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"Nouvelle Vague" by Massato

  • Feminine boy cut
  • Short feminine crop
  • Black and blonde hair color contrast
  • Practical very short haircut
  • Short seductive vintage hairstyle
  • Jaw length hair that flares out
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No cut is like the other, yet all share core elements. They are short, unique and just a little on the provocative side. Fashion statements for strong personalities that prove once again that short hair is the new sexy and can be extremely feminine.
Massato gives us three delightful categories that show the main trends for short haircuts. These are the androgynous style, made famous once by Jean Seberg, the Belle of the day or night and the "bad boy" look, which is rather intriguing on women as well. All cuts have a rebellious and urban stylish flavor. Sensual, innovative and expressive. Who could resist that?
Hairstyles: Massato
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