure before they were pinned down invisibly on the inside. Leave one long strand out to create a focus point and a faux fringe, curl the end around an iron and the night, perhaps even the knight, will be yours!

Updo with a Headband

Updo with a headband to keep the hair back
Updo with a tiara made out of hair
For a very special day you should look very special yourself. Make yourself feel like a princess with a tiara made out of hair. A zigzag hairband helps to keep the hair back and it also adds a nice striped texture to the part that is close to the scalp.
All of the hair is brushed to the top, held with the headband in front and with pins in the back. If it is long enough roll it to a loose chignon. Allow much room for the volume to billow out and use soft teasing underneath to give the hair the necessary stand. A final touch of shine spray completes the magic.

Make a Bow

Up-style with the hair slung to a bow
Updo for long and smooth hair
Back view of an updo with curled hair
Bows are not just a beautiful touch on all of the holidays gift packages, you can also adorn yourself with one. Long and straight hair is slung to a large and voluptuous bow by brushing it soft and then forming two large ribbons, after it was pulled together as a high ponytail in the back of the crown.
Treat it with smoothing serum to make sure that there are not too many random hairs flying around. Then the two halves are artfully arranged, pinned and the ends are pulled out before they are playfully curled.

Masculine Hairstyle with Volume

Masculine hairstyle with short sides and a longer crown
His hair is layered to perfection and falls into place all by itself. The length progresses from the neat and short sides to the longer crown gradually and without any disruption. The sides are also a touch darker than the top section, which adds even more dimension to this dandy haircut.
Men who believe in first impressions and are fans of good fashion, will be seen with this type of cut this season and perhaps for many more to come. The flexibility and styling options just cannot be beat.

Attractive Cut for Men

Male haircut with neat sides and a wilder crown
Texture and stubbles are the first elements that catch our attention when looking at this handsome, sexy haircut. Very neat sides are contrasted by a wilder styling on the crown, culminating in the highly textured fringe, which is also full of movement.
This cool look gets even cooler with just the right amount of facial hair. The secret to make stubbles look good is to have them neatly trimmed and to give them a clear outline instead of random growth.

Movement on Top

Short and shiny male hair with gel styling
A similar men's hairstyle as seen before with short sides and a smooth transition to a longer top section. The layers on the crown are textured in the tips and styled with gel to shine bright and also to fall in such a delightfully wild manner.
The balance of control and deconstruction is a thrill. The main direction of the hair is towards the face and some individual thin strands lift up on top. A great look to work around some cowlicks in front and to actually integrate them into it.

Business Look

Neat and trimmed business haircut for men
There is a business suit, a business case and a perfect business haircut for men. All neat and trimmed, short and traditional. However that is not all. Under this slick and shiny do there is a cornucopia of adventure and tons of styling options.
All he needs is a tube of gel or a little pot of hair wax and the hair can take a very different turn. Stubbles cut in such a neat shape are even acceptable in professional environments.
Hairstyles: Cebado