Summer Love & Passion by Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure

Haircuts that are easy to wear and style
What these beautiful short hairstyles have in common is a good length on the top, which allows many super exciting styling variations from office neat to date night wild. Texture is key and soft lines throughout the shorter and the longer looks.
We see some grandiose curls but also shiny sleekness, so there are many options to choose from for the many moods we have. If you have some cute trendy blouses in your closet, you may be tempted to go for one of the really short looks, so that you can show of your chic collar.
The colors are strong, however in the natural palette. Blondes range from a warm strawberry tone to a silverish platinum with bold impact. Reds are fiery, spicy but also natural. The browns are just deep, rich and luscious. The spring ideas for the men in our world are based on a similar principle. Extra short sides and longer top hair to play with.

Long Sleek Hair with Magic Shine

Long and sleek hairstyle with layered sides and a shiny blouse
Long straight hairstyle with curved tips and shine
Long hairstyle with natural movement and a chin length fringe
If you like your hair straight and ultra sleek to show off all of its healthy shine, but also like some texture, movement and finesse in your look, this could be the answer. Layered around the sides and rounded off in the lower perimeter with added soft texture, the hair just falls as it was meant to be and follows its natural movement with just a little help and a large curve in the tips.
A side part lets the chin length fringe flow elegantly over the face in a seductive and mysterious half veil. All that excitement together with the very dark brown colors pushes her into the realm of sophisticated fashion vixen.

Romantic Curls with a High Lift

Romantic blonde hairstyle with spiraled curls and a silk blouse
Long hairstyle with a pulled up front section
Long hairstyle that frees up the face
Nostalgic and full of charm. You don't have to be from the South to be a Belle. Just go for those intricately spun and spiraled curls and you will wow them all. An interesting feature of this romantic hairstyle is the pulled up front section that is draped first up, then back and also falling on the sides.
It has a nice lift in he roots adding more height and volume to the hair. This styling also frees up the face and reveals her great eye make-up with the impressive and very well done brows. A soft vanilla-strawberry blonde is a great match to her skin tone and the rose colored silk blouse.

Short Hairstyle with Curly Layers

Short curly hairstyle with layers and a buttoned-up silk blouse
Short hairstyle with layers for average women
Side view of a curly short hairstyle with layers
Curly short hair and a silk buttoned blouse
Short enough to show off her cute collar on her trendy silk buttoned-up blouse, but with enough length to play with different styling ideas with more or less movement and volume. Here the layered hair springs up in sheer pleasure, with boundless curls that can be created either with rollers or the good old curling iron.
The fringe is over the eyes, slightly pushed to the side and as the rest of the hair of refreshing lightness. This all comes out with even more pizzazz through the soft copper color.

Short Layered Bob with Bangs

Short layered bob with bangs and sleek styling
Short bob hairstyle with bangs across the forehead
A whole new vibe envelopes the layered short bob with a sleek styling. Now the emphasis is on lines and shape instead of volume, but the hair does have a good body nevertheless.
Rounded sides that were lifted with a brush and some blow drying, take care of that. The bangs across the forehead is just super chic and gives here a modern and refined outlook.

Short Curls with Nostalgia

Short nostalgic above the collar hairstyle with curls
Short haircut and a cute buttoned blouse collar
Short hairstyles inspired by the 1960s
Hairstyles for men and women inspired by the 1950s and 60s
You thought that was it? Oh no, this short and amazing haircut has more to give. This fabulous styling brings back the curls to spice up the sides with all of the flamboyant motion and volume from before, but the general treatment and styling of the hair is now more controlled and neat.
It reminds of hairstyles of the late 1950s and early 60s. The side part transitions into a long and very sleek fringe which disappears on the side into the curly delight. A little pin helps to keep it there invisibly. A great variation for the office or cocktails after.

Short Hairstyle with a Long Neck Section

Short hairstyle with a long neck section
Short hairstyle for straight hair with curved sides
A bob is the basis for this interesting haircut that offers so many great options for styling. In this first image the hair is worn down and straight with just subtle movement brought into the mid and lower areas. The inward curve of the sides produces a full body and also hugs the face in a most adorable way.
A side fringe is a commitment to great style and then there is the longer neck, slightly graduated and curved to a snug fit. Intense copper is a wonderful contrast to her steel blue eyes and just brightens up any day. Her's and of the people who will run into her.

Flipped Back Short Haircut

Short flipped back hairstyle for women
What a surprise! The sleek roundness of the previous look now bounces in feathered back gorgeousness with a hint of the 80s. Big, expressive hair is coming back and this look has it all.
The sides are swept back in a generous curve with feathered out ends that reach halfway around the head. The layering keeps everything spread out and proportioned perfectly. The symmetry of the lines is delightfully disrupted by a leisurely swung side fringe.

Jawline Length Bob

Jawline length bob with eyebrow covering bangs
Short above the chin bob with an eyebrow covering fringe
This is the essence of the bob as it was intended to be. Simplicity and excellent quality of cut and color with a high dose of understatement and an even higher one of intriguing elegance. The length is on her jawline, just a wee bit above her chin.
A slight curve into the face from the sides is most charming and just one of the elements that will keep this look in everyone's mind. The other main feature is of course the fringe with its eyebrow covering straight line. Black and pure, sophistication par excellance.

Modern Short Haircut with Disconnection

Short disconnected haircut with longer sides - Side view
Modern short haircut with disconnection at ear level
Short hairstyles inspired by the 1960s
Several lengths make this outline so special. A very short back hugs around her neck just a finger below the growth line of the hair. At about ear level a small disconnected part leads to the longer frontal sides that have a sweet curve into her face right at the jaw line. The fringe reaches her cheekbones and is layered and textured with much skill and inspiration.
This styling puts emphasis on the shine and a slick surface with the hair remaining close to her head and very controlled. He color is a beautiful and rich dark brown with just a few subtle light effects in the fringe.

Vintage Waves in Short Hair

Short hair with vintage waves
The same short haircut turns from ultra modern to vintage and romantic just with some waves. This flattering hairstyle makes use of all of the fine layers and large waves, brings momentum in the hair and makes one want to dance.
So much swing and finesse is the perfect companion for a flirtatious evening. From this angle we can also see more of the subtle but still strong highlights in the front part. A dark caramel color brings illuminates the dark cocoa brown.

Short Tomboy Haircut for Red Hair

Tomboy cut or pixie for red hair
Feminine short hairstyle with bangs across the forehead
Sexy short hairstyle with spikes rising upward
As sweet as a kiss in the sunset. A color of flames combined with a haircut as androgynous as this, is a sure winner. The tomboy look turns sexy and very feminine with the soft texture and once again, the color. The side part lets a textured fringe plunge diagonally across the forehead.
This pixie can be styled with all the control as seen in the big picture or wild with soft spikes rising upward. Wax or gel are the product of choice and can help with both variations. Check out the pictures below for ideas.

Short Silver Hair

Short silver color hair
Slivers of highly textured silver hair are combed in daring directions. A long fringe floats across the forehead like a metallic stream, the sides have even more texture, are super short and snug to her head. The coolest effect is the upward direction of the back hair that comes into the back of the crown.
A good modeling paste or wax keeps the hair together and in so much controlled shape. A great way to be expressive, over and over again and in so many ways. With the long top hair there are even more great styling options. Check out the next look!

Ballroom Dancers Hairstyle

Short ballroom dancers hairstyle for silver hair
Short party hairstyle with curls and very short sides
Hairstyles with very short shaved sides
The short back and the curly front are just made for wearing the most outrageous clothes with high or low collars. This look also reminds of short hairstyles that can be seen on ballroom dancers. So why wait, get your hair done in this unique and sophisticated way and find your dance partner!
The hair color is a metallic silver with a little kiss of blonde in the front. These curls are created with a curling iron out of the longer tresses in the bangs.

Clips and Curls for Men

Clipper cut men's hair with curls
Male hair with clipper cut sides
Easy hairstyle for men
Typical for the trend looks for men, this haircut combines longer top hair and very short sides. These were cut with a very low setting on the clipper to get this buzz cut effect. A total contrast are the swirling and unruly curls on his crown. They reach from the very back all the way to his forehead.
Styling is easy with just a tiny dollop of curl enhancing gel, which is massaged into the hair. Kneaded to a small quiff it is a dapper look, especially for younger men.

Retro Haircut with Buzz

Haircut with short buzzed sides for men
Clean short haircut for men
Short male retro hairstyle inspired by the 1930s and 1940s
He will get much attention with this cool retro look. The 1930s and 1940s return with short buzzed sides and longer hair on the crown. The latter has just the right length to look clean cut, but it is long enough for a multitude of different stylings.
Why should women have all the fun with their hair? Men like to play with it too. A touch of product and he can comb his top hair backwards, to either side or just ruffle it up for a sexy undone look.
Hair: Sasscha Hirtsgaard - Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure
Make-up: Emma Ullman & Katrine Due Baden
Products: Paul Mitchell
Photography: Bert Goeman
Clothing: Hale Bob & Rocking Blue