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Tzar Hairstyles Collection

Sanrizz International Hair Salons

Bold and dramatic. Strong haircuts with the inspiration of 1920's "Cigarette Girls". Celebrating the return of true classics, with a re-invented neo-geo.
The use of precision cutting techniques, pure sculptured bobs with smooth and sophisticated styling, gives this collection an androgynous feel to contrast subtly with the soft feminine textures.
  • sleek shoulder length bob
  • gamine-short haircut
  • short haircut for women
  • short sleek bob
  • smooth chin length bob
  • satiny bob
  • short hair with curved sides
  • carefree short haircut
  • funky short hairstyle
  • long sleek bob
  • mobile haircut
  • feminine hairstyle
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Focus on one color with several tone nuances and effects. The neutrals becoming bolder - mixed with bronze, earthy tones of reds and browns, deep purples, blacks and blues.
Hair: Sanrizz International Artistic Team
Photography: Andres Reynaga
Styling: Elisa Heinesen
Make up: Ginni Bogado