"Nouvelle Vague" by Massato

Short haircuts to make a fashion statement
No cut is like the other, yet all share core elements. They are short, unique and just a little on the provocative side. Fashion statements for strong personalities that prove once again that short hair is the new sexy and can be extremely feminine.
Massato gives us three delightful categories that show the main trends for short haircuts. These are the androgynous style, made famous once by Jean Seberg, the Belle of the day or night and the "bad boy" look, which is rather intriguing on women as well. All cuts have a rebellious and urban stylish flavor. Innovative and expressive. Who could resist that?

Boy Cut in Blonde

Feminine boy cut for girls
She likes to wear his shirts and now also his haircut. With the innovative approach by Massato it turns from a masculine look to an expression of beauty and feminine style. The short cropped hair is layered in the neck and all around.
Fine texture and a beautiful interplay of a variety of lengths correspond with the different tones of blonde to bring about a très chic garçon look with a fine tuned ruffled structure and even some hairs spiking up softly in the back of the crown. The color and textures soften the look to an intriguing balance of fragility and strength.

Retro Crop

Daring short crop for women
Jean Seberg and Twiggy caused a stir when they cut their hair this short decades ago. Their daring move put short boy cuts on the map as surprisingly feminine looks with an incredibly attractive aura. There is no age limit to wear your hair this short. Look at Dame Judy Dench who has been sporting a similar crop.
The haircut is very structured and plays with a variety of lengths to create interest and shape. The bangs are adorable and very short, just an indication of a fringe and at baby length. Androgynous in its form and concept, but high power feminine with its platinum blonde diva color.

Black and White Explosion

Short hair colored with a contrast of blonde and black
A bit punk, a bit sci-fi, a hairstyle to show your true colors. Why settle for anything but one of the boldest looks of the season. Even though this look might be on the extravagant if not eccentric side for some, it is timeless in its own way. The spikes from decades past have moved out of the way to make room for new soft structures and more finesse in the cuts.
The hair is cut short and textured to a choppy variety of lengths, which all have soft edges and transitions. A long fringe and section on the side make the shape so interesting and then there is this smashing contrast of two strong colors, platinum blonde and ebony black.

Smooth and Petite

Very short practical haircut with wax styling
Understatement and purity are the essence of this very short haircut, which redefined hair fashion in the 1960s and is today as popular as ever. The choice of women with the wish to bring all of the focus to their face and who love the lightness and practical aspect of hair cut to such a fine and petite form.
Styled with some wax to keep every single hair under control and combed to the side like a traditional men's cut, this look oozes sophistication and independence, but with an alluring hint of innocence.

Vintage Seduction

Short layered haircut with vintage elements
Is is not the statement earrings nor her très chic little black dress that causes a stir around her. It is all in the hair. Dramatic airy volume in a short, layered and very seductively shaped cut.
Sassy curls underneath her cheekbones complete the vintage flair that is also created with the soft texture, the teased roots and the blindingly fabulous platinum blonde color.

Avantgarde Cut in Red

Blunt cut jaw length hair that flares out
Geometry redefined in hair. A blunt cutting line is the eye catcher and source of the triangular shape, which makes this short hairstyle stand out.
The hair is cut at jaw length and flares out straight with longer strands pulled over the fringe for an extra dramatic effect. These flare up in a bright red tone, a touch more intense than the rest of the hair, which emits bright rays of out of this world copper blonde.
Hairstyles: Massato