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1920s hair
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Bold and dramatic. Strong haircuts with the inspiration of 1920s "Cigarette Girls". Celebrating the return of true classics, with a re-invented neo-geo.
Cuts: The use of precision hair cutting techniques, pure sculptured bobs with smooth and sophisticated styling, gives this collection an androgynous feel to contrast subtly with the soft feminine textures.
Colors: Focus on one hair color with several tone nuances and effects. The neutrals becoming bolder - mixed with bronze, earthy tones of reds and browns, deep purples, blacks and blues.

Sleek Shoulder-Length Bob

Sleek shoulder-length bob with a curved fringe
This sleek, shoulder-length bob features a curved fringe - cut bluntly - and softly textured ends. The hair color is a cool black with lots of shine and reflectivity. The styling is designed to showcase the clean smooth lines of the hairstyle and maximize the shimmer and silken-quality of the hair.

Gamine-Short Woman's Haircut

Gamine-short woman's haircut
Short crop for women
This gamine-short crop with the sharp, organic lines has a curved fringe to create an asymmetrical effect. Layering is precise and even to give a uniform fall to the hair and create a smooth silhouette.
The dark coffee brown hair is interspersed with a neutral highlighting tone similar to the effect of dripping milk into black coffee. While the "short back and sides" is reminiscent of a traditional boys haircut, the curved fringe and perimeter details add the balance of feminine sensibility.

Sleek Short Bob

Short sleek bob hairstyle
Another ultra-sleek bob hairstyle with organic lines. Note how the fringe line follows the slight contour of the brows, while the sides curve inward to meld with the cheekbones. The satin-smooth styling and finish to the hair creates a glossy look that is light-reflective and shows the super-fine highlights of warm red strands.

Smooth Chin-Length Bob

Smooth chin-length bob with a blunt fringe
Another sable and satin look with a chin-length bob with a rounded square effect. The blunt fringe and definite corner at which the fringe and sides join, creates a geometric effect to add structure and interest to the face.
The sable hair is again interspersed with color in a micro-fine highlighting application technique using a neutral brown with the darker base. The ends of the bob are textured to create a gentle under-curve, enhancing the smooth silhouette.

Bob with an "S" Bend

Ginger haired bob with textured side locks
This ginger-haired style is cut in an asymmetrical bob with a gently curved fringe and softly textured fore-locks at the sides. The hair is styled to provide a subtle "S" bend, creating an organic line for the overall look.
The soft, warm color of the hair is deepened by the addition of gentle highlighting and low-lighting to give depth and dimension to the color. The finished cut is styled to create that smooth, satiny finish that shows of the hair's healthy shine.

Carefree Short Hairstyle

Carefree short hairstyle with curved sides
Short haircut to highlight the cheekbones
Believe it or not, but you've seen this one before. This is a restyling of the short haircut shown in photo four. This reworking is meant to show the extreme versatility of the cut and allows for the creation of a whole new look, without losing the details that characterized the original hairstyle.
The contoured fringe is intact and still styled smooth, while the curved sides which highlight the cheekbones are still present. However, the interior of the hair is redirected for volume and interest, giving a more carefree, wild feel to the otherwise controlled and classic hairstyle.

Hip and Funky Short Hairstyle

Hip and funky short hairstyle with smooth layering
Here is another revisiting of a previously seen cut. If you guessed that this was a restyling of the short haircut shown in photos two and three, you were correct. The smooth layering is styled with texturing product to maximize the volume of the style and emphasize the weightier areas of the hair in the top and crown sections, granting a minimizing effect to the chin.
Again, this is a departure from the classic, clean lines of the previous look and a redesign to show a hipper, funkier side.

Full-Blown Sleek Bob

Long sleek bob hairstyle with a full-blown treatment for volume
The long sleek bob shown in photo one is given a full-blown treatment in this high-volume, high-impact styling. The added volume shows off the razor-cut texture at the ends of the hair while allowing for better appreciation of the cool color rinse highlighting the otherwise sable hair color.
The look here shows how the cut at the heart of the style can go from "elegant" to "electric" at a moment's notice.

Mobile Haircut

Medium length mobile haircut with swing
The softened geometry of the cut and style shown in photo five is retooled here to show how beautifully mobile the haircut truly is. This restyling adds volume and redirection to the hair to enhance the natural perfection of the cut.
The high volume styling shows how the hair can swing and gives a feel of high-energy to the classically stoic medium length hairstyle, taking the look from "femme fatale" to "winged fury".

Hairstyle for a Fuller Face

Medium length hairstyle that makes the face appear fuller
In the revisiting of our medium length ginger style, you can clearly see the similarities in the two looks. The latter being simply a "puffed-up" version of the original look. But notice how the added volume creates a softer, more feminine look in the silhouette, and enhances the depth and dimension of the color variance in the hair.
In addition, look how the added volume and the redirection of the lines of the fringe serve to widen the appearance of the face as a whole, making the face appear fuller than in the previous styling. This is a prime example of how styling the hair can help you create a different look in more than the hair itself.
Hair: Sanrizz International Artistic Team
Photography: Andres Reynaga
Styling: Elisa Heinesen
Make up: Ginni Bogado
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