Die Kunst der Verwandlung

Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Trend hairstyles
Timeless and extraordinary is the label for the latest collection of hairstyles "The Art of Change" by the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks. The new looks offer a solid and changeable base cut with styling options that are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination and skill.
High quality of innovative cutting techniques, the refined details and exciting hair color choices result in classy looks with a natural feel. Trend styles for women are attractive, feminine and make eyes sparkle with their warm autumn colors in medium blonde, gold and browns.
Men can look forward to great textures and styles inspired by rebellious heroes from the silver screen. His colors are natural and accentuated with subtle highlights. The following photos show you two versions of each cut. One more classic and one extravagant styling. Have fun exploring!

Page Boy with Texture

Page boy hair cut with a graduated neck
Short hair with light and dark colors
Short hair with asymmetrical bangs
The classic page boy turns exciting with new texture all around its edges. The asymmetrical bangs and a grandiose party of light and dark hair colors are completed with sharp points that can be styled into the face or used for special effects when the hair is spiked up.
The neck is graduated and the main body of hair is finely layered to achieve the gorgeous round shape. In its styling options this cut spans the spectrum from smooth and classy to punky. You can pick your flavor of the day and use simple tricks and products to transform yourself in minutes.

Short Hair Spiked Up

Short hair lifted up to spikes
Short hair with wild spiked styling
Get on the wild side with a spiked up page boy. It is the very same cut as before, but now it has a new trendy punk vibe. The hair is lifted up to sharp spikes on the crown, the sides and back are textured with modeling paste and styled wild but down with some curved volume.
Two long accent strands follow the line of her jaw for another surprising special effect. Caramel highlights are layered into the brown base color making this scenario especially exciting.

Short and Classy

Classy short hairstyle
Short hair with a feathery razor cut texture
Long top hair is layered thoroughly for volume and a dynamic fall. The cutting edge feathery texture was created with the sharp blade of a razor, which keeps it soft. An asymmetrical fringe ends in a long point alongside her cheek and gives her a very elegant flair while the ruffled structure and messy volume keeps things on the casual and sassy side.
Colors come in blonde tones with darker brown on the roots and a golden brown hue in between. These contrast have a lively effect on the hair.

Styled Back

Easy short hairstyle for professional women
Dynamic look with hair that falls to the back
Being a little backwards can be this stylish! The feathery short cut in the previous image is now styled in the opposite direction and falls to the back in a stylish wave. This generates great volume and a spirited dynamic.
Sides and neck are simple and narrow, leaving the focus on the top hair, which is also enhanced by the highlights. The darker roots make the light effects stand out and together the hair colors underline the movement and deep dimension of the cut.
A beautiful styling with effortless and casual elegance that is perfect for professional women who need an easy to style look, which is beautiful in the office and gives them a fashion icon status at happy hour as well.

Simply Elegant

Bob hairstyle with curves around the base of the neck
Long bob for blonde hair with darker roots
Collar bone length bob
This sophisticated bob plays in soft curves around the base of her neck and accentuates her face with an oval frame. The collar bone length is very flattering and also allows her to experiment with many styling ideas. The hair is long enough for ponytails and upstyles.
This beautiful design displays elegant simplicity with smooth styling and gentle movement. Layers are cut in the interior with a razor to add shape and movement. Her hair color looks very natural with the darker roots that are blended into the gold, medium beige blonde lengths.

Natural Styling

Medium length hair with natural styling
Manageable hair that barely touches the shoulders
Could you guess that this is the same haircut that you just saw in its sophisticated, smooth form? It is even the same model! Now with a natural styling the hairstyle turns her from ladylike to sensual with a hint of rock and roll. With the side part a pretty asymmetry emerges and the disheveled waves speak for themselves.
The hair barely touches her shoulders, a perfect length to keep the hair manageable while enjoying the luxury of longer hair.

Romantic Revolution

Hairstyle with curls and a sleeker top
Brown hair with soft highlights
With this hairstyle you can just imagine her floating across a flower filled meadow or down the hallway of a grand mansion. A bit of Gone With The Wind and Jane Austen is infused into the beautiful curls, which emerge from a sleeker top in the lower half.
To intensify the dimension of the curls the hair in the lower regions is illuminated by soft highlights in a golden caramel tone. The base color is a chocolaty dark brown. A few layers provide volume and lightness to facilitate the development and endurance of the curls.

Romantic Updo

Romantic updo with center parted hair
Updo with smoothed and rolled up hair
So vintage and so beautiful. Unpretentious but utterly captivating. The formerly open curly style is now rolled up, tugged and pinned to a gorgeous creation that is fit for the big ballroom. Her hair is parted in the center and smoothed back, without strictness but instead with a soft curve on the sides.
The lengths are rolled to small barrels and fastened invisibly with hairpins that should be in a similar brown color as the hair. Understated make-up in natural colors is ideal with this hairstyle.

Cartoon Hero

Men's hairstyle with shaved sides
Hairstyle with lifted bangs for fashion minded men
Remember Archie? Exaggerated looks in a strong color are often the trademark of some of our favorite drawn characters. ZV makes it easy now for fashion minded men to show their expressive side with shaved sides that transition into a section of clipped short hair that runs around the back of the head.
The top shows a strong contrast in length. Here the bangs are lifted in a happy and feisty curve. His hair color is a dark copper red, perfect with his freckles and light skin tone.

Glowing Copper

Men's hairstyle for a nerdy look
Men's hair with molded styling and a wave
A-student with a twist. Nerdy looks are among the most coveted today and what is not to love about a well groomed gent with some humor and a great style. The striped bow tie is the ideal accessory for his clean short cut with the molded styling.
Anti frizz and modeling products keep the surface smooth and make the handsome wave in his combed back bangs happen.

Creative Bangs

Men's cut with a shaved stripe above the ears
Men's hairstyle with lifted bangs
Contrasts create fashionable tension. In this style it is the mix of the ruffled and strongly textured back against the sleek bangs, which were styled straight up. A small shaved stripe just above his ears makes for an extravagant touch. This undercut is less than an inch wide, but has a huge impact.
The front is more than twice as long as the rest of the hair which is about the same all around. The rough part can be styled with the fingers, but you'll need a fine toothed comb for the refined smoothness of the lifted up fringe.

Controlled Chaos

Men's hair with strands falling over the forehead
Men's cut with a clipped perimeter
There is a method and a strong design to his wild look. An undercut defines the sides, a short clipped perimeter keeps things in a more traditional realm and the longer hair on his crown is cut in a triangular shape with the longest part in front. This is where all convention ends and the fun starts.
His styling emphasizes shape, but also bets on heavy texture. A good styling cream textures the hair and keeps the long strands falling over his forehead in a true Hollywood style. Forever the rebel, he does not give up on refined style.

Snappy Smooth

Smooth combed back hairstyle for men
Men's hairstyle for a dashing look
His dashing look is the result of amazing perfection in a cut that uses a calculated and consequent point-cut technique. The hair just flows without any harsh lines or great contrasts. Smooth and seductive with extreme simplicity.
The hair gradually increases in length from the short neck and back. The distinct shape will be more visible in the alternative styling of the next image, but here he uses the smooth combed back version in combination with a short stubble beard to turn knees into jelly.

Wavy Fringe with Glasses

Men's look with strong rimmed glasses
Male hairstyle with a wavy fringe
Clark Kent showed us what lives beneath a geeky exterior and made strong rimmed glasses a symbol for male mystery. His cut has a gradual increase in length from a very short back to the fringe and the design is all about flow and smooth transitions.
His distinct side part plays into the retro theme which is completed by the dapper wave that floats along the side of his forehead. Well groomed stubbles in his face make it all even more attractive.
Photos & Hairstyles: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
Photographer: Erwin Menzel