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Modern hair design
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Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design (Akademia fryzjerska) exudes an irresistible charm with its sculpted asymmetrical and smoothly blunt lines that soften the models' faces.
Equally impressive is the blend of long hair with short strands and complimentary poufs reminiscent of a floral arrangement. Curls will always remain fashionable, as they can be worn up, down, or swept back. This canvas of beauty truly deserves applause.

Smooth Tapering

Soft short hairstyle with smooth tapering and blunt bangs
This soft, short hairstyle combines blunt-cut bangs and gentle layering to create a lightweight feel. The sides and back are razor-textured to achieve a smooth taper.
This haircut is particularly suitable for straight hair types with fine to medium texture. To style, blow-dry the hair straight, using a large round brush in the back to create a subtle curve.

Medium-Short Haircut

Medium short haircut for thick straight hair types
This medium-short razor cut is ideally suited for thick, mostly straight hair types, offering a soft and funky look to an otherwise simple style. The hair is shorter in the back, longer in the forward sides, and features a gently curved fringe.
To finish the styling, blow-dry with a soft-hold styling product and apply a smoothing serum to allow for free movement in the finished look.

Long Razor-Cut Hair

Long razor cut hairstyle with a ponytail
Here we have a long razor-cut hairstyle. The long, layered hair is swept back and gathered at the nape of the neck into a ponytail, styled smoothly to fall across the shoulders, while the hair at the top of the head is blown forward to add volume and frame the face in a soft curtain. This is a great look for those with fine-to-medium textured, mostly straight hair.

Razor-Cut Layers

Long hair with razor cut layers
Another long hairstyle featuring razor-cut layers, this style is heavily textured and includes a wispy, asymmetrical fringe and a back-angled side parting. Designed to complement straight hair types that are medium to coarse in texture, the finished style is blown out to add lift to the hair. Afterwards, a dab of styling product can be used to enhance shine and provide a little definition to the ends of the hair.

Funky Pixie Hairstyle

Funky pixie cut for straight hair types
Long pixie cut
This is a funky update of the classic pixie cut style, perfectly suited to super-straight hair types, particularly those with fine texture. This haircut elevates the pixie cut by emphasizing layering to create a dramatic yet soft and funky look.
After blow-drying the cut, the hair can be passed through a flat iron to achieve a super-smooth finish. Then, a bit of styling wax is applied to add definition and sharpen the ends of the style.

Long Style for Curly Hair

Long hairstyle for curly hair types
Here we have a long hairstyle perfect for curly hair types, making ample use of the hair's natural curl. The hair is cut in long layers to distribute volume within the style. When styling, apply a generous amount of product to the still-wet hair (including anti-frizz serum and styling gel), then blot the excess moisture.
The cut should be dried using a diffused blow dryer, possibly with the head inverted to maximize lift and volume. Use your fingers to scrunch and direct the curls as you dry the hair to a mostly dry state. A dab of styling wax can be used to create definition, and a curling iron can be used to target specific areas for desired curl patterns.

Sculpted Curly Hair

Sculpted curly hair style
This is another curly hairstyle based on a long-layered cut, styled to enhance the hair's natural wave patterns. After applying anti-frizz serum and styling gel or foam wax to wet hair, dry it with a diffused dryer and follow up with finger styling.
A dab of extra smoothing product or styling gel on the fingers while twirling the curls into the desired shape means that this style is less "styled" than it is sculpted. A misting of hairspray will provide ample hold and allow you to define the curls firmly.
Hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design
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