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Hair Fashion 1

Hairstyles Created by Cebado

  • hair with color transition
  • festive look for long hair
  • no fuss hairstyle
  • soft and wispy short cut
  • short hair styled up
  • short hair with soft lines
  • spiked up hair
  • hair with purple streaks
  • chin length bob with curls
  • adorable chin length hairstyle
  • very short bob
  • short and shiny brown hair
  • soft and loose updo
  • festive upstyle
  • updo with a headband
  • up-style with a bow
  • masculine hairstyle and turtleneck
  • sexy male cut
  • male hair with gel styling
  • business look for men
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Cebado explores aspects of beauty in long and short hairstyles with colors covering the entire range from blonde to red. This set is the essential collection of hairstyles for every woman, every taste and personality.
It brings together all of the current trends and with one glance you can find your new favorite look. Curly, straight, sassy or classy - it is all here.
The biggest trend is to find a look that suits your lifestyle, matches your features and expresses your true self. Show your feminine side, be sporty or unconventional! Have fun with your hair!
Hairstyles: Cebado